Audible Now Compatible with BlackBerry Smartphones

Audible for BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 May 2009 03:54 pm EDT

An email just came in on the good 'ole CrackBerry tip line (thanks Ben!) letting us know that Audible is now optimized for use with BlackBerry smartphones. Here's the email they sent out to subscribers today:

Listeners, we've listened to you and we have an announcement:

Audible is now fully compatible in every way with your BlackBerry smartphone.

Our new wireless application, Audible for BlackBerry, provides the complete Audible experience, right on your BlackBerry:

  • Browse, sample, and listen to the entire Audible catalog
  • Use cash or credits to purchase titles directly from your BlackBerry 
  • Listen however you like: stream or download over the air, or transfer to your handset with AudibleManager 
  • Preview audio from the "Free" channel, featuring premium titles hand-picked by our editors

Download it now and receive a free download of Hot, Flat, and Crowded by best-selling author and syndicated columnist Thomas Friedman.

To download the Audible app for BlackBerry, just point your BlackBerry's web browser to If you give it a go, be sure to report back in the comments with your findings! You can also find some CrackBerry forum discussion on it here.

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Audible Now Compatible with BlackBerry Smartphones


so i thought this was that mp3 store for a second, this is for books on tape basically only right? at least thats what i could find on the website.

It's always been compatible, but the controls are sleeker and more specific to the BB now... unfortunately, with that comes spending a LOT more time waiting for it to load/open file/whatever...
Still a great program for listening on the go!

Finally I can stop carrying my MP3 player! I use these audible books when I am exercising and when I travel. Funny though, I am a subcriber and asked them about BlackBerry Storm compatibility a few months ago, but I did not get any email from them about this. Thank goodness for CB!

EDIT: Ok, so I downloaded the app. Went fast and perfectly smoothly. It's up and running. I was able to access my subscription account and see my library. I bought a new book and I'm downloading it now. So far, flawless. We'll see how the player part goes in a little while.

Edit: Book Download was fairly quick for 115500kb. Went to player, loaded immediately and started playing within seconds! Sound is great. Don't know how the memory and battery drain will go, I'll let you know. Don't know why some are having problems, perhaps they got the wrong device download. I'm running .141/5 hybrid on Storm. So, far it's a PASS on all tests for me!

"fully compatible in every way with your BlackBerry smartphone" ... except landscape mode with a Storm?

Same here! I have the old Audible app installed (which works just fine on Bold but don't release memory after we close it, and won't allow switching apps), I am an Audible member and NEVER got an email from them on this new app. Good to see it here though!

Not such a great app. If you want to listen to Audible on your BB, dig around for AudibleAir. AudibleAir can be slow at times, but the new Audible app is PAINFULLY slow, even with the audiobooks stored locally on my BB.

I hope Audible puts in some development effort into making this software run at a usable speed, rather than just adding features that slow it down.

I had the original Audible player on my phone and it never worked right. This one works very well and will actually allow me to listen to some of the books a bought a while ago. I may even sign up again.

hmm the menu pop up doesnt seem to work on 8350i . unless you hit menu then hit green phone button then go back to audible,

I have been waiting for this. I have used audible in the past but I have been carrying two devices and now I can go back to one.

I've been using audible on my BB for almost a year now. So the news is quiet old. They probably released just a new design.

I tried this out today and deleted it. Have been a long-time Audible user. On a storm, 141 OS, and was using the old Audible player with all its warts. However, this version is really alpha. 1) does not support landscape on storm, 2) does not have bookmarks, 3) just starts up every time my phone rings, every time I get a text message, 4) slower, 5) does not show the Section like the old one, 6) barely visible time marks on a wasted screen. Otherwise it is fine. Audible acknowledged most of this.

I'd wait.

I already have Audiable for my Zune and going to give this a try. It is loading a book now and will see how it goes from there.

As mentioned earlier I've been using audible for a long time now on my BB. Now I tested this app and must say: it's CRAP !
No shortcuts for forward, skip,pause, etc. All has to be done with trackball. Loading times are too long, even maneuvering within the app takes forever. Worst of all, no ability to create bookmarks. The design and the ability to stream/download from your audible account are nice features though.
I suggest to stay away from this app. Compared to the audible player from Audible (this one, here introduced, is not from Audible!) my choice is clear.
For all of you who still wanna use audible audiobooks on the BB, there is a simple solution. Install Audible Manager on your Computer. Click on "device", than "new device", choose "Blackberry" and simply follow the prompts. Then you get a functional, easy to use player for your Audible audio books.

I downloaded the app this afternoon and have been trying to listen to either an excerpt or the free download and all I get is "Streaming Error!" Did I miss something?

Still seems that the Curve 8900 is not supported. I am a BB Newbie and was very surprised when I came to try and put Audible software onto my new Curve. I am a long time user of Audio and contacted them. They stated that the Curve would be supported later on this year. For a big international company, they seem very slow in getting the software to support new devices. I will wait in hope.

I'm so so so happy. It shows that more companies are recognizing the BlackBerry is a great way to grow your userbase. I listen to podcasts of course, but having a way to listen to my audible in a quick easy way, yay

This app is half baked at best. Stops downloading halfwat thru a download, constantly freezes with no way to shut down other than a battery pull. Does not use standard blackberry buttons ie. hitting the back key does nothing. Storm version only works in portrait and the only book that would work so fat is the free one it came with. There is potential if they fix it quick. Most people ain't gonna give it second chances though. They have until my two week trial subscription is over to launch and application that works or I'm cancelling.. Sure ain't gonna give them $22 a month to download books that only work on my computer or devices I don't have.

I come from the IPhone hysteria and am glad that I switched over to the Blackberry Storm. My IM client of choice is the pre-installed Blackberry IM Client. I have begun to socialize more with individuals whom have Blackberries and I enjoy the ease of use and dependability. AOL too mcommercialized, Microsoft too Gatesish. Yahho though is another one I use. I like the streamline features and my in-laws all use Yahoo as well.

Google Talk is well worth a look at!!

I've been a member for a few years now and am excited to see an app for this. I just hope my Curve can handle the volume.

I installed the Bold version (figured it was closest in terms of OS) on my 8900 and it works fine. I will repeat what I said above though: It is REALLY SLOW!!! I definitely like the AudibleAir app better, even though I can't control it with the trackball, it's worth it not to have to wait as long for everything. I was a beta tester for this app and complained about the wait times even then, but apparently to no effect. :-)
I love Audible though and enjoy having it with me for the gym, etc...

I was part of the beta testing for this, and I loved it....still checking out the 'full' version, but so far so good.

You can't simply use this to play your audiobooks because you have to have a connection to sign into audiobooks first.

I downloaded several audio books from audible manager on my pc to my bold. Then I turned off the phone radio and wifi connection - audible would not load on the Bold with those turned off.

I think that is why it is so damn slow and unstable.

They need to make a simple player for audible books on the Bold. Does anyone know if a 3rd party player exist?

Thanks for the heads up!

I just contacted Audible because my old Blackberry client was not working properly. While waiting for customer service to get back to me, I came across this post. The client works great! Just finished listening to my New York Times subscription.

Thanks for the heads up!

I just contacted Audible because my old Blackberry client was not working properly. While waiting for customer service to get back to me, I came across this post. The client works great! Just finished listening to my New York Times subscription.

Slow, laggy and does NOT live up to the hype ... "fully compatible" and will not work in landscape mode with Storm, and forces use of a portrait mode keyboard??

Gimme a break!

Tried this install on my Irish O2 Bold and ran into a couple of snags. Setting up a new account from the BB only allowed US & Canadian residents. Also downloading the 'FREE' book didn't work the first time around and now the download option is gone :(

Can't comment on operational speed, and as I haven't used Audible before on other devices (iPhone & WM) even though I've known about it I guess it's not a Must Have.


Seems to be working great. All my Audiobooks and Ron & Fez straight to my phone! Score! I was really hesitant about the BB at first being a confirmed iPhone fanboy. But the list of things that i can do on this device that i cant do on my iphone seems to be increasing everyday!

Sorry to say, it does not work fully on the Storm. You can listen if you start at the beginning and go all the way to the end of a slection, but if you try to start and stop, it is not likely to work. It does not always bookmark your spot, and forward/rewind probably will not work.

I beta tested this ap and unfortunately the "finished" product does not work as well as the beta. Spent an hour (or more) on the phone with Audible tech support two days ago, and they have no solutions.

As others have said, the sound quality is excellent and there is plenty of volume. has a great selection of books, as well.

storm 9500
downloaded ok i did the painfull sign up then no player. seems you can buy books from them but not the player.
deleted it... hard work firm i think