Attention Developers: Win up to $10,000 in the BlackBerry Green Application Challenge

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Mar 2010 02:11 pm EDT
Green App Challenge

If you're a developer looking to put your skills to good use and maybe win some money while doing it, you're in luck. The Ryerson Entrepreneurship Green Team in association with Research In Motion and the BlackBerry Partners Fund are holding the first annual BlackBerry Green Application Challenge. They are looking for new applications that will be listed in App World. The basis of the contest is to create an app that solves a common environmental issue within a company. The challenge is open now and runs through April 14th. The winning app developer can receive up to $10,000 and a BlackBerry Storm 9530. Two runners up will receive $1,000 and a 9530. If you think you can make it happen, head over to for more info and full contest details.



this could be very interesting to see what people will come up with...


How about an app that completely disables Al gore's private jet, therefore forcing him to no longer be a hypocrite.


A 9530? Is this contest from 2009?


They must be using this to get rid of old stock of 9530s.


That sounds really interesting! I might start thinking about some cool stuff now...


I wouldn't do this even if I KNEW I could win the $10,000. The whole entire premise of green is false. Green is the new red.


there is nothing green about owning any type of cell phone. green fanatics are idiots.


At the end the users are the winners, because any cool app they make, we can buy it or use it, and we always want More and better things to be made