FREE THEME: Azul (A touch of blue) for Curve 83xx 4.5 OS

By Adam Zeis on 9 Feb 2009 04:43 pm EST

As I was mulling around the forums in search of a new theme, I came across a thread from user lordjudass about a theme called Azul (A touch of blue). I have to say, this is one of the slickest themes I have come across in quite a while.  We have seen many theme developers cranking out Bold themes like nobody's business, so I was happy to find something like this. It has great icons and a sleek banner.  It is super clean and easy on the eyes. Currently it is only available in a bottom zen format. I do have a few gripes with it (there is no focus icon for most 3rd party apps when in full view which makes it tough to see.  Also, the SMS icon color seems to be reversed as it is green when not highlighted and all other message icons are blue. It's hard to see new messages in the inbox since the mail indicator is the same color for both read/unread). I'm sure these little things can be fixed (and I shouldn't complain since the price was right).  lordjudass also created Clear Crystal Curve which is worth checking out as well. Did I mention these were FREE??? :-)  

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    FREE THEME: Azul (A touch of blue) for Curve 83xx 4.5 OS


    I'm getting mad i got my storm... i know its a new phone but still inst it about time we get something other them a light saber app?????

    well one link downloads a theme which is hiddeous it has iphone stupid idiotic fugly icons- DELETE
    the other link opens a spanish page???

    Yes! Free themes are good but free awesome themes is AWESOMENESS at it's most awesome. Did I mention the themes are awesome?

    hi i tried to download both themes with no luck. a page came up and i could not get anything to work. i hope others had more luck. the theme looks good.

    I don't trust this. I tried to create fixed tinyurl links for you guys. This domain is banned by tinyurl. They say it's a commonly spammed site.

    I don't trust it.

    I have a day now to use the new themes on my 8330 and my enthusiasm has waned. While the graphics are indeed good, the movement over each icon was inconsistent. Some app icons were highlighted while others like Viigo were not. So unless you paid attention to the text scroll, you'd never realize you just moved right passed it. The CCC Outlook Today function stinks. Takes way too long to move over each icon because of the silly delay in rendering the text graphics. Good looks but needs some more work lordjudass.

    I just installed this theme and it looks great. Is there a way to make the fonts larger in pages like call list or options list.
    I have tried the settings in the screen/keyboard but that does not seem to do the trick.

    Please help a newbie to the Blackberry World. How do I get this great free theme (Azul) to my Blackberry 8330 (Sprint)?

    I hit the downlaod app and its on my desktop, how do I load to the phone?

    GREAT theme, please help ... Anyone

    This is a great theme. Only issue is "small" font sizes that can't be changed. I REALLY like the way it looks and feels.

    Help. I dowloaded file to desktop. How do you install it to the blackberry. This looks like a great theme but I can't get it loaded to phone.


    The reason so many themes are coming out is because they are rips of iPhone themes (primarily from MacThemes2,net).

    It is truly disgraceful that you are allowing these people to get monetary gainings from this. You really need to put in stricter rules and measures for this sort of thing.

    help i dl the file to my computer and then when i open the application loader i locate the file when i press the next button i get an error message, can somebody help please..