Automatically check-in to foursquare with LittleBrother for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 16 Jan 2012 12:59 pm EST

LittleBrother Beta BlackBerryLittleBrother Beta BlackBerry

If you're a big foursquare user you've no doubt had times where you have missed checking in somewhere simply because you forgot. "Wouldn't it be great if I could somehow check-in automatically?" you thought. Well LittleBrother for BlackBerry is here to save the day. With this handy app from Emacberry you can do just that. After a bit of setup, LittleBrother will automatically check you in to venues you have specified, as long as you're within 50m for at least 2 minutes. While it works really well for the most part, there are some kinks. If you're in a large city or your venues are close together (as I found at CES in Las Vegas) you'll have trouble differentiating venues, so you'll need to choose just a few so you don't overlap and end up checked-in at the wrong venue. At home however where the venues I frequent are fairly far apart, I've really had no issues thus far. For more on just how LittleBrother gets this done and to find out how to get up and running, check out the full changelog at

More information/download of LittleBrother Beta
Read the LittleBrother Beta Change Log

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Automatically check-in to foursquare with LittleBrother for BlackBerry


I don't really understand this. So many people fight hard to make sure our rights are upheld, and that the government can't track our location, but then people sign up for this. I just don't get it lol

If you are concerned about your privacy you might be pretty surprised & scared what kind of detailed motion profile your provider is getting from you - simply by caring around your cell phone (turned on) with you.

You do not have to share any kind of information with anybody - LittleBrother can be also used just to see what kind of information is available (motion profile) - and have in mind your provider is additionally having timestamp information...

Just downloaded and installed and got nothing but errors. Not impressed what so ever at this point although it was an interesting idea

make sure that you meet the system requirements (min OS5) and also grant the app the required/requested permissions.

I think a much better implementation to Foursquare would be to set up a pop-up for specified venues and maybe set a sound or buzz to remind you. This would get rid of the "GPS error checkins" and "sitting in traffic near a venue checkins".

Hopefully FSQ just figures this out and adds it within the year.

nice idea - expect this in a future build of LittleBrother (a switch for "auto checkin" or "Confirm") - with this you are able to avoid false check ins - but still with the comfort that the device is reminding you that you can check-in... Thanks!

v0.9.8.7 has been released which comes with the requested feature of a CheckIn Reminder (instead of the Auto CheckIn)

Had this installed on my BBery..even with the update, found it to be rather USELESS. Had only 2 venues setup while testing and those were my work and home. What I found was that this software has a time limitation built in where there must be a minimum of 12 or more hours before it would allow you to check into the same place.

An example would be that it would check you into work and check you out when you left, but if you returned to work the next day, but it had been less than 12 hours between shifts, it would then have you as being Out at home and Out at work. Never did seem to catch up after the initial rounds of check-in and check-out.

Time lapse shouldn't matter.