Audience Members of the The View Got Free Pearl Flips!

Free BlackBerry Pearl Flip Phones Given to Audience Members!
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Oct 2008 12:13 pm EDT

WOW. It's not even available for sale in the USA yet, but as of right now there are a bunch of lucky BlackBerry Pearl Flip owners. I just received an email from a CrackBerry reader who tuned into ABC's The View this morning, and was shocked to see the new BlackBerry Pearl Flip Phone be given away as a free gift (with one month's free service) to audience members. Talk about LUCKY.

I quickly flipped on the tv and caught the last few minutes of the show, and sure enough, they mentioned the giveaway again at the end (but never showed a good pic of the Pearl 8220). I did snap the photo above of the audience though... you can't tell from the back of their heads, but I'm sure they're all grinning ear to ear!

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im STILL tryna scour the internet for it but i'm havin no luck . Glad to give you the heads up though .


As much as I adore BB devices...they can give me a Flip, Niagra, Bold, Javelin, Storm with 2 years of free service for each device....and it still would not be an even trade for watching the View.


LOL that gave me the laugh of the day


i love blackberry, but i can't sit for an hour with those horrible woman yacking... i'd rather die


i love my bberry too, but there is no way i would listen to those women fight with each other about a bunch of crap for a free phone! i can't believe that show is still on!


LOL!! How many of these will show up on ebay!