Awesome free game from Tafasa - Finger Trap!

By Michael Hepples on 27 Aug 2010 12:51 am EDT
finger trap

From the developers that brought us PatternLock and such games as Word Search and Bubble Burst comes the latest time waster Finger Trap. The game operates on a simple premise, just put your finger on the red square and move it around to avoid the blue ones. You'll figure out pretty quickly though, that it isn't quite so simple playing the game. Fast reflexes and good eye-hand coordination is a must, and you'll easily find yourself wasting time getting lost in the game. With three difficulty settings, and options like randomizing the direction the blocks come from, you'll get plenty of play time on your touch device. Online leaderboards are filtered by difficulty, letting you see how you stack up against other players. Available as a free download from the CB store, it's supported on the 95xx series, and even the 9800.

Reader comments

Awesome free game from Tafasa - Finger Trap!


I have tried to get the download link to work for an hour now and no luck. Anyone else having an issue getting the download? I have a Storm 2.

I have played the flash version of this game in my browser a lot and I love it... but on my storm2 it's just annoying. My finger is in the way. There's an option to offset the brick from your finger, but it only moves it about a quarter-inch off. Uninstalled almost immediately.