Attend BlackBerry Live 2013 and get a free Z10!

By Adam Zeis on 24 Apr 2013 03:49 pm EDT

Here's one more thing that may convince you to head to Orlando in a few weeks for BlackBerry Live & BlackBerry Jam. All registered attendees will be given a brand new BlackBerry Z10 as their "conference tool" courtesy of Brightstar. Just like a few years back when BlackBerry shelled out PlayBook's to everyone at the event, they are again sweetening the pot with new devices for all.

You can still register for BlackBerry Live which takes place May 14-16 in Orlando to get full access to keynotes, hands-on labs, breakout sessions, good eats and plenty of fun times.

Kevin, Bla1ze, James and I will all be on hand for plenty of shenanigans so you definitely don't want to miss out. 

Register now for BlackBerry Live

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Attend BlackBerry Live 2013 and get a free Z10!


Yes, but for the past couple of years BlackBerry Jam Americas / BlackBerry DevCon has been in California. This year, we're told, that they are *combining* the two events. Most people assume that means that the California event will no longer be happening. I hope they reverse course and do a developer's event in California, as well.

Brandy new??? Don't be thinking about drinking on the job. I suppose I think about drinking on the job too.

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Plus the price of the Z10, the flight, hotel, food and drinks. lol :) After all it pays to go, lots of things to learn from this kind of events and sure make some network connections.(developers, vendors, IT Connection, and general attendees. Have a lot of business cards. Never know who you may come across.

I'd like to know the answer. Will they mail the device to me if I registered but didn't physically attend the event?

Haha great! Now I'll have three Z10s, 2 on Verizon and one LE device.. dang.. really wish it was a Q10 instead :P

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That's awesome! BlackBerry is really good at rewarding those that support the company and platform.

This year's BlackBerry Live (World) will be interesting since it will be about building atop the BlackBerry 10 platform. Obviously there's going to be some new, interesting things unveiled.

You guys should do a post soon of what we can expect to see at the show. I'm really interested to hear what your thoughts are on the event!

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Id prefer a Q10 already have a LE Z10 damm.
Ill have to see it to buy a Q10 now. Maybe BB will allow for the switch

I would love to, especially since I actually live in Orlando, but registering is just a bit too pricey. Then again, these conferences were never exactly for average consumers so, I'll stick to waiting and watching livestreams.

If you've been to a previous BlackBerry conference, even the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour, you get $150 off the $600 registration fee.

Ok i think this is not fair to consumers who are miles and miles away, but would love to go, but have no money to get there.

This is BS I want a free Z10 cause I want to be there, but have no way and no money to go.

How is this fair BlackBerry?

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The tickets are already $600, or about the cost of a Z10. Even if it was held next door to you it wouldn't be any cheaper than buying a Z10. They're not just giving them to out any random person, people who are going have basically paid for them through their ticket.

I just registered. So I am looking forward to the BlackBerry conference in Orlando. Hopefully I will meet some of you.

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Sweet wish I had the $ Let's see Apple do something that cool. I think not. You go BBRY, awesome! Oh well you will have my $ for a shiny new Q10 soon enough. Saving my tips! :)

Do they give you a US version of the Z10?

What about folk, like me, coming from Europe? Do they dish out Z10s that will work in your 'local' market? A US Z10 would be useless to me in the UK! :-(

During the conference registration they asked what your preferred carrier is. I would assume this is so that they will be able to provide you with the correct device?

Ah, great - thanks jaxnoofie! Appreciate your reply!

Got myself a Z10 from the UK Blackberry launch, I can upgrade my sister from her Torch 9860! I'm off to the UK launch of the Q10 later, hoping to get my hands on one. Looked and felt so swish when i had a play at the Z10 launch. One of the Blackberry managers snuck one of of his pocket to let me have a look. :-)

Sweet deal! Cost of conference is $600, but that is pretty much the price of an unlocked Z10.

So really it is a free conference, just got to make your way down to Orlando and hang out with some friends for a few days. :-)

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It's good for us to be this z10 I don't know what to do with all this z10 I've received, all my family has already one xD

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Where are the free codes at?i got to attend world for free, so i assume they're easy to find this year..

Random question: Would this be a GSM variant or would we get to chose for our carrier? I will be going but its CDMA only in my area