Augmented Reality app ARKick for BlackBerry 10 updated to V2.0!

By Bla1ze on 12 Aug 2014 04:40 pm EDT

It has been a while since we heard anything about ARKick but the long awaited update has now arrived and is available in BlackBerry World after teasing its release for a day and it's jammed packed with changes. The company behind it all, ReFocus Tech decided to focus on improving the experience to the maximum extent rather than giving multiple minor updates plus, with this release they've also introduced a brand new feature dubbed Virtual Location.

The full list of changes include:

  • Improved Sidekick Engine (Better suggestions via more contextual filters)
  • Revamped user interface
  • Home screen shortcuts for frequently used categories and sidekick engine
  • Virtual locations – Experience any place in AR view, without having to go there!
  • Estimation of time to destination
  • More compact info page, showing only necessary information
  • Map now enhanced with a traffic layer
  • Multiple category selection
  • New app icon, in preparation for Blackberry 10.3
  • Optimized for Z10, Z30, Q10, Q5
  • Drastically reduced loading/wait time
  • Reduced file size from 12mb to 6mb

The update is live right now so if you've been using ARKick previously, be sure to grab the latest version and give it a go. If you're new to ARKick, you purchase the app for $2.99. No doubt, it's a little high on the pricing side so if you're hesitant to jump in, that's understandable. In that case, check out the trailer, look at the screenshots from BlackBerry World and give us a bit to go ahead and get a hands-on up for it.

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Augmented Reality app ARKick for BlackBerry 10 updated to V2.0!


In App Purchase for full features in addition to $2.99. I feel ripped off.

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Review left on BlackBerry World deleted. That explains the 5 star rating >:-[

Carbon Fiber Z10 w/Leather Holster

App is useless to me.

Even after reducing the search radius to the lowest setting, I can't even search for a coffee store since no matter which way I look I see at least 6 shops all overlapped on top of each other making the majority of them impossible to select or even read their names.

This app might make sense of you live in a rural area, but it is useless in a heavily populated urban center.

Posted via CB10

Have now deleted this for the second time. I was really hoping this update would have made this an app that actually has some practical use.

Maybe the next update will finally fix the "infinite overlap" flaw and actually (finally) make it even a little useful.

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Very cool. Love this app. Only thing I can't figure out is how to do virtual locations. I'm sure I'll figure it out in the end.

I got it a bit over 2 hours ago (US) Try visiting the BBW page. Also It installs a new application instead of replacing the old one.

I live in Greenwich, definitely not $3.59 for a regular cup of coffee. If you want the fancy crap it might cost that much though.

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I have to agree with the detective on this one. He did say a cup of coffee, not a Latte or Frappacino, etc. Regular coffee is usually under 3 bucks even with tax added. That being said, I agree with the original poster, $2.99 ($3.99 w/ Virtual Location) is just not expensive for a really good app.

Video Shrinker for BB10 just got an update, too...

When are you gonna feature that? It's awesome to shrink Story Maker vids to the BBM limit...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Video shrinker is interesting, but I don't much care for the interface. May seem like fluff, but I wish it was more polished.

Posted via CB10

Sweet! I liked this app but wished some things were changed on the interface. Can't wait to check it out.

Posted via CB10

I've had this app for a long time. Though I haven't used it in a while I'm looking forward to playing around with this new update.

Thanks to the developer

Posted via CB10 (Via limited WiFi connection)

Thanks for the updates. Let's make this better than Amazon dragonfly.

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Why should we have to pay again for the virtual locations????? I know it's not a lot of money but still, if you buy an app you should expect everything within it to be included??????

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Er, no?

When you buy Office for family, you can't expect to get for free all the features in Office Pro.

The Virtual Places were never announced when version 1.0 was released.
It is a new feature, that is embedded in the existing app, but I don't feel ripped off.

Or would you prefer the Dev to create another app named ARVirtualPlaces that costs 0.99 so you'd be happy?

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Yep. I now have 2 different icons and 2 totally different apps! Guess we have to uninstall the old one. No biggie, but strange as I thought it uninstalls the old one.

Rocking a Z30 on Verizon

The company changed name (from Refocus Labs to Refocus Tech), so there is some change at BlackBerry World side. The new app cannot technically be considered the same app as the other, hence two icons.

Fortunately though, BlackBerry World is able to transfer the ownership so that I did not have to pay once more for that new version.

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Got it, but seems a bit buggy. I set it to museums, and it shows 3 places for the same museum. (I still think it's cool, but it's also a huge battery drain. )

Posted via CB10

Pass - much like 90% of the apps that cb always seem to promote.

Refocus was also the group that promised big things for Tilt - what happened? Nothing loll.

Posted via CB10 Right on Cue

This is actually a great app, ever use it while your out of town? Handy. Even in town, still handy.

Such a cool app. It bugs me though that one of the most popular eateries in town, a five minute walk from my house neither appeared on the original version nor appears on this version.

Most likely posted via CB10 from my amazing Z30, but may have been posted from my awesome PlayBook.

We parse our 'places' data from Foursquare. So, the next time you happen to go there, do check in on Foursquare for it to come up the next time you browse in ARKick!

Happened to use this in Beijing while there and was surprised it worked well. Will try the upgrade. .99 is not that big of a deal for and "ADDED" feature that was not in the original layout and is not a bug fix.

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Now I have two ARKICK apps on my phone? Well at least two icons. Odd...

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Anyone else have compass calibration issues with this app?

It picks up my location and loads points of interest just fine, but the bearing is like 90 degrees out so I have to turn the phone sideways to see the tags that are actually in front of me, and then obviously what the camera sees isn't synced up.. Waving the phone around to try to recalibrate the compass doesn't seem to work- it may line up temporarily, but it always ends up drifting after a few seconds..

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Yes, I had the "several degrees off" issue in the old application, and the problem has carried over to the new one. Standing directly in front of a 'tagged' location, the 'tag' is to the left a enough to be considered incorrect.

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The reason I never use this app is the text size. It's my biggest problem with a lot of apps I have....I need a magnifying glass to read them.

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