Avatar Builder for BlackBerry updated - Now available in more countries

By Michelle Haag on 1 Aug 2011 11:29 am EDT
Avatar Builder for BlackBerry

The popular Avatar Builder for BlackBerry was updated this weekend. RIM added a bunch of countries to the supported list so if you were unable to download it before, you may be able to now. Also, word has it the app is now compatible with BlackBerry OS 7 devices so if you're one of the lucky few that has one of those unreleased devices, go ahead and download Avatar Builder and give it a go.

Download Avatar Builder Guys Edition
Download Avatar Builder Girls Edition

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Avatar Builder for BlackBerry updated - Now available in more countries


Seriously? An avatar builder? Does RIM not get that their biggest customers are business users (read: who aren't going to make an avatar). Or are they thinking this will bring customer back from iOS/Android? How 'bout coming out with a QNX smartphone already?

FYI I'm not a Blackberry hater. I've been using the Playbook for the past week and I gotta say: aside for a few quirks, I love it. Bring on the apps (no Avatar Builder required)!

Seriously? Dude Seriously? Whats wrong with this app? You are probably the same person that complains "lack of apps on BB"...Give it a rest...

I agree with you. I was so shocked when I first found out they built this app. They could have used their resources on something more useful.

it's nearly 2012 and we still don't have SKYPE!!! WTF!!

If Rolce Royce were to manufacture as much models as Toyota you have to expect to have a few bad models.People complain about the lack of apps on app world and then when RIM gives them the types of useless apps that the other platforms offer they still complain. What will make you happy? an app that takes you to the moon? NASA might help.

Guys. I think that you're missing the point here. Take a look at any of the most recent sales trends: RIM's users are leaving in droves. It wud be fine if this app was written by a company other than RIM. But why should RIM waste precious developer time on such apps when it should be spending it on coming out with a viable QNX smartphone platform that can actually compete head to head with iOS and Android!

How about explaining why this app is useful in prolonging RIM's lifespan? Or are y'all still living in 2005? You sound like fanboys.
And since when was RIM Rolls-Royce? With the 9650 being their flagship smartphone (summer of 2011), they're on the same level as a Hyundai (no offense Hyundai owners). So how about focusing less on stupid apps and more on stuff that matters. Like a QNX smartphone.

Oh and am I so hard to please? Wouldn't it be smarter for RIM to look through the playbook contest CB had a while back and figure out what users actually want (http://crackberry.com/crackberry-contest-tell-us-20-apps-youd-see-come-p...)?

We're not comparing "apples to apples" oh wait, does that term sound familiar? is it used to literally compare apples to apples? or is it used to put things into perspective? please answer this one GENIUS. You seem to be the only one to misunderstand the significance of what was written. Instead of focusing your efforts on making false claims (9650 a flagship? kidding right) you should just take the easy way out and get yourself an iPhone. Your expertise is USELESS here :o)

Hello Kitty...

Completely useless but the revenue it generates is absurd. The is a market for cutesy and it is huge. There are more teen and tween girls with bbm who's moms and dads buy them a Curve, one of the least expensive (plan + device) messaging phones going right now. RIM would be silly to ignore that demographic. The iPhone and Android can't match that no matter what type of communication app they use they still need a full data package. So with that in mind this app is a great idea. I wonder how someone with an email and bbm only plan would download the app or even know that it existed.

Good move RIM. You'll never impress everyone all the time.

I don't really feel some toys for the consumer market (where I live since I'm nowhere near a "business guy") are such a bad thing. Granted RIM could do better things, but stuff that's "for fun" seems to be one of the bigger keys of success for other devices no? I say good for you RIM. I don't see a need for such extreme seriousness all the time. Woot.

I wondeered why they built this app, RIM is sinking and they did this and bought an online video editing service ... Fxcks that ?
Waste of developers time, simply move the developers to the qnx division, and focus on qnx phones and make the next big update for pb availabble (android aapp player,email, spell check & auto correct ) microsoft did this with their XAML team, they splitted the team and moved the developers elsewwhere