Awesome Video: Extreme keyboarding on a BlackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Apr 2012 05:43 pm EDT

If you saw our post on the BlackBerry Challenge Council's multitasking project but didn't click through to watch the video, you missed out. So here it is again for your viewing pleasure... a good and funny video that puts the focus on one of the biggest strengths of the traditional BlackBerry experience, the physical keyboard!

For a lot of BlackBerry loyalists, the one thing more than anything that keeps them on a BB is the physical keyboard. When it comes to pounding out emails, texts, tweets, facebook status message and mores, it can't be beat. Sure, people can learn to type fast on touchscreens too, but the touchscreen typing experience falls apart as soon as you're not standing/sitting still and focused on the task at hand. A little bump or shake and your typing goes to hell. But as you'll see in the video, with a physical keyboard you can keep on typing even in extreme conditions.

Just yesterday I was in the back of a bumpy taxi cab heading from the airport to hotel and I was typing like crazy on my 9900's keyboard and thinking about how with a touchscreen I'd be struggling trying to do the same thing. Heck, I even tweeted:

All Smartphone keyboard comparisons should be conducted while riding in the back of a taxi cab. Guess who'd win every time? 

BlackBerry is the answer to that question of course. Sure, a physical keyboard takes up some of the real estate that can go towards a bigger display, but if communication is a priority for you in your mobile device, and for a lot of us it is, the physical keyboard trumps all.

Check out the video above and confess your love for the physical keyboard in the comments! Oh, and PS. the keyboard on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the best smartphone keyboard ever made. Period.

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Awesome Video: Extreme keyboarding on a BlackBerry!


That video was nothing short of AMAZING!!!!

Look's like a fun challenge. I would go with the personal chef. I hope to see lots of cool videos like this one come out of it.

Be gone Bertrand!

hah I like it...

LOL @ trying to give Christina Milian a high five afterwards...

good stuff, BB needs more ads and/or commercials like this to connect with the younger crowd...

P.S. wow, 2nd! jk (never had the chance to be first post so I gotta take what I can get)

Its amazing that BlackBerry chosen Levittown NY to make their first video for this years challenge council's. My home town. @kenefick

Good video.. Christina needs to take that robe off and let me eat the grapes of her naked body.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you

Is Christina Milian the grand prize? Kidding... Great commercial. Keep more of these coming, touting other sides of the BlackBerry other than just BBM.


Ha ha ha .. This is SOOOO ... funny ! Everybody will run to the stores and by Blackberrys ! Yeah ! Right!

This is like RIM saying stilllll neeeeeeddd nooooo weee donnnttt

Everyone is over the "touch screen is awful for texting" or the NEED for a keyboard. Thats why there first BB10 phone is gonna look like an android/Iphone..

True story :)


Good video. But, RIM is advertising "keyboards" which goes the exact opposite of what the "supposed" first BB10 device will be. But, I guess it does work for their current line of products.

I have to agree. Knowing that the first BB10 phone will be touch only, it seems sort of silly to pound out this message. The we likely won't see a 9900-esque BB10 phone into the 2013 - like, a year from now. That's a long time...

funny video but the point is made.

If virtual keyboards were as good as we real keyboards then why don't we all have them at home and at work?
The bottom line is that physical keyboards are awesome!

There are so many awesome shortcuts on the BlackBerry keyboards that they are hard to beat.

Whoever made this ad should be hired to make a couple more! Funny and to the point. I only recently upgraded from a 9780 to a 9900 and wow... I had no idea how beautiful the keyboard was and the touchscreen combo is just great. We need to target the younger demographics (teens and university) and get them hooked and this is a good way to appeal to them (the style of ad I mean).

Hahaha ,, see how effective it is. I use 9930 and feel be myself. I don't want to spend too much time for gaming with my phone. When I want to watch a movie I turn my 32" LCD on, or I went to cinema with my family. I like to be effective in connection with my family, friend and my job. That's why I choose the "me Myself" 9930. And I expect BB10 will maintain it's strength.

This was great for the BB fan, but it will not win someone from iOS, Android or WP7.5. As others have said the first BB10 phone is not supposed to have a keyboard, [who really knows?]

The target group fine, but only one of several that RIM needs to reach. Instead of blowing money on this, they could have used it in a wiser way.

Hahahahaha! So amazingly funny. Streeter and Amir from College Humor just did it so cool! :) Pure awesome! I love my Bold 9900 even more mow.

I guess now I'm gonna be smiling every time I wanna BBM someone. Dude! :)

Well, first of all, if you're still using a Bold 9000 then clearly you don't change phones very often, so you can wait a little longer.

Secondly, since the Bold 9900 is less then a year old and has a wonderful Keyboard, and most people are still under contract who purchased one, they can wait until Q1 2013 with their current awesome keyboard phone.

Third, just as there is a full touch Curve and a full touch torch amongst the current crop of BlackBerry )S 7.1 phones, there will be QWERTY versions of BlackBerry 10 phones, just not the first one.

Why does this make sense? Well, it does for a couple reasons. It makes sense because RIM is hoping for some mass market appeal with BB 10 and the mass market is full touch. Plus, we all know the first generation will be missing some features that we have all come to know and love on the Java based BB OS devices over the years so for BlackBerry users the change will be much more drastic then for users coming from other OS'es that have offered limited feature sets and required apps to do basic hings like custom ringtones for years. Plus, current BlackBerry users are a pretty loyal bunch, anyone who's stuck it out this long likely is willing to stick it out a little longer for the physical QWERTY phone next year. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

I posted this on the BB 10 thread: I hope the PlayBook remote control feature stays in BB 10, so that the keyboard on a legacy BB can be used with a BB 10 phone when a lot of typing is needed.
In effect, a pre-10 BB would be a remote control mouse and keyboard for the BB 10, giving the best of all possible worlds.

I find this works well on a remote controlled PB where I can compose emails on the big screen using the keyboard of my 9810.

I also like the idea of being able to keep a BB 10 phone secure in a waterproof container on a boat and use a legacy BB to send messages, like the Bridge in reverse. Or being able to use an old BB phone in a dodgy area while the "real" phone is in a pocket, so a thief won't get anything very useful.

wow and here I've been using the ps3 keypad synced up to my phone/playbook for months now. works great and looks almost identical to the BB's keypad. Might have to make a video myself, of me flying and typing at the same time....

That dress would look even better on my floor,no keyboards on bb10? Always play to your strengths...I went from a 9000 to a 9860 great device but I really miss the physical keyboard!

I admit I was BB hater. I am using BB as I lost my Nokia Symbian phone. I definitely use BB as I don't have any choices and all my collagues and friends are using BB.

I choose BB 9900 as my first ever BB. You all know what....I love 9900 although I can't mention that I am now BB no no I am not BB lover still. I love 9900 as 9900 is helping me so much in work and leisure time. The BBM, organized text messages and phone, clear sound and yes yes yes the touchscreen and the keyboard. The touchscreen & keyboard work together in my hands.

The main negative one and only is the camera, but 9900 is not cameraphone, right?

Okay all, I am not BB lover yet and not hater anymore. I just hope that my white 9900 is my first and last phone. It helps me so much.

My thing is this, today everyone has a Tablet of some sort. If I want to see something on a larger display, I just hit "OPEN ON PLAYBOOK" and Voila! I'm viewing it in 1080p! Even iPhone screens don't do things justice anymore. So this notion that the Keyboard takes up too much room is ignorant to me. Obviously that's an argument for the consumers who need Toys... not Tools.

Funny! Good points. Love the qwerty keyboard on any bb

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

"The keyboard on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the best smartphone keyboard ever made. Period."

I couldn't agree more. I'm more of a touchscreen guy and the 9900 was my first conventional blackberry. The keyboard is truly awesome.

BB 9900 + 64GB PlayBook
(where's my QNX phone?!)