Awesome New PlayStation 3 Theme for BlackBerry!

PlayStation 3 Theme for BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jun 2008 11:28 am EDT

I took a stroll through the software store before heading to bed last night and came across this new BlackBerry theme by a new BlackBerry theme developer...

The PlayStation 3 theme by CS Designs is TOTALLY AWESOME. Just about every single graphic has been customized. The shortcuts are very PS3-like and the zoom-in rollover effects are nice. The color scheme carries through to the menu and option screens, and the battery level and signal level indicators have a nice touch. An impressive theme debut!

Right now it looks like the theme is only available for 8800 and 8300 series devices via Desktop Manager installation. Hopefully CS designs will soon get the OTA files up and make this available for the Pearl and in Icon and Today versions as well. The theme is available for $7. Four more screen caps after the jump!

PlayStation 3 Theme for BlackBerry



looks great but links not working. How late were you up? Did you imagine this theme?

Adam Zeis

Link works for me. Killer theme - a bit dark for my taste however.

Kevin Michaluk

The links should be working. Just double checked.

Make sure your device selector tool in the store is not set to a specific device (like the Pearl). You only see the software compatible with your device, so if you're set to Pearl and click the link you won't see any apps displayed. Put it to Curve or 8800 or just don't specify a device and you should see everything.

BUT...I was up pretty late. Canada day long weekend so the fun is just beginning (actual Holiday is tomorrow but a lot of people are taking today off to make it into a four-day weekend!)


I had the device selector set to the 8330 and it said that the theme is not compatible with the 8330. The description of the theme says it is however. Do you know which one is correct?

Kevin Michaluk

there's no reason this theme wouldn't work with the 8330. not sure what's up there..will dig into it. but the theme should be compatible - definitely meet the os requirements.


Great work. My only question is if you change the wallpaper will the full screen top to bottom have the new wallpaper or will the top get cut off?


Looks great and very stylish.


This looks great on my 8800-- it's like getting a new phone. Very slick.


just bought and tried to upload to my bb and the error said no
additional applications designed found for your device


won't add from desktop manager. help?


tech support email address for CS Designs is:

Found it on the ps3 store pages


I ran into the same problem with installing themes with the previous version of Desktop Manager (4.3). I updated to the Desktop Manager 4.5 and all my previously downloaded themes came up when I used the Application Launcher. Not sure if links work here but you can find it at this address:

After going to the link you'll need to select the Desktop Manager 4.5 from the drill-down.

Once you install it, you should be able to sync your device and go to the application launcher and your downloads SHOULD be there.

Good luck!


i stupidly downloaded this, not realizing that I only have OTA ability to install themes. be warned. i hope my purchase will carry over to when they get OTA support.

Kevin Michaluk

If you read the Blog post above, I gave the warning that it was only available for installation via Desktop Manager.

Spoke to the developer though - OTA will soon be on the way, and YES...once you purchase you can redownload and you will be able to take advantage of the OTA.

Stay tuned..should hopefully be up soon!


changed my device selector and magically the link worked. love this theme....very mysterious..


first theme i bought for my 8330, and its not working. i tried the d/l link through email, text and tried to upload it to my phone through pc.


How is it that theme developers can get away with charging for themes that involve copyright material (such as Playstation 3)? Wouldn't they technically have to have Sony's permission to profit off of their Playstation 3 name?


would you take the time to make such a post? either use the theme or move on jeesh.




I'd definitely pay the money for it if it came in the "L" theme variety. I'll keep an eye on this one and when that version becomes available, I'll bite. Nice work, though. Looks great from the screenshots.


Very nice. I'll get it soon.


who think $7 is too much to try out a theme?


I too, think that is too much. To be honest, every theme should have a trial period. TRY and then buy. I'm pretty new to BB world, but maybe you can DL it and crack it, then you pay $0. Therefore, "hot" themes are not available for the trial. Feel free to correct me.



I purchase the theme and the theme looks good on the Curve. I did find that my emails are in blue and white and some what hard to read. Txt mesg are normal no color there. In profile there is no "bed mode" and when you select advance all the options are sitting on top of each other.