Author pens first novel using his BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 10 Sep 2013 09:24 am EDT

The BlackBerry PlayBook is still a very useful tool for many users. One such user is an author by the name of C. S. Brandon Moore who just so happened to pen an entire novel using his PlayBook and Bold 9700.

Our good friend Jessica churned out her book using only her BlackBerry a few years back, but C. S. Brandon Moore is the first we've heard to write an entire book using his BlackBerry PlayBook. The book is called Adam Time's Immortal File (A Tale Of Two Immortals) and though I haven't had a chance to check it out just yet as it was released today, it looks to be something I'd definitely be interested in reading. 

From the Amazon description:

Adam Time is an immortal with the ability to control time. He is on a mission to locate other individuals with special talents. Along the way he finds a set of twins with a supernatural bond, a man who can change into a massive man-bear hybrid, an angel, and a dragon. Shortly after discovering these individuals he realizes he has personally set the world off balance and must right it quickly.

Coincidentally I think I might make my new nickname "Adam Time". 

If you're into reading at all and want to support a BlackBerry-using author, be sure to grab a copy of this one. If you do, please swing by the forums and let us know how it is!

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Reader comments

Author pens first novel using his BlackBerry PlayBook


Good for him!

Nice use of technology too. I have the PB with the keyboard case and I must say that for text it's superb.

Best of luck to the author, in his endeavours!

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Nice! This is the kind of stuff that I love to hear about! Often times we get too wrapped up in the latest and greatest hardware instead of putting the tools we have to good use, and focusing more on the job and less on the keeping up with the latest trend. Love it! I'm going to check this book out!

Whoa! Awesome! Congratulations to you both!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

wow the world is small! you must be so proud!
i just ordered the book from amazon! Will get it in two days! cant wait to start reading it. Tell your son, you know at least one person in the Crackberry community who bought the book :)

That's awesome. Thank you. I told him I would tell the Crackberry community about how he used the BlackBerry Playbook to write it. I thought I could get a few people to take notice in the forums. I found it pretty cool to share. Next thing I know, Adam has it on the main page at Crackberry. I was shocked, and thrilled. The Crackbery community is awesome and so very supportive. Thank you everyone!

wow the world is small! you must be so proud!
i just ordered the book from amazon! Will get it in two days! cant wait to start reading it. Tell your son, you know at least one person in the Crackberry community who bought the book :)

Nice story. :). We should get one done on BlackBow. Who's been building an RPG for months using only his bbry phone and PlayBook too

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The Playbook keyboard is nothing like the Z10 keyboard so I know what you mean, but yes he did. He did just upgrade to a Q10 and loves the keyboard, so maybe his second book will be written on the Q10.

Do you mean he wrote his book with the on screen keyboard?! I am very impressed. It's also a genre I enjoy so i will order his book. Thanks for posting!

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Yeah, this is why I usually use a Bluetooth keyboard with my 64 GB WiFi PlayBook if I'm going to be writing anything more than a short paragraph on it.

The PlayBook is indeed still an awesome little hardware unit when used for the right tasks. Might not be good at EVERYthing like some other vendors shoot for, but if you can pen an entire novel on it and get it published then it's definitely proven itself capable and then some.

I won't lie the playbook's keyboard took some adapting. Once I had adapted though it was a breeze for me. It got so easy for me by the time I had a chance to use my laptop it was too foreign. I had to switch back to my playbook. The keyboard on my Q10 though is heavenly in comparison. I hope you all enjoy the book.

Hi Brandon, did you ever consider using the little keyboard BlackBerry made especially for the PlayBook? It made it into something like a tiny laptop.

@marc_lepage developer of Alpha Memory and NeverMaze

Well I wanted one but now that I am so used to the on screen keyboard I don't see a point. With all this excitement on me writing the book using solely blackberry devices I wonder if Monster energy drinks need to know I used them almost every time i wrote. Love those things.

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I wonder what app he used to type it out and edit. I would definitely buy that app. I hate when windows crashes and i loose my work.

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I just used the docs to go on the playbook. At first I did each file a chapter and then towards the end I copy and pasted it all onto one file. I saved often and always as a new file. And yes there is a ridiculous amount of copies on my playbook. I started emailing myself the copies as well as backing them up on two flash drives and my laptop. Loosing the work simply was not an option.

Wow, sounds like you are very well organized. Thanks for the tip on saving as a new file every time, smart.

I wish it was intelligence!!!! I earned that knowledge. Had an external hard drive with everything on it just die. Luckily my dad told me about the warning signs so I was able to act soon enough to recover most of my things.

Congratulations. You could have used Box to backup your files. Hopefully you mentioned the BlackBerry PlayBook in the Dedication page. ;-)

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I have been working On a bit of interactive fiction (classic text adventures) using my Z10. If I think of an idea I jot it down on my Z, using remember, then I use it in my project when I get home.

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Hey Brandon, I have some questions for you. A friend of mine & I have been working on an "anime" story for some years now. It initially started out as us just talking about doing it, & then I sent him an email with a couple of paragraphs for fun. About an hour later, he responded back with a couple paragraphs & it just kept going and took off from there. It started in sidekicks, but we both got curve 8330s & really got it going. It started out as a script but I decided to convert it to a more novel type format. Do you have any words of wisdom for a pair of fellow PlayBook, Bold 9330 published author hopefuls? Everyone who's has read out story says it's a great story line with unexpected complexity, but we have no idea what to do next. Proud to know that you've found success and I'll be purchasing your book by end of day. Continued success to you my fellow Crackberrian,

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First of all I want to say I hope you make it. I had a friend yesterday ask me if there was any advice I could give him. At first I was a little stunned. He is a little bit older than me and I just never thought he come to me with questions or anyone really. But I told him it is imperative to make sure you can prove the work is yours. I saved my file under a different name as often as possible and emailed it to a very short list of people I trusted. they held a copy for me as proof and as a back up in the event Murphy showed up. All the research I did told me it should not be done for money because the odds of getting rich quick are slim. It's kinda like the lottery. But don't let that discourage you in anyway. If it's what you want to do. Do it. I used amazon. They treated me great. The checking their conversion was the most annoying process. I made the mistake of asking several people to "edit" it for me. Do not do it. Lol I finally got tired of waiting and decided to do it on my own. After I got my file back from all those people the original grammatical errors were not my own so I had to proof the entire thing all over again. Commas. They are a pain. The best advice I got was when you read the sentence it should be easy to read. The reader should not have to reread anything. Use the commas where you want them. Never mind if your high school English teacher would have a fit. When you write a book you are telling a story so the way it reads should reflect how you would tell it. Oh and if you need to put extra emphasis on something use italics. They are easier to read than bold or quotations. Umm that's all I have right now. I hope it helps. And thank you for the purchase.

Adam Time = Q from Star Trek?

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Sounds like an interesting read. Will be available in ebook format on Kobo? It'll be fitting if I could read it on my PlayBook ;)

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That is neat. I miss my Bold - Playbook bridge connection. I used to type on my bold regularly, into my wordpress account after logging in using the playbook. I would bang out 2,500 word entries fairly easily. When I got home from work, I would kick back with the playbook and turn on the bridge and check emails, texts, social accounts, etc.

Via Z10 & CB10

But then there would have been the missed opportunity of free promo marketing to some 3 million + subscribers of CrackBerry.
Kudos to the author!

Initially a laptop was the first thought, but the battery life wouldn't have been long enough. That isn't the only thing either. I wrote the book whenever I had spare time. Often it was at work on lunch. Laptops don't conceal as easily as the playbook and can't fit in little lockers many companies offer their workers. Thank you for finding the story interesting enough to comment.

I make most of my money freelance writing. I do all of my work on my two tablets: my PlayBook and my iPad Mini. So no, tablets are not necessarily just toys.

I use my PlayBook every single day, and cannot do without it. Even when I get my Z30, the PlayBook plays a vital role in my everyday communications and work. I did try out a Surface tablet, and almost wipped it across the wall before realizing that I haven't purchased it, just trying it.
PlayBooks unique interface spoiled me now, because it's so much better then the competition. Hope BBRY releases a 10" or a 7" relaunch with BB10, though I am quite happy with PB2.0 OS.


But I don't really get what the big deal is. He wrote a book using a tablet, which is a computer, which has replaced the desktop, which has replaced the typewriter.

I'm not being sarcastic, I just don't get what the big deal is.

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Trynacu2 thank you very much. @ the earlier post about the man bear pig. I don't have much signal at the moment but I am definitely curious.

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To a jb4ever who purchased and read the book. Thank you for the purchase and the review. I did write the book on my 64gb wifi playbook. Way to support a young author as well as bb.

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