OS autoloaders for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones

By Bla1ze on 14 Feb 2014 01:54 pm EST

These were originally set to be 'leaked' files but since the OS went official on some UK carriers, they can't really be called leaks anymore. That said, the files are still good for those who have not been prompted to update but still want the OS. Keep in mind, they are autoloaders so they should be treated just like a leak in terms of installing the OS. Right now, you'll find the autoloader for the Z30 and the STL100-1 Z10, while the rest are radio links, to be used on various other devices in conjunction with the Z30 files.

As noted, the usual disclaimer applies here. Be sure to perform a full backup using BlackBerry Link before you install any OS. Check out our full tutorial on using an autoloader here and don't hold us responsible should anything go bad (though you can always reload your OS). You can discuss and grab the download via the link CrackBerry Forums link below.

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OS autoloaders for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones


Yes! Another time that the first edition of the Z10 gets the autoloader before the rest. Yay!

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

Did you use that word, you know, the one that starts with "f", especially being at the top of the blog, it's not a good idea.

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Catapulted from my Z10.

Meh, I like QuickS1lver or what his actual handle is. His jokes are pretty good.

I try to make my "first" comments something more than just "First! LOL!" or something like that.

I've only ever had the first comment four times. :)

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

NO WAY! Right when I finally get 1925 installed a new one comes out... lol! I'll wait a couple days or weeks before doing this one.

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lol fair enough :) Just make sure if you are going to say the dreaded f word, at least make sure you are truly first... and congrats for also becoming a fistie lol

Guys, but I am not. The shortest jokes are best !

When writing on my phone there was no comment.

and that's why trying to say first gets to be stupid. No need to say it to be cool, and now you have been fisted by yourself :p

Exactly. Do it right, or look like a fool and own up to it like a man.

Great to see you lighten up, Quickie! :-)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

No, for suspected being first he's rewarding himself with fist time. Every one their own lol

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Man guess what, I just tried to be cheap and be first on a accessory review. Of course there had to be a reason why no one would ever comment on those, like they could be haunted and Kevins curse could come after you. Turns out it's not even possible. Dude felt I fisted!!

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Fisted yourself there. Not time to correct, put had to post in a hurry to be "fist".

Best and worst first attempt in a while, guess we all got a good laugh out of that one! ;-)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Gonna try this to see if the sim card pin still causes a delay when booting up.

Swiped On My 5" Zedberry  via CB10

Then you weren't paying attention. Run the Z30 file. It will give you a bad radio error. Run the RIGHT radio for your device, tada!

Speaking of which, should z10 owners use this radio or should we install any other radio build. Does anyone know?

 We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em 

"while the rest are radio links, to be used on various other devices in conjunction with the Z30 files."

Posted via CB10 on my Z10STL100-

Yes, run the Z30 file. It will give you a bad radio error. Run the RIGHT radio for your device, tada!

Has someone loaded the Z30 files and the Q10 files on their Q10? Let me know. I hate to be first. Hehe. (pun for QuickSilver)

Posted via CB using my Q10

A post on how to use Sachesi would be nice too, as most people don't seem to know that they can install an OS non-destructively.

Im sorry but i'll have to repeat as it hasnt been answered.

If im using a Q10 and would like to update to this latest OS, I download and auto load both the Z30 and Q10 (radio only) autoloaders, is that correct?

Will autoloading a Z30 autoloader on to my Q10 give me problems? (for example not being able to get through the initial setup?)

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There's no difference, you can run the Z30 autoloader and then run the Q10 radio. Boom, all good. The only ones who can't do this are STL100-1 owners.

Wait I'd I already have 2.1.1295, is this an advanced leak? And does it work for z10 stl1004?

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Thuraaask qsn here :)

For a person with the 100-3 model for z10, can we load the z30 files + the respective radio for the specific z10 edition and be fine??

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So it's still a leak.. are we trying to change the terminology so it sounds more appealing? Lol

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I used Sachsei country 234,carrier 015,for my Z10,takes longer but worked great! Just click download,install sit back and wait,about a hour or so!


Will this OS be rolling out by carriers around the world?
Or I'll have to load up the leak (which I don't want to because of by CoC saved game) ?

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Oh boy.. lol.. I'm gonna give an OS update a try on the Q10 (Tmo).. I may try it for the Z10 (Vzw) as well.. thanks

From my Q10, Waiting for OS 10.2.1 from T-Mobile

Yes! While this is great and all. If anyone could please help in the Link issue for those us that can't or are unwilling to upgrade to Mavericks due to older software not working. I find it sad and a bit frustrating that I cannot find a link on the Blackberry website for the older version for Mac users. Not everyone will be using Mavericks and so there is no way to access the the phone.

So backing up is fully not possible without Link working...and this new version says in compatible with my software. So now even to back up my SD I have to take it out and back up.

I am glad for the leak and would gladly give it a go...but I'd like some solution to the link issue for Mac users.

The only thing I came across was some link on a Vietnamese site, which I don't exactly trust but can't believe there isn't an 'official' legacy BB10 (Link) link on BB or thereof Crackberry anywhere.

If I have failed to find it I would greatly greatly appreciate any insight of how and where to find this.

Gracious-Ness! Yes I know not to update. Suffice to say I never did update. When I installed a new hard drive and used Time Machine for some reason the BB Link would not work...even trying manually. So downloaded (which is now the new one)...and so was stuck.

Thank you ....dzienkuje...grazie....gracias...merci...vielen Dank!

got it officially OTA for my Q10. Finally 10.2.1 officially on Vodafone Netherlands :)

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Can I use those in sachesi to nondestructively update my q10? I don't mind using autoloaders but I can't Because I'm using mac. In this way I can load up straight and will not be doing the z30 OS and then q10 radio.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Thank YOU Bla1ze and Crackberry.com.
Today I followed your autoloader instructions and installed the Z30 executable THEN the Q10 Radio executable on my Q10 (TMobile). I did a backup on BlackBerry Link beforehand. After installing those 2 executable files (New OS) I did a Full Restore on BlackBerry Link. I have ALL my Contacts & Calendar Appts. & Apps.

I have already installed most of the Android Apps I wanted / needed.

So happy to have the updated OS on this phone.

I will have to change my CB10 Signature!


From my Q10, Waiting for OS 10.2.1 from T-Mobile

I like the new OS Runs smooth and loads much faster than the .1925. Everything works nice. Will see how battery life will be.

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With 10.2 OS, what set up mode to make the text message appears on top of screen when someone texting while surfing the web? My phone is Z10.

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Go to Hub.
In hub. Settings menu. Display and actions. Scroll a bit. Instant preview settings. Turn on.


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I don't want to speak early but, my phone feels way smother with this last build.

I was on. 537 leaked and I updated my Z10 thru sachesi and I'm loving it. Just need to test if battery and signal were improved.

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Had a struggle of wills with mega but in the end got there. Smooth so far. Restore as always spot on. Can only hope everyone's goes as smooth.

Steve/Boanerges Performance

why I cant download it from my laptop ?
every time I click on download it says "temporary error, retrying"

is it because off the internet's slow? or something else ?

I tried to download it from my Q5 too, its downloading some megabites then "Download Field" !

Thanks Bla1ze. I'm tired of the update notifications from Verizon. It thinks I want that. Will move from. 1925. To this. So so soon. Come on work day. Be gone with you!

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Seem to have. Changed pic password in this leak sometimes there's lots of numbers on the grid and other times there's not so many. #SMART

IROC-Z30 But Mostly She Rocks Me!

Also there's an on off toggle for installed apps other then what in BlackBerry World

IROC-Z30 But Mostly She Rocks Me!

Battery life is amazing. 17 hours of heavy use, wifi on all the time and it still shows 11%. Best OS so far. Loving it!


Sweet! I just installed to my Z30 following the autoloader tutorial. First time leak, and it could not be more easy. I can't believe I had such reservations about it. Thanks to those who have made it so easy! Now my Z30 can run the way it was meant to.

Wow loaded this on my Z30 last night and now checking out the new features. Was very surprised to find the FM radio thought only available on Q10. Only my 2nd time loading a leak, now time to load on my Q10 and hopefully works out just as good.

Posted Via CB10 Using my Great Z30, PB or Q10

Kept getting download errors with the link on yesterday. Will try again today. Looking forward to installing it on my new and beautiful addition (Q10) being AT&T will probably never release the update.

I typed this from my elegant and classy Z10 or Q10

After a little trial and error the 10.2.1 now have a new home in my BBZ10!!

Thanks to James Nieves from BerryFlow and to the CB forums for the help!!

Who needs US carriers?!... Not me!!

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #KeepMoving #TeamBlackberry #BBMCrossPlatform #BBM4All #IChooseBlackBerry10

I'm MongezaurioBerry

hi every body.
i am mature in bb . i have bought z10 STL100-2 .
can i update my os to this version? is it ok downloading "Z10 Full Autoloader" ?
what is radio version?

I had to chime back in and announce how I'm loving this official update on my Z10 and Q10. Very solid! It was smooth sailing during the process! Who needs carriers for updates when we have the dopest BlackBerry community right here?! :)

I typed this from my elegant and classy Z10 or Q10

Can anyone plz help me out!!!!! -___- I've been having a problem!! I can't update to the new stoneware.. my computer is slow! So I was just wondering if there is any other website I can download the file.. instead of the one that's provided..?? When I do download from the link provided.. it takes me 5 hours to do so and says broken file! Plz help!! I need the new update.....!!!!

Posted via CB10

okay so i know the autoloaders are out but I was hoping to use Sachesi so it is non- destructive, what would be appropriate codes to get the 2141 on a STL-003 from AT&T?

Installed on my Z10 and everything seems to be running smoother. :)
Though I think the Porsche clock wasn't able to do anymore.

what i don't understand is i have my iphone,ipad with the new update IOS 7.1, yet i'm still waiting for 10.2.1 from blackberry yet i have to wait for AT&T to finish testing im lost. now i know why people dump blackberry and go to android or apple can someone please tell me when is AT&T going to roll out 10.2.1