Create your own polls with Aye for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 14 Sep 2013 09:49 am EDT

Here at CrackBerry we run our fair share of polls but now you can create your own with a BlackBerry 10 application that goes by the name of Aye. The Built for BlackBerry app is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and you have the option of a free version (with limited amounts of polls you can create per day), however you can purchase the full version for a mere $0.99 from within the app for unlimited features. 

As well as being able to view other peoples polls and vote on them, it's a piece of cake to create your own. The app will guide you through filling out a few boxes where you'll choose the question/title of the poll, select the category it falls into and how many options you want for the answers - you can have up to six. Once the boxes are all filled in it's just a case of pressing the tab to create the poll. Then the poll will be live for others to vote. 

The black based user interface is quite beautiful, but kept clean. When you vote on a poll you'll be presented with a graph showing percentages of the the results as well as the amount of people that have actually voted.

The app won't be for everyone but it is a nice interesting concept and I expect that once this post goes live the amount of polls within the app will rocket. Give the free version a look and see what you think? Oh, and get voting. 

Full features of the app include: 

  • Create public Poll 
  • Create private Poll 
  • Vote for poll 
  • Get graphical result for poll 
  • Comments 
  • Follow a poller 
  • Create a group 
  • Join group 
  • Share Poll with group 
  • BBM integration 
  • Active frames 
  • My Hub Notifications

More information/Download Aye (free) for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Create your own polls with Aye for BlackBerry 10


I just wish people without the app could also vote on the polls. It sounds like they can't. Or am I wrong?

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How many people think BlackBerry will tank?

A. Yes
B. No

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What is this 1998? Do people still do polls?

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I thought it will be easy inviting friends from BBM and create a private poll.
Its not straight forwarded as I hoped, but managed to create a group and invite friends to join there.
I created a private poll and shared among that group for voting and it seems working fine. May be we have to go through trouble building groups first.

1. Why the group name I chose get numbers at the end, even though the name is unique?
2. Is there anyway to mark a poll for favourite to view results later?
3. What is the use of My Hub in the app? I get an idea but not sure if this is going to be improved later.

1. Could you please use the 3 dots to make navigation and selecting options (not the voting options) in the app?
2. Only the My Hub section has Drop Down menu. Is it possible to not have there? Its not user friendly when only one menu has drop down options and rest of them dont. I know that the page asked to use the menu and anyone can read it, except me I guess.

Hi kunamvahees,
The group name maintains the name you chose. A random code is generated which you can email your friends to use in joining the group.
The My Hub section can be used to monitor changes that occur to polls you voted for. You can use the settings (from swipe down menu) to specify which changes you are interested in seeing. E.g new vote or new comment in the poll.
I'm not sure what navigation option you refer to. You can contact me through BlackBerry world to discuss further
The home screen also have a drop down menu to access the settings.

Thanks for the feedback

+1 for a Dev who is responsive and helpful, +1000 for a Dev who ignores trolls. :)

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It's pretty fun. Would be awesome if you could post the poll to your BlackBerry channel or any other social network.

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Do respondents need the app to vote?? That's silly if so. I would never download an app just to respond to a poll.

Hi Denny_Crane,
Yes users need to download the app to create polls and vote for other user's polls. It's more of a social polling app where you see other user's public polls and get public opinion of that poll. There is a group section where you can share private polls with group members. The app will be coming to different platforms in the future so not really limited to BB.

My Pollers menu shows a list of users you are following. You can click on a user's profile to see the user's polls and option to follow the user.

Hi Drentz,
No it does not at the moment. Sharing to other social platforms will be considered in future updates.


Cool. I've just created an app for my popular channel. Please vote.

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I love this app, it's good fun.
Is it BlackBerry only? If so then I hope it stays that way!
I enjoy showing my friends the apps I have that they can't have, specially ones that take advantage of active frames cos that's another thing they don't have!
It's actually helped my friends decide to buy z10's!!

Our app library maybe smaller than the competition but I believe we have some of the most unique apps due to our active frames feature

This polls function... must put in our BBM Channels, can we all suggest to BlackBerry Team regarding this... :))