Automatic Wallpaper Changing Apps for the Storm!

Wallpaper Shuffle
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Dec 2008 09:28 am EST

This week saw the debut of two new automatic wallpaper changing apps to the software store and I have a feeling this is only the beginning...

Ringing in at just $4.95, both Visual Arts and Wallpaper Shuffle allow for your BlackBerry Storm to automatically and randomly change the wallpaper on your device homescreen. An awesome idea! It would be even awesomer if this was doable on all BlackBerry devices, but it seems this capability is currently only available to developers in the Storm's API. As you can tell from the image above, I installed Wallpaper Shuffle yesterday and have been liking it.

As for getting a ton of wallpapers on your BlackBerry Storm, look no further than our BlackBerry Wallpaper Maker and user-contributed Wallpaper Gallery. For the wallpaper maker, just upload your photo from your computer, select your device, and the wallpaper will be emailed to you for easy installation. From there, you are given the option to also add your newly created wallpaper to our gallery if you so choose. It's simple, and it's free!

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Automatic Wallpaper Changing Apps for the Storm!


Not that I've noticed so far, but it's been less than a day for me and I re-charged by device at night so can't really answer that just yet.

Ive had it for a week and it has no adverse affect on the battery life. Im set at 30 minutes for a change.

I would love to have this on my Bold. Any chance there will be a version for the Bold? I have a ton of wallpapers and would love for them to cycle.

If you set to rotate every 5 seconds and let the LCD on all the time then it will use up quickly. to save battery what you do is lower the LCD brightness or if you have the charger just pull it in.

sorry can not. the problem is that RIM does not expose the background API other than to the new Storm. I do not know why they dont. it is such a simple thing for them to do.

Please RIM, Pleeeeease make this API availible for the Bold. I guess it is too late now, right?

I'm new to BB and would love this app if it is available to the general public. I'm not sure if this is just for developers or for all.

Also is it OTA or should I download it to my PC first?


Thanks for the tip on this app. Downloaded it today and it seems to be working great. (on my VZW Storm) Nice!

To the above question: You follow the link and buy the app online for $4.95, then you get an email with a link to download. If you read that email on your Storm, just click on the link and start the process. Very straightforward.

I have tried the free trial for Visual Arts and have not tried Wallpaper Shuffle since I dont know if I want to buy it or the other one.
Has anyone checked them both out? Are they the same? Any preferences to which one is better or have comparisons? Kind of like PeekAWho and Azerie (sp) same thing but both have pros/cons.
Just curious and Happy Holidays to all!

I bought it and it sent the email but it's asking me for a registration and I don't have one. help please! i have the recipt

what folder (system, sd card or store) am I to choose to save the program in? I chose system) I have it set for 30 mins intervels and nothing is happening and I installed it at 3:15pm today. Help!

i got this app a couple days ago Sat i think I will need my money as well. I really wanted to have this. did i not doing something right? I have the visual arts icon in the download folder but it's not working!!

please reply!

I first posted that I couldn't get this app to work but after contacting the maker of the app I am now enjoying it very much. He was extremely helpful in showing me (a novice to BB) how to make it work and it turns out it's quite easy with his instructions.