BabeBerry: BlackBerry Pearl Flip vs. Motorola Razr

BabeBerry - Pearl Flip vs. Motorola Razr
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Dec 2008 11:18 am EST

Who's BabeBerry? She's a friend of mine from back in the day. You can think of her as the good looking girl who gets hit on all the time by guys which in turn has made her the type of person who is short on patience and always speaks her mind. I bumped into her the other week and was shocked to discover her carrying a BlackBerry Pearl Flip. Last we had spoke, she had a "thing" against us BlackBerry users. I asked her how she was liking it, and when she started spewing out pros and cons of the Pearl Flip compared to her old Motorola Razr which she had upgraded from, I stopped her and said write it down and email it to me.

So here it is. Keep reading after the jump for some non-techy BlackBerry Pearl Flip vs. Motorola Razr talk straight from BabeBerry herself.

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 vs. Motorola Razr
by BabeBerry

First off, I have repeatedly said that I will never get a BlackBerry, or become one of those "BlackBerry people." Because, no offense, but a lot of people with BlackBerrys can be very obnoxious. There are 2 reasons that I got this phone:

1. It's a flip phone, so it's really a regular phone with more features, and I don't feel like I'm talking to a calculator.
2. The iPhone (or 'DouchePhone' as my friends and I call it) has replaced the BlackBerry as obnoxious guy technology of choice, so BlackBerrys are now safe for the rest of us.

BlackBerry Pearl Flip First impressions:

It's very nice looking, a little narrower than my old phone, but also fatter, which is not ideal. I liked that the RAZR fit in my pocket. This one does still, but not as easily.

It's really light. I like that too.

The screen seems to randomly get brighter, and then dim. Possibly my eyes, but I find it odd.

The buttons are really smooth. Does that sound weird?

What I like about the Pearl Flip vs the Motorola Razr:

1. Email, obviously.
2. Texting - that you can choose how many messages you can see in a conversation when you select a past message. On the RAZR when I would be reading my text conversations to someone, I would have to continually flip between "sent" and "received" texts.
3. Also, you could only keep up to ~45 texts on the RAZR before it got mad at you. This one seems to be keeping all of them so far.
4. Voice dialing - it's cool. The woman talks to you. The best part is that you don't have to first program in the name with your own voice.
5. It shows you all of the waiting messages in one place at the bottom of the screen when it's closed.
6. Built in flash on the camera - awesome.
7. Blackberry messenger. I really like it! I like the emoticons, and that it's instant. Also, this might sound stalker-ish, but I really like that you know when people have read your messages.
8. BlackBerry Messenger - I like that you can send pictures, and it's free and instant. This deserved its own point. I don't know when I'll use it, but it seems like a great idea!
9. I also really like that you can have conference messenger conversations. I just planned next weekend with 2 people, and all of us are in different cities! Plus we were able to use the emoticons to express our feelings.
10. I REALLY like how it keeps applications active in the background. I probably said that wrong, but I mean that I can be writing a text, close my phone (if, for example, someone walks into my office) and when I open it again the text is still there.
11. I also really like how you can switch between other things on the phone and keep applications open/active. I know this is probably the same as number 8 but to my technological ineptitude it seems like 2 different things, both good.
12. I like how whatever is happening shows up very large on the screen when it's closed.
13. Ringtones. Yes, I could have added ringtones for everything on the RAZR, but it was much more difficult. It is really easy and intuitive, and the sound quality is much better. Emailing ringtones to my BlackBerry from is so easy. I love that they're free.
14. This is not confirmed, but I think when I called my voicemail it showed a picture of the person who left me the message. If so - very cool.
15. I like that there is a "messages" folder that holds all my messages. I don't use it much, but when I do it makes me feel popular.
16. I love the blinking red light. It sounds crazy, but I like it.
17. The buttons are bigger and easier to use. I like them a lot. And nicer than the metal buttons. And the metal buttons would get kind of grimy and gross looking, and I don't think this will happen.
18. The camera - I really like the zoom with the trackball, very easy and intuitive. I also like that it is easy to understand where your picture is going. It was really annoying on the RAZR, there was a long delay, and then it was really easy to accidentally lose the picture.
19. It only notifies you about a message once. Anyone with a RAZR will know what I'm talking about - it used to beep non-stop until you cleared whatever message was there. Ridiculously irritating.
20. The speakerphone button - it's so convenient!

Things I don't like about the Pearl Flip so far:

1. You can't use the camera when it's closed. With my RAZR I could take self-portaits when it's closed.
2. You can't use speakerphone when it's closed. With the RAZR you could call someone, turn on speakerphone, close the phone, and still use it. If you try it with the Blackberry Flip it hangs up on the person. And they get mad. And it's super irritating, because I tend to call people in the car, use the super easy speakerphone feature, put it in my cupholder in the car and close it.
3. You can't change the Profile when it's closed. This was a great thing about the RAZR. The volume keys on the side would also change the profile. So if, for example, you walked into a business meeting and realized you had your phone set to ring with a loud ringtone, you could subtly change it to silent without opening the phone, or even taking it out of your purse.
4. Basically you can't do anything when it's closed. And that sucks.
5. The clock thing on the front has to be one of a standard set of clocks. On my old phone it would be whatever your background picture was. Which was good, because a lot of my friends had RAZRs, and this way we never mixed them up. Plus it made your phone unique. Now they will all look the same.
6. I don't like how the voicedialing person doesn't hear me when I say "yes." And yes, I realize it's not a person, but I don't like it.
7. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why the ringtone wasn't changing on my BlackBerry Messenger messages. I wasn't changing the right category, because apparently the right category is called "BlackBerry Messenger Ne..." I had no idea what that meant, issue being that I am not psychic.
8. What's the deal with the wrench representing "options?" Wrench obviously means tools, not options.
9. The inset trackball. This might sound sexist, but I'm assuming that this phone will be bought primarily by women (of which I am one). However, it is really difficult/impossible to use the trackball properly with long nails. And seriously, this is a chick phone. Chicks have long nails. At least the ones who get manicures.
10. K this is picky, but what's the deal with the icon for voicemails? Is this 1945?
11. I think it would be really great if the orientation would change when I turn the phone sideways. It's really hard to look at pictures and things on the screen as is.
12. Text messages - it doesn't clearly say which ones are saved or "locked." On the RAZR it would show a little lock on the ones I had locked.
13. I don't like how it previews the messages, mainly because I keep my personal email on my blackberry and check it at the office, and if I leave my phone out I do not want my coworkers "accidentally" seeing what I'm receiving. Especially the messages from certain people. But now I know how to turn that off, so it's ok.
14. I just find the phone icons a little confusing. I keep forgetting which ones mean I called out, or I received. Also, I don't like how you can't view the details of the call. I realize all the details are there, but since the screen is so narrow it shrinks the name, and some of my friends have the same names.
15. I'd like it better if it would know who I was calling when I dial the number from memory. It doesn't recognize the number until after I push send. Yes, I still know some phone numbers.
16. I need to preface this with the fact that I never used T-9 typing, I always used tapping or whatever it's called on my old phone. But: what's the deal with some of its word suggestions? Creeprd - clearly not a word. Obviously I meant Creeped. And yes I know technically Creeped is not a word either, but it is way more of a word than Creeprd. Also, I use the acronym "K" a lot, and it always types "J." This is annoying, and I can't seem to teach it to stop.
17. For some reason my hotmail is not getting my calendar invitations, even though they come to my hotmail account on my computer. Annoying.
18. I don't like the actual "phone" as much. It's not as comfortable on the face as the razor, and maybe this is just me but I find that it's harder to cradle hands free. And I've already mentioned my issue with speakerphone. And yes, I do have a Bluetooth, but I can't find it right now.
19. For some reason my hotmail emails are sometimes randomly delayed. I don't know why.

Final Thoughts for now:

With the holidays coming I pointed my mother to to buy my presents. I told Kevin I wished the Pearl Flip had GPS (I get lost easily) and he told me about the bluetooth Freedom GPS thing you can put on your keychain so it works like it has GPS. I want that!

As for being a BlackBerry owner, it's a lot better than I thought it would be. It makes me think I should have upgraded a long time ago, though I'm not sure I would like any of the other BlackBerrys. Though this new Curve that just came out does look pretty nice (still a bit too much like a calculator though and I work in finance so see enough of those all day long). In the meantime, I'm really liking my Pearl Flip!

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BabeBerry: BlackBerry Pearl Flip vs. Motorola Razr


Unless the flip is different, can't you view the details of the call by hitting the menu key while on the specific call and hitting call details? Could just be me....

I call it the menu, or 'berry' button since it kinda looks like the texture of a blackberry fruit. Took me a while before I realized they are really two B's...

Curious to see how this review changes in 2 months after she has figured out some of the things that are bothering her now. The BB learning curve.

Well if that review didn't just kick RIM's squarely in the proverbial "Balls"!

See RIM, if you want to be a real consumer device, then you need to look at what other people are doing and do it better. Otherwise you might as well sell yourself to Microsoft and we'll use their OS.

Thanks Kevin for this refreshing insight!

TMO should have sold this for $49 dollars when it came out.
It would have definitely took more customers away from the RAZR. Now TMO is selling it for $99.

A female with a technical device! Hardly seems possible considering that they have such a little brain and it is usually filled with non-sensible thoughts. It was bad enough that we ever had to listen to them but now they can text, email, and use messenger.

Even worse, I suppose, is that we even care what they think of the BB.

Hey Dude, That's Mean! Be Nice.

I like this girl a lot. More like B!tchBerry than BabeBerry, but totally told it like it is.

I hope she does a follow up review in a month or two once she's really hooked on the device.

Egotism and sexism certainly isn't viewed well in 2008...something tells me my brain is significantly larger and used on a much grander scale than yours, JGo.

And engaging him makes you oh so much better. Jerkoffs, Sexism, Egotism, and Ignorance aside, she does sound dumb.

Oh come on igo, I'm sure you are never burdened with listening to females, nor will it affect you that we can text, email and use messenger. That would require us to initiate contact with you!

I know what you mean though, next thing you know they'll be giving women the vote!

I actually think igo might have been "trying" to be funny. Might I recommend "how to win friends and influence people" to him as reading material on those long, lonely nights.

Loved your pros and cons babeberry.

"The screen seems to randomly get brighter, and then dim. Possibly my eyes, but I find it odd."

That's probably the automatically dim backlight options turned on.

Go to options -> screen/keyboard -> Automatically Dim Backlight and turn it off and your screen brightness will remain constant

I am still cracking up over the "douche phone" comment!

I really liked the parts of the "Things I don't Like..." that were really OK.. like #13. Actually a lot of the "cons" on the list are things that ALL BB users have to live with, well, except the SureType issues. But most of these seems to me like she hasn't dug into the changeable options (that's the wrench! LOL!) enough. Unless the flip is that much different than the 81XX. IMOO


So I just pulled out my BlackBerry Pearl Flip here to confirm something, and BabeBerry is right. I've never actually noticed this before, even when reviewing/using the Flip....

But if you go into your Advanced Profiles to change notifications, the text doesn't wrap at all for the notification category titles. So BlackBerry Messenger Alert and BlackBerry Messenger New Messages just come across as BlackBerry Messeng... even when you click into them. You actually can't read the full category - the words are there but on the default them are too long to display. Definitely a bit confusing though. If you go to a smaller font or switch to a theme with smaller fonts I guess it will display, but on default theme/font size it doesn't.

I've always been a full qwerty BB user for the most part, so am guessing this has always been a long standing issue. If you go to font size 10 on the default Pearl Flip theme then within your profiles for the top two categories you just get "BlackBerry Messenger..." for both, which I'm guessing is what BabeBerry has her font set to.

If you go down to size 9, then you get "BlackBerry Messenger Alert" and and "BlackBerry Messenger Ne..."

If you go down to font size 8, then you get "BlackBerry Messenger Alert" and "BlackBerry Messenger New M...".

Only when you go down to font size 7, which is the smallest you can pick, do you see the full words "BlackBerry Messenger New Message".

So definitely not super intuitive for the new to BB user. Definitely needs to be some wrapping going on here for words that are too long to fit, or have it ticker scroll through.

I like BabeBerry's point about the wrench not being a good symbol for options. She's kinda right. A wrench is more for "Tools" than "Settings/Options". Never really thought about that before. It's interesting to get this kind of user perspective, that's for sure.

On the regular Pearl, the categories are "Messenger - Alert" and "Messenger - New Messaage". Adding the work "Blackberry" messed up the screen.

As we say here at Crackberry "Girls with BlackBerry's are Hot". If she was already hot before she had a BlackBerry and now has one... and if she had GPS, I could have provided my coordinates :~)

If she is the BabeBerry, I would have expected some pictures for evidence of the babe part...

Otherwise, an interesting read. Still want pictures..

A much better comparison would be to compare the flip to the razr2, which actually has email and some more advanced features. Also the Razr2 is closer in price...

The future of phones seems to be touchscreen/QWERTY smartphones so the BB won't appeal to the Razr users. Nothing wrong with keeping your razr but know you will eventually upgrade and the BB is a great choice. Hope you continue to enjoy your pearl.

Sorry boys, no pics available. After all, I can't do self portaits on this thing!

Until that feature is improved, you'll just have to take Kevin's word that I'm a babe.

But Kevin, introduce her to a bonified BB Admin; if she's as cute as you say she is, she need only buy him a cup of coffee and he will straighten out about half of that stuff that's buggin' her !

Well balanced review by a Real User.

BB - the K/J thing might be fixable with an entry in AutoText (does the flip have autotext like the Bold?). Try to work out your common typos and shortcuts, then tweak the autotext table.

It was a good read, and I got quite a few laughs at her comments as well.

Good luck with your phone.

I hope someone at RIM keeps up with this site. If not Kevin should forward them a copy. Lots of good points like the text not wrapping in the menu and the wrench not being the best choice for a options icon. Iron out these small things that keep non crack heads from getting it and maybe there will be more berries under the tree next year and more DouchePhone's in brown baggies.

Rarely do you get a review from a woman (Babeberry gets manicures; CNET females barely qualify), regarding technology stuff, and rarely do you find a review, especially from a Blackberry NOOB recently emancipated (I am not talking about the right to vote, cromagnon crackberry abuser, above)from a luddite RAZR, that is so detailed and germane. I have had Blackberries for years and it would be hard to come up with that many good and bad points. Of course, mine looks like "a calculator", so what do I know?. Ha! Funny.

Seriously, nice sense of humor.

Now, a Storm review from her would be super. Someone please send her a free, activated Storm to use for a while.

Hoping Babeberry posts other reviews, and hoping Blackberry pays attention so more women will buy 'berries,

Charlie V

"What's the deal with the wench representing "options?" Wench obviously means tools, not options."

Must be my subliminal telling me something. Bring on the egg-nog!

I am offended by some of the sexist comments directed at Babeberry here. I would definately like to take umbrage and stand tall in her defence and certainly feed the need to apologise to her on behalf of all men for their immaturity, if it will help me get in her pants.

You use a wrench to adjust things, so it makes perfect sense to me. :-) Anyway, if you really hate it, you can always find a theme you like that has a different icon for Options, which is another fun thing about berrys!

You can also throw a wrench at your dog, but the icon does not stand for "abuse" or "discipline". Wrench means tool. Maybe it is a Canadian thing and "tool" has some other connotation there (it does here, in the South, as well, as in, "don't be such a tool"). A page with a list on it means options. As you said, most themes with icons change the wrench to something other than a wrench.

Now, if you have a calculator Blackberry and disable dial from the home screen, the best way to options is to hit "o" from the home screen: instant options. Makes sense, "o" for Options. "M" gets you to messages. Hmm, more good sense. "C" for Contacts. I think i get it! "A" for address book. I like this! "U' gets you calcuUator.. hmm. "L" for caLendar...??? "D" for finD! I playing Word Mole here? WTH?! "W" for "voicemail" that makes perfect sense if you say "voicemail" with a fake Russian accent. ;)

This phone is so cute and nicely designed. I think I might get one since although I love my Bold it just is a lot harder to keep in my pants and to carry in a clutch.

Wow - just wow. Seriously? I understand that as a content provider you can't hope to "please everyone" but do you even know who your audience is?

That being said, I'm sure a few non-technical people will enjoy this. Some of it really was funny - I just don't think it fits the core audience of the site. At least you offer variety here I guess, and you do come up with creative ways and new angles to discuss phones and technology.

Pics should be required if you're going to make claims about the hotness of your contributors!

a) I know this site's demographic to a tee.

b) That's what makes it impossible to please everybody with every single article we post as we get such a mix here.

c) If you read through the comments and the forty emails that I received demanding to bring BabeBerry back for more device reviews, then you'll know this "editorial risk" was a big hit. Maybe not to you, but to many.

And that's why we run a variety of content. Not just news and rumors but newbie help articles and celeb sightings and humorous posts and accessory and software posts. It's a blog on a site called my friend... if you don't like an article nobody forces you to read it. Just skip it and move on.

Thanks for the comment!

I'm sure as berries and other smartphones become more mainstream there will be more and more traditional consumers looking for basic device info and reviews. I just wouldn't have expected it to be a regular audience of the same people coming back on a regular basis. Your site is well organized and intuitive offering a lot of good info - keep up the good work!

Now that would be an intersting perspective. Giving someone each of the devices without a pre-conceived notion from previous smartphone experience.

i didn't like this review very much 'cause i felt like you rushed into it before really learning everything a blackberry can do. this sounds more like a first impressions comparison review. i hope there will be a follow up after doing your research.

on the other hand, the sexism was uncalled for.

anyway, i hope you enjoy your new bb and congratulations on the switch. i'll be looking forward to a more in depth follow up review down the road.. and i don't mean a couple of weeks from now either.

That's great....and I then saw the other remark about it really being 2 b's - I didn't know that! Good review. BabeBerry is obviously no dummy; she works in finance. I had a Razr,, now a proud Pearl owner and I'm now known (in my small circle) as the BB Queen.

wonder what she looks LIKE?? whats her pin??? lol. im just thinking too hard.

that was a good review/insite. very techy girl. unlike alot of girls that i know(im not saying that girls are not techy, but there there few and far beteween).

good editoral though:).

Hey mikells43,

Just want to say that there are a lot more 'technochicks' than you think. You might be surprised how many read BlackBerry websites and the 'Boy Genius Report' to keep up-to-date on what's going on. Not only that, but they also post on them. Imagine that!!

- CB


are you going to email her back and help her fix some of the things on her negative list...


also inform of how things work a little bit she seems to like it quite a bit but would probably love it once she new the rest she could do ;)

I found this article refreshing. Not everyone knows everything about bb's.

As an IT (female I might add) people feel the need to always come to me with questions and ask for my opinion and I tend to give them too much technical information, now I can send people this article and give them a non technical point of view. Well done babeberry!

First time posting.....

Like BabeBerry, I went from a RAZR to a Flip. I agree with some of the cons (can't change profile when closed, wish there was a way to change the screen orientation). I also went through a learning curve with the idea of categories with the profiles when changing the ring tones, but once I figured it out I realized how powerful it is, and now I think it's great.

I also wish I had bought a BB before now. This thing is fantastic.

Oh, and as a guy, I'm going to respectfully disagree that the flip is a chick phone. :)

LOL J/K! It's a great phone. I good freind of mine has this phone (crippled by TMo USA). I like the keyboard ALOT. The smartphone w/flip form factor is cool. Price point is awesome. Can't forget about that.

Depending on who your service is through, you may want to switch your email to gmail or yahoo. I had a hotmail address before I got a bb, but when I got my curve I experienced the same hotmail issues you are describing. I honestly can't remember the reason, but I guess hotmail isn't as compatible as gmail or yahoo. I have Us Cellular and that is what they told me. So I don't know if that could be your problem or not. If it isn't you can always try to resend your service books :)

Some of these comments just deserve a good ol' wow! How dumb can some people be to think that a girl cant be techy? Babeberry you're awesome and I loved your review! non-biased, funny, honest, and appealing to regular people not just the ones who can take apart a computer and put it back together while watching star trek and playing world of warcraft on their laptops. I am a self proclaimed geek! I love my Curve and have updated my OS 3 times and made my own themes, I play video games on my xbox all the time, I have a degree in sound engineering amongst other techy, geeky, nerdy things that I do and I am a girl. Im also a bartender in miami who parties with the best of them, I curse like a trucker, I get manicures and pedicures along with brazilian waxing, and highlights! (god forbid that a nerdy girl can be good looking too right?) I love sports and can sit on sundays and drink beer, have a bbq and watch football all day long with all the guys!!! But hey thanks for giving me the right to vote!! And for those people who were expecting an in depth typical review if you just bother to read kevins entry before babeberrys you can clearly see where he says non-techy! For someone who put so much thought in to your comments you sure didnt put much thought into the article if you missed the very beginning! Babeberry hope to see you writing some more reviews and you learn to love your blackberry as much as the people of this site. Happy holidays to you and kevin great job in bringing her in!