AWESOME: Bold Zoom Series Premium Themes

BOLD ZOMM Series Themes
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Feb 2009 04:39 pm EST

Over the past two years we have seen both premium and free BlackBerry themes take some huge leaps forward, both in terms of the functionality provided by newer CDK releases as well as the creativity shown by developers. As a result, it becomes more and more difficult for these same developers to make a real impression with their latest and greatest themes.

That said, I've gotta give props to the latest series of themes to published by JC Designs / Gadget Bean. And when I say series, I do mean series, as this one comes in a variety of flavors, each with their own unique twist. The Zoom Series of themes is currently available for the Bold with support for the Storm & Curve 8900 coming down the road. I've been rocking the Custom C FixedDock theme (top left screen capture in the image above) since last Friday and have been abosolutely loving it. It packs 12 crisp icons on the homescreen in an attractive format along with my four last unread messages and latest SMS. Attention is paid to the little details, as I would expect in a premium theme - the bottom row of icons have a nice bounce and I'm a huge fan of the battery level indicator that also shows in %. Several versions of the theme feature an animated dock, which you can see in action in a video after the jump. Each Zoom Series theme sells for $7. Don't blame me if you buy more than one!

Bold Zoom Series Themes in Action 

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AWESOME: Bold Zoom Series Premium Themes


So I downloaded Custom Bottom Zen, it appears in my applications menu but after a soft reset it still isn't appearing in my Themes menu. Anybody else having problems?

i like the one with 12 icons on the home screen . I would prefer the 3 messages and 2 calendar on the home screen as well... which one will allow me to customize the icons... there are so many options to pick from I don't know which one is the right one for me. If anyone have the answer that would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

They all have customizable icons I believe, and the ones you should be looking at should be the custom C fixdock or the Custom C AniDock - I think from reading the AniDock zooms in and out like the video.. some people dont like that I guess and thats why he also made a FixedDock verison. you might wana check with John first though.

I am in love with my BOLD all over again =P, JC never seems to disappoint me and this one is another one thats really fresh and new. I got the Zoom Version, its way way cool. I love how the icons zooms in and out, very creative use of the builder. The icons are really sharp and pops... no issues with my running on OS .234 either props for that. The video does it little justice I think, you need to make a longer one with less shaking of your hands, but then again looking at the time on your clock - umm dont you like ever sleep?? Great job John!

i just bought the custom C fixed dock theme and absolutely love it!! Definitely well worth the $7. Although it will be nice if there are different icons for the different folders so they don't all look alike.

I'm a big fan of the background picture that I can always change on my Bold does the custome c or zen leave enough room to peep the picture?

Any help would be awesome.

I bought the same version (Custom Bottom Zen) and although it appears in my application list, it does not appear in my themes list. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it several times, but it still doesn't appear in the theme list.

Send a message to the support email and include your order confirmation. I received an almost instant reply to set up a separate OTA download. It appears the Mobihand file is corrupted.


Sorry for the late response it appears the earlier files got corrupted for the Zoom Custom Bottom Zen.. those of you with an issue, please email me at along with your order number with the subject Zoom Custom Bottom Zen OTA. I will get an OTA setup for you guys manually. I re-uploaded the files to Mobihand again, so the files should be ok now for everyone.


JC Designs -

How about one that displays Calendar and SMS? :D
Like maybe 4 Calendar and 3 latest SMS. or unread or whatever.

I bought the Bottom Zen. Had problems with it due to MobiHands file being corrupt. Emailed John who very quickly set me up and got things running. Looks awesome on my Bold. I was more than impressed with the great service as well

Bought the Zoom theme. Easy to load and work on my Bold. Looks amazing. Just gotta figure out how to get my original picture to fit under the top applications bar rather than underneath it. Love it!

bought the C fixed dock 3 message 2 calendar. Love the theme, so so on the icons, would have preferred the stock icons.

Only negative is $7 for a theme is rather high. $3 would be more consumer friendly. Many small full apps only cost $7-10.

JC Design: Have you ever thought of selling a bundle for a good discount?

With your releases you have many themes for one release and don't know which to select!

I'm looking at this theme and would like the AniDock and the Custom C FixedDock. You should really think of selling in bundles for a very good price.

You would be surprise how much you can sell for a couple more dollars but cheaper when selling 2 seperate ..especially JC Design fans.

I will be purchasing the Custom C Fixed Dock 3 message and 2 calender -

I'm still hooked on my cross bar plus theme and haven't looked into the new ones... yet ;) JC designs really knows what the BB nation finds appealing. Those of you who asked if they have a calender/ sms today screen, you can e-mail them and request a custom-made one for a couple extra bucks. I asked John to combine 2 of the themes I really liked, and HE DID IN A MATTER OF DAYS! Good customer service and worth paying for.

of course i will say that i want this theme for the blackberry curve 8330 :) i mean.. common.

unless of course sprint decides to come out with some new blackberry's already!!@#43

I found a glitch.

Anyone else notice this?

1. When I get a new email, the preview only shows up under the "messages" screen, but it tells me I have a new SMS/MMS too. It doesn't give me the red star, but says (1 unread) after SMS/MMS when there isn't one.

2. When there is a new SMS/MMS, it doesn't say (1 unread)

This is on the Custom C FixedDock 4 message 1 SMS theme.

I am going to report this to them. Hopefully, we get a fix.

Yes, whenever there are unread emails - the same count shows for SMS even though there are no unread SMS's. Bug for sure.


Yes I see it is a bug with the builder even though this was built with the 4.6 builder, I tested this on the beta builder and also found the same problem, so once 4.7 is final, I will update the file for the Custom C FixedDock if they have a fix for SMS Count. Also all updates from JC Designs - are free.


JC Designs -

I just purchased and installed the Bold Zoom fixed 4 message 1 sms theme. I have to say that I love it. Unfortunately, I need to report a few bugs in the theme.

The unread message count for the SMS/MMS messages shows to be the same as the messages unread count. I have my SMS and Email inboxes set to "separate" on general options for messaging.

One other item that I've noticed is that it doesn't seem to follow the font size setting defined in screen/keyboard settings.

Bug here JC.

Using the fixed C dock with 3mess/2cal. Battery meter % is totally off. My phone status says 80% and the battery meter says 90%.

Kudo's to John at JC Designs for great themes and great customer service as well. I ordered the wrong zoom theme and John quickly rectified the problem!!!

John is a workaholic. This is bad for him; good for you. He responds quickly and personally to every customer whim. I would usually think $7 is a bit steep for tweaking the 'berry's appearance, but you get what you pay for in quality and attention.

i bought this theme a few days ago and experienced a few bugs such as email notifications don't show up if i put the Messages icon on the top row. YM/MSN also doesn't show online even if i'm already signed in. battery indicator is also off, Status shows my battery is 80% but it says 90% on main screen.

i emailed john ( TWICE and still haven't heard back from him AT ALL. because of the bugs, i don't really use the theme now so i'm pretty upset that i wasted $7 just like that.