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Attention Sprint Customers: Sprint Promo BeBuzz available in BlackBerry App World for FREE!

By Kerri Neill on 15 Jul 2011 12:26 pm EDT
BeBuzz Logo

You have heard us here at CrackBerry talk about the popular app, BeBuzz, before. It's a fantastic application that lets you set color LED notifiers for different apps and contacts. Yesterday while in BlackBerry App World, I noticed there were 3 different downloads of BeBuzz. In addition to the paid ($5.99 - version 4.0.79), free with the 5 contacts only (version - 4.0.77) there was a Sprint Promo (free - version 4.0.81). I downloaded the Sprint promo on my daughter's 8330 (she's the only one who didn't have the app already) and from what I can tell, it's exactly like the paid download with unlimited contacts. If you're a Sprint customer head on over to App World and get your copy today! You never know how long a deal like this will last.

Reader comments

Attention Sprint Customers: Sprint Promo BeBuzz available in BlackBerry App World for FREE!


I would be curious if anyone tries to get it to work/DL onto a VZW device.

I am sticking with my version 3. Works just fine.

This is something BlackBerry devices should come preloaded with, or already integrated! Come on RIM, because you don't want Apple or Android to do it first!

If I only could have waited to get this app that way i would get it for free...
only bought it about a month ago

Awesome! I also typed in "sprint promo" to the App World Search and there are a few paid apps for free... including Photo Editor and Aces Solitare Pack 2... try it out... I love Sprint.

Just wanted to officially confirm this. We are currently running a promotion with Sprint.

Sprint customers can get the full version of BeBuzz 4 for free on AppWorld. Search for "BeBuzz Sprint Promo". Available for a limited time only, while quantities last!

Henrik - Bellshare GmbH

I noticed this a few days ago as my version had said my device was not supported even though it was working fine hours before!! i love sprint!! thanks bellshare!

I had that issue previously. Do you happen to have more than one email address on your 9650? When you go into BeBuzz, click the select a contact and when the address book comes up, press the BlackBerry menu key. There should be an option to "View All". This should bring up all your contacts in your address book. BeBuzz seems to select one of your email adresses as the default one and only shows those contacts.

Thank you! I was wondering why I couldn't find my daughter's information when I was setting this up.

Love this app! I know who's calling, texting, or whatever without having to pick up my phone. And all the colors are so much fun. So glad I found the free promo. Thanks Sprint and Bellashare!!