Awesome New Utility - WICKSoft LinkWorks!

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Dec 2008 10:27 am EST
WICKSoft LinkWorks

Best known in the BlackBerry enterprise game for their Mobile Documents solution, the crew over at WICKSoft have just released a super-handy utility for the BlackBerry. WICKSoft LinkWorks isn't an app that you "open and use" per say, rather it is one that you install and reap the benefits of for thousands upon thousands of emails to come...

Have you ever received an email with a link that you just couldn't open? Clicking the link doesn't work, and copying the link in to the browser won't work either. Now there is a solution. WICKSoft LinkWorks enhances the URL detection on your BlackBerry so that you can open all links, even those with spaces, from your BlackBerry. This is ideal (and a must have!) for people who use SharePoint, or who receive messages with links that won't open properly from the BlackBerry.

WICKSoft LinkWorks Features:

  • Detects all URLs, including malformed URLs and URLs containing spaces.
  • Specifically designed for web portals like Microsoft SharePoint
  • Runs on any BlackBerry
  • Simple to install, easy to use. It 'just works' and requires no interaction.
  • Does not affect or alter your web browser.

Totally awesome. It drives me bonkers when the I receive an email that contains a link that isn't clickable (occassionally happens on emails sent from's ringtone and wallpaper galleries). This is the solution I've been waiting for. I was thinking RIM would get around to fixing this issue for free, but at only $5.00 WICKSoft LinkWorks solves the problem today. Yes, Please! 

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Reader comments

Awesome New Utility - WICKSoft LinkWorks!


WHy should you have to buy this functionality? This is what kills me about blackberry devices at this point....I own the storm and if it came to having to purchase something like this...UGGH

on the bold ive come across this problem many times and i just hold alt and highlight the link then paste into my internet browser.

When I try that pasting the URL that way I get an error about the text being invalid. Is there something I need to do to my browser?

$2 is still too much. It should be free. When you go to a football game you buy the ticket, they dont make you wear blacked out glasses unless you pay to take them off do they?