Australian Transport Safety Bureau migrates to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 for top security and productivity

By James Richardson on 31 Oct 2013 03:00 pm EDT

More great news today for BlackBerry on the Enterprise front as the Australian Transport Safety Bureau announces their move over to BES 10. Kicking off in November the organization is to equip staff with BlackBerry Z30's to allow them to be most efficient whilst out in the field - sensible people!

Security is clearly a big factor for the move, along with cost effectiveness - however the relationship between the ATSB and BlackBerry has been well established for five years. The bureau is obviously looking into the long term future and sees BlackBerry as the way forward. We have recently seen a number of large agencies/organizations make the commitment to BlackBerry 10 and this is just another to add to the list. 

Sure, it's been a rocky road at BlackBerry recently, but if large companies are prepared to place their trust in BlackBerry then this once again hopefully goes some way to restoring the faith of the average consumer. 

Press Release

Sydney – Australia – BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) today announced that Australia’s national transport safety investigator, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), has migrated to BlackBerry’s leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10. Responsible for improving safety in aviation, marine and rail transport, the ATSB is equipping employees with BlackBerry® 10 smartphones to securely capture, share, report and manage mission critical data at transport incidents from any location, including very remote areas on land or at sea.

Management, field investigators and IT support staff at the ATSB will use BlackBerry® Z10 smartphones, with plans to deploy BlackBerry® Z30 smartphones to teams in November. 

As an independent government agency, the ATSB conducts investigations of transport incidents and accidents. Investigation teams use email and BBM™ to communicate and collaborate, and record safety data by filling in forms and taking photos that are sent to the ATSB’s database. IT and support teams conduct critical analysis and research to help identify causes of occurrences – used by the ATSB to improve safety and ultimately save lives.

“Being able to securely share real-time data from accident sites is crucial to our investigative role,” said Martin Dolan, Chief Commissioner at the Australian Transport and Safety Bureau. “With BlackBerry 10, our investigation teams are able to navigate to locations, take and share high-quality photos, and collaborate on data from any site they’re sent to, all within a network that conforms to the high security standards that we need.

“We chose BlackBerry 10 for its trusted security, ease of migration and cost-effectiveness, which has overall helped the ATSB realise significant savings. BlackBerry’s devices and management platform are helping to make investigative processes timelier and more comprehensive, while finding cost efficiencies through seamless migration and deployment.”

The migration to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is the latest development in a relationship between BlackBerry and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau that spans five years. The combination of BlackBerry 10 smartphones and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 provides high security standards against data leakage and unauthorized device access to corporate assets. Security of corporate applications and data stored on personal devices (for BYOD deployments) is also embedded seamlessly within the user interface through BlackBerry® Balance™ technology. BlackBerry Balance separates corporate data from personal content, while preserving the end user’s privacy and consumer experience.

“We see this latest iteration of Blackberry’s mobility platform as an enabler of our own technology future, including plans to stream live video from investigations and if we choose to, support a broader range of device types within the organization,” Martin added. “We need to be as agile as possible if we’re to improve the safety of Australian transport. We look forward to working with Blackberry on solutions that will continue to enable our work and deliver a platform for future innovation.”

BlackBerry’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, Matthew Ball said, “BlackBerry 10 is designed to support the needs of government customers, and we’re proud that the Australian Transport Safety Bureau has selected BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, which helps their employees be adaptable and reliable in the field, and offers strong back-end security and management. 

“To date, over 65% of our enterprise customer base in Australia and New Zealand have either deployed or are currently trialing BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. In addition, we’re looking forward to helping more business and government customers, large and small, take advantage of BlackBerry’s secure network and services with the launch of BlackBerry’s new cloud-based enterprise mobility management solution coming later this year.”

For more information about BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, please visit Now available from carriers and authorised resellers in Australia, the BlackBerry Z30 smartphone is the biggest, fastest and most advanced BlackBerry smartphone, with a 5” display and the largest battery ever on a BlackBerry smartphone. For information about theBlackBerry Z30 smartphone in Australia, please visit  


Seth Flynn

Well firstly this is great

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I see what you did there

From Zuri my Z10.



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This method of saying "First"; I approve.

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nick canada

Boy if this great news keeps up Fairfax is getting one hell of a deal

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Yup we all know BlackBerry is undervalued. They have the best MDM software out there to manage iOS and Android devices as well as the best secure phones.

If or when BlackBerry does go private it ll bring confidence in customers wanting to upgrade to BES 10 and BB 10 phones.


Like I said, BB is too important in the market place to go away.

"My toast is better than yours!"

Poirots Progeny

Excellent -. Keep it up BlackBerry!!!

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Wow, that is more great news in October for BlackBerry. And i'm jealous some of them are getting a Z30. That is awesome.

Loving 10.2


I know, right?! I kind of wish I worked for Z30? Dayyum!

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!


I got a free Z30...for work.

...we are all connected...


and I still carry my Z10 in my pocket everywhere I go lol

...we are all connected...


I will say it a zillion times in the end quality and security are paramount for any company, and Blackberry will always be the leader, I do not have the z30 but the z10 and I love this phone, I believe Blackberry will be back,


Way to go BlackBerry... Keep moving!!!

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Always great news .
Blackberry forever .


Keep Moving!

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I like such news!! Keep em coming.

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Peter Lee4

Excellent James - keep up the great reporting of great news!


BlackBerry...Get it done!!!!!

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An MDM contract announcement a day keeps the.......I don't know how to end this. Great news! Keep em comin'!

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!


The trolls at bay.

Way to go blackberry. Z10 and Z30 in the field are awesome. Good to see enterprise going touch screen as well.

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So the ATSB employees will get free Z30? where do I send my resume?


I glanced quickly and saw "Australian Teleport Safety Bureau" and got all excited and then saw the right headline and got all not excited any more.


any word on how many devices we're talking about?


I love reading this stuff. Great news. If the government has faith in blackberry, so can individuals.

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A couple of these announcements a week, especially from different parts of the world, would be great. I wonder though how much we will see these press releases if BlackBerry is taken private.

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Only as a marketing tool. They would have no obligation to report these contracts. That's what they are doing now, I think, using these as marketing.

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Good news! Keep moving BlackBerry!

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Tom Ducharme

Why don't we ever see these come out of Canada?

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It's because in Canada, all the Government sections only use BlackBerry. RCMP, Canadian Border, Federal etc.... all use BlackBerry. My uncle works for the RCMP and he figured they have 9000 BlackBerrys alone. BlackBerry will always be used for security and Government.

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A lot of municipality employees use BlackBerry smartphones too. My uncle is in middle management of a central Ontario city and he has a work issues BlackBerry. Unfortunately, it seems they haven't upgraded to BB10 yet, though he was impressed when he saw mine.

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Great news. More good news to come .

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Great news, there are a number of government agencies here in Canada that I know have deployed BES10, and the Z and Q line of phones however they haven't announced these publicly I know for a fact a couple of those are large, but the agencies may not want those deals disclosed.

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There seems to be a number of wins these days. Congratulations BlackBerry, great job.

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What the hell happened to that plane? Scud? RPG?

Landing that puppy must have been as bumpy a ride as owning BlackBerry stock.... believe me... its scarier that Halloween...


It's seem the good news keeps on coming.

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Z30's nice.

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One at a time..

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Good stuff

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Will the board let this company grow or are they just looking to make a quick buck.

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Right now the Board of Directors wants to sell BlackBerry, the company, for a pittance of its real valuation. The senior executives cannot wait for their payday on the way out the door.

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come on market .... push the stock well into double digits!!!!! :)


Very good!

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I agree there should be more announcements from the Cdn govt if they change over. As usual Canadians are slow off the.mark. No one seems to realize we are under economic seige by the US. Apple and Google have been accepted by the Cdn public and they don't realize the price we are paying. I deal with people all the time in Canada that are freaked at giving any info out to corporations and the government yet blithely and willingly give Google, apple and other foreign corporations access to way more info daily. Canadians are a stupid people and will no doubt bemoan the fact that we have no home frown tech of our own.

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Canadians are a stupid people.... really???? me, my health care, gun control and my BlackBerry don't want people like you. The fact is, most, if not all, Canadian Government uses BlackBerry exclusively and has for a decade at least. They are not going to name a change over when there isn't one.

Calling us a stupid people is beyond ignorant.

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Oh gosh... if Canadians are stupid what are then Americans?

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Anthony Roberts 1985

Thank you!!!! :) Canada is the safest cleanest and coolest place to live :).


Great news

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Props to all 'down under'!



Aussie Aussie Aussie!!


Do you mean home *grown?*. And I agree with you. It's important for Canadians to keep supporting BlackBerry. I'm glad I made the move.

Loving 10.2


When I look on StatCounter, the BlackBerry numbers for Canada are below 5%, where USA shows close to 6%. UK numbers show BlackBerry approaching Android numbers. Is there a gross inaccuracy in these numbers or are Canadians abandoning BlackBerry?

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How many devices?

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Aussies are smart people.

From zedten


Good for BlackBerry. Very happy.


Maybe their air crash investigators can finally put the time shift function to good use!


ROFLMAO Oh I'm going to Hades for sure.

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More great news. Crazy, but - with the success of BBM, the workforce reduction (though regrettable), the opportunity to seed cheap or free Z10's throughout the corporate it still definitely necessary for BlackBerry to be sold? I'd like to hear Kevin or Chris' take on this. They seem to be on stronger footing than they were a couple of months ago.

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BlackBerry 10 for LIFE!!! Or Phonebloks. Either way.

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interesting to see that they're even specified the exact models to be used..... wonder if Q10 is not going to get as much corporate love...

from an australian Z10...


Way to go, I have a Z30 and I love it and so will they

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This is awesome news, and wow the Z30's NICE........ More companies should be stepping up and buying the best mobile platform in existence. BB10 and BES10.


Great choice with Z30!


Someone mentioned Aussies are smart. Agree and well done BlackBerry.

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Lucas D

Aussie Aussie Aussie

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Damn, not holding back either. Going with the 30's!


Theo Groenevelt

Excellent news - great job BBry. Keep it coming! You have rabid support here for good reason. BB10 on BB10 devices is without a doubt the best combination of hard/software on the planet. Why would anyone wish for anything less..?

BBry till my body cools and my soul leaves for the cloud!

Written with the superlative Q10..Z30 a coming!

Patrick Pierobon

Awesome! Love hearing this stuff! People have to remember that these companies do not just pick a service in a short time frame. They look at all the variables, all the pros and cons! They look at the productivity and all the services offered by blackberry and their devices. These are TOOLS, not TOYS! Although you can use them as toys! LOL


Has always Loved the Australian

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Has always loved the Australian..

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Whilst I understand Blackberry's need to promote any good news signings, let's put this in perspective *a little*. ATSB total staff compliment is 110. There are roughly 60 field staff - not all are full time employees.


And you know this as facts. Please provide links. I would think there would be more employees than that.

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Dhruv Brahm

I think the link didn't carry thru, but according to Wikipedia, ATSB has 132 employees...

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Thank you. And yes, 110 full time staff out of the 132 total. 22 are temps.


Look it up. 132 total staff with only 60 field officers. The admin staff don't get assigned phones. :)


I wonder if BlackBerry would be able to make a comeback on their own. Were they panicking when they put themselves up for sale?


Thorsten just needed a way to trigger his exit bonus.

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now that makes sense why Australia is one of the TOP 10 markets for BB. Keep Moving BBRY, #IchooseBlackBerry10!!!


Does .6% market share qualify in the top 10 worldwide? If so, they're in worse shape than I thought!! Lol


We all know business conversion takes time. As month goes by we will be seeing more and more government agencies migrating or adapting BES.
I would like to see some hard numbers published by BBRY or institutions on the numbers or percentage of IOS/Android managed by BES. And these news will provide some guidelines or success stories for others to follow.

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User 2B803CE7

Testing 123

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If the BlackBerry Z30 supported a stylus for handwriting recognition this smartphone-tablet would make sense.

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Great news

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Franz Israel

Oh yeah, and Watsa gets all this for free. Blackberry has more than $9 in cash and real estate and other real property. So Watsa is getting paid to take all these great assets. Never heard this before... ever. Something is rotten, very rotten somewhere. I am extremely surprised that Crackberry has not written a single article on how corruot a deal is between Fairfax and Blackberry. While Blackberry touts all its great technology, it is giving all that away for free... why no really scathing article from Crackberry? Did Crackberry get paid to keep mum?


Stock holder?

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Drew Oswalt

Glad the Aussies are getting Z30s and are supporting BlackBerry on the enterprise side. Just hope T-Mobile will allow me to support BlackBerry with my own Z30....

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While at first glance this sounds encouraging lets not get carried away people. According to Wikipedia they employ just 132 staff. So let's keep things in context. And Mr James Richardson, can we have more accurate reporting next time please which actual sales figures? Otherwise it's biased propaganda. Let's keep it real please?


This is great news, BlackBerry needs contracts like these to give them a greater market value.

Shame other posts in here are ending in the gutter with sagging each other off.

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I don't get it. How is BlackBerry getting these companies to sign up with them and get there phones if they might not be around soon?? Seriously how do you pitch that?
They have to know something we don't. Why can't we know this stuff???

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Great news!

Where is my «Seven flying D's» Logo???


Hell yeah BlackBerry! I tell people all the time, that BlackBerry ain't goin nowhere! I'm so happy with my Q10 but man...would love to have a free Z30 to rock! Hopefully the exclusive Verizon thing will pass and T-Mobile will get it too. Great news for BlackBerry though! Keep moving!

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Off topic, Nice pic of the Qantas A380 that suffered an uncontained engine failure.

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