Author Geordie Greig wrote all of his Lucian Freud biography on his BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 27 Nov 2013 01:56 pm EST

It's not the first time we've seen an author pen an entire book on a BlackBerry, but it is perhaps the biggest. Author Geordie Greig's biography of Lucian Freud runs at a total of 272 pages, almost all of which he wrote on his BlackBerry Bold. 

While editor of the London Evening Standard​ Greig says that the most convenient time for writing was in bed between 2 and 3am, so his BlackBerry was the natural choice to lay down his words. He would write whenever time allowed, sitting on a park bench or even on a ferris wheel ride. 

Greig says that he chose his BlackBerry because "the predictive text on an iPhone makes it much more difficult to write on.” He would write out large portions of the book -- “you can get about 1800 words in there” -- and email it to himself for later editing. 

A very cool story indeed, in honor of which I wrote this post out on my Bold 9930. I'm not sure I could write an entire book this way, but then again it did take Greig two years to complete his work. I knocked this out in about 20 minutes :-)

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Author Geordie Greig wrote all of his Lucian Freud biography on his BlackBerry


Or a Z10... when he sees how BB's soft keyboard works he will flick his books only on that...

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Sorry an all-touch smartphone, even the BlackBerry Z10, isn't suitable for writing long documents. I am looking forward to buying a BlackBerry Q5.

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Oh I wish BlackBerry could design a smartphone with the form-factor of my BlackBerry Bold 9700 running BlackBerry OS 10.

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As a writer and editor, that one stood out to me immediately! I've actually written parts of my manuscript on my Q10. Very convenient, but still trying to figure out how best to make it work using Dropbox.

Indeed BlackBerry gives a very nice typing experience even on virtual keyboard, still amazing

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I wrote a couple of football articles on my Z10 a few months ago xD so I know where he comes from :p

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Do you guy's need another editor? Seriously, every article there's an error. It really gets on my nerves. Especially in an article about writing.

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I noticed that too.

If there was more actual news in the BlackBerry realm, I guess there would be more for the "regular" writers to post. I mean, we're talking about a somewhat known author who wrote a biography about another somewhat known guy while do so on legacy BlackBerry phone.


That pretty much sums up the state of BlackBerry. There's really not much to write about compared to the other tech blogs...

It has worsened since the start of this year. I assume they have full time employment elsewhere but FTLOG, are these articles proof read by a second set of eyes prior to release?

Agreed. I'm sure that everyone at Crackberry will say that "they're not professional writers" but it's not that hard to find somebody to look over your work. Heck, it's not like this is time sensitive material, it can wait a little longer to give you time to give the (at least) once over.

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I have written a 12 page essay on the 9000 and a 40 page report engineering document on the 9900. I have been productive on the q10 as well, the keyboards make it possible to type fast and accurate on the go.

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That's Awesome! I loved the keyboard on my Bold 9900. I have since then moved on to a Z10 and now a Z30. I still miss the physical keyboard of the 9900, but really love the screen real estate.

Got to agree with the guy. Touch-only screens with predictive text - including the Z10 - are an absolute nightmare to type on for any length of time. QWERTY is king.

Are you listening aspiring authors ?

Can you see the potential in BB10? Many cant see.

Just keep working BlackBerry...

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!!

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I'm a technical writer and a big stickler for accuracy and typing efficiency. My Z10 is the perfect too for me to ensure my own proper English grammar and spelling when I use it to compose emails, texts, IM's and other documents.

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I remember my 9900 keyboard when you put your hands on the keyboard, you're done writing in an eye leash.

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I do most of my sermon and writings Z10. The predictive features make typing easy. On the go, in restaurant, waiting for appointment, anywhere anytime, work continues. I have been more productive than ever before.

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Mick Foley did one or more of his books on an old school phone, on a non-qwerty keypad.

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I typed out quite a few wordpress blogs on my blackberry bold 9900, I will never go away from blackberry either. The ease of a keyboard is better than a touch screen at all. I don't even like touch screens and it was bad enough getting used to this bad boy when I got it. Lol.

This guy really needs a Q10. You get an even better keyboard as well as great text prediction and a bigger screen.

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Gotta love the legacy track pad...I've written hundreds of word document reports on my Bold 9930, unfortunately the Q10 isn't as easy in this function although the key board is seamlessly better.

Keep The Faith

I really want a Z30 for the screen real estate, but I can relate to the parts in this article where the author does a little bit here, and a little bit there. I love my Q10 for writing. The editor is great, words to go is nice, dropbox is a quick and easy way for to move my docs around. Great, great article. Z30 will have to wait until I can pry this little machine outta my hands.

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Ive done about 8 pages on my z and about 20 on my playbook i think.

This gives me hope that i can finish.

Posted from a phone....

While I have not written a book or even an essay on my Z10, I use it to construct some fairly large posts on various social medium. Love to hear this!

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I blog for my company and I will write most of my articles through Evernote on my Q10 which saves in the the cloud and I can bring it up on my laptop when I want to edit my articles. I really enjoy it. :)

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I've written report drafts and shorter deliverables for school on the z10. Like that author, I do some of my best thinking in bed or on the bus, and my Blackberry is perfect for getting ideas down. Considered switching to a Q10 as I've tried the keyboard, but I love my z10.

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I wrote my best man speech on the Z10 whilst flying from Canada to Australia. I find the Z10 in landscape mode to be just as quick as a regular keyboard. Great device!

I fully expect to see more authors doing the same once they experience the BlackBerry 10.2 keyboard.

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Word processing on-the-go was topmost in my initial decision of purchasing a 2006. It's also why I won't give up my physical keyboard device.

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Ever since I started using BlackBerry with the physical keyboard I find typing a wall of text to go by very fast and with few mistakes.

And to wrap it up I have to add that this author deserve a Q10 which I bet he will love. Even if the 9900 is fantastic, I think the Q10 is better.

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I'm a free lancer buy and sell, get hit with tons of messages and emails, and I have to say that with this keyboard the sky is the limit.

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