Audio Note Taker is the most insanely overpriced app for BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 23 Jul 2013 11:06 am EDT

I rolled across this one in the forums earlier and wasn't sure what to think. We've seen plenty of overpriced apps floating though BlackBerry World over the years, but this one has to be a mistake. Honestly - there's no way a developer could knowingly price a voice recorder app at $599, right?

Audio Note Taker looks to be a simple note taking app for both voice and text, touting the ability to take voice notes and record audio at the same time. It does look like a pretty cool app with some good functions like sharing and Remember integration, but I'm not ready to shell out $600 to find out. It is built for BB10 however so I'd assume that it works pretty well.

I'm going with the theory that it's a mishap and should be around $0.99 like all the developers other apps. We'll check back and see if the price drops in the next few days to be sure. 

I don't think even Kevin will jump on this one after his last mistake. After all, for that kind of money I'd expect Lisa to show up in my bedroom and read back everything I recorded. 

Check out Audio Note Taker in BlackBerry World

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Audio Note Taker is the most insanely overpriced app for BlackBerry 10


Kevin again ha

I feel like they meant to be at $5.99 and misplaced or forgot the decimal point

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For those who didn't go to the forum thread, the dev responded saying the intended price is $0.99, but he set it to $599 intentionally to keep people from buying it until a new version with a bug fix is approved (there is no way to pull the app from sale while waiting for the new build).

lol I didn't see the link at first, i just read the first few lines and then responded because I knew that this is exactly like the clock he bought

Lol. I remember the clock app purchase. Good news though! It's only $19.99 now!

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Anyone remember when the iPhone first came out and there was an app that was just a pic of a red ruby and it cost $1000, just to show you had money to burn.

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My guess is that they were counting on Kevin or someone like him to buy it on a dare. Make more in one sale than they probably would by selling it at $0.99 a piece.

I'm wondering if this was a typo on the price, instead to be $5.99 and yet the developer is actually banking on this? lol wouldn't that be hilarious. I could see a few mindless executives gunning for this and couldn't be bothered for bargain shopping.

The suggestion of a typo at the end of the article is reasonable - bit bot with 0.99.
5.99 would make perfect sense - missing the decimals, hitting 9 too often.

I guess time will tell ;).

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You can do it very easy as the Review button is so close to the Buy button. I've done it a few times myself.

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There is another app listed for $599 on BlackBerry World. Search for vpn and you will see it.

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I wouldn't pay $5.99 for it either!!! In either case it's a mistake to make this app if u need to charge $5.99 for it.

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While you can sue for anything in the US, I am not exactly sure what basis you would have here to stand a chance of winning.

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Thank goodness I'm in Canada. Simply sue for overpriced software that doesn't provide an ounce of value in comparison to others or native. :). Ill find the reason.

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I bought it turned me Z10 into a slider. Wow this is so cool. I wanna buy it again just to see what happens.

10.2 what's your 10-20?

Someone needs to develop an app to lower the price of over-priced BlackBerry apps.

... Back to my Winnie-the-Pooh marathon....

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An interesting note, the "LIMITED EDITION CESAR HQ desktop clock CESAR" is now $19.99. Not the best ROI in the world, but hopefully Kevin got his money's worth out of it lol.

Knowing that Kevin will eventually buy this app just for shits and giggles, I can see why the dev priced it at $599. 8-)

Adam, are you a Cracked reader? Because this image popped up on one of their Photoplasty articles yesterday.