AT&T will now let you order online and pick up in-store

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By Joseph Keller on 12 May 2014 10:46 am EDT

AT&T will now let you order items online and pick them up at a local AT&T Store on the same day. So if you're out of town and forgot a phone charger, or your tablet broke, or you've decided to buy a new device, you can purchase it at home without the need to wait for shipping.

When shopping online with AT&T, choose Store Pickup when checking out. You'll be given a list of nearby AT&T locations to select from. Within an hour, you'll receive a text message alert that your item is ready for pickup. AT&T says that you should be in and out of the store in no time.

AT&T isn't the first to offer in-store pickup for online orders. Electronics retailer Best Buy has been doing this for some time. Rival carriers Verizon and Sprint have similar programs.

Are you glad that AT&T now has in-store pickup for online orders? Sound off below in the comments.

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AT&T will now let you order online and pick up in-store


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Incurable Q10 Syndrome.....Keep away!!!!!!

Not like that will help BlackBerry users. Most stores don't have any stock of BB10 devices anyways.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

When are they going to allow grandfathered data plan holders use ALL the features of their BlackBerrys?

Posted via CB10

That might be all well and good for the iSheep and Android folks but not Blackberry because they don't keep any in the stores.

Friend went looking for a BlackBerry 10 phone at at&t. Wasn't happy none to be found. They push iphone and samsung

My local AT&T let me do this about two months ago. I don't think this is new though it may be an expanded rollout to more stores having the capability since the "check local store" option seems to intermittently appear and disappear on the website. Verizon also does this.

It's not much faster since when you show up at most AT&T stores you are put into a line to wait for the next representative.

I would only consider buying from them if they sold unlocked phones such as the Z30. I think this will benefit Apple and Android companies more than it will help Blackberry. You cannot pick up what they don't carry in the local stock

AT&T is no longer doing online commerce like it's the dark ages. Good for them I suppose.

Posted via CB from my LE

Me: Hey @ATT are we getting a @BlackBerry #Z30???

Them: @german_chick No news to share on the Z30; but when there is we'll tweet about it so you'll know!

Me: @ATT @BlackBerry has the STA100-1 ready to ship to you, what are you waiting on??? Don't pull a @TMobile #TeamBlackBerry #BlackBerry10

Ummm w/e I hate att.

Posted via CB10

I think they've been doing that for quite some time. Haha that was an option given to me when I ordered my BlackBerry Q10. I was just too lazy to go to the closest store where it was available, which was in fact more than 20 miles from my place. Haha

Posted from my BlackBerry Q10 on AT&T

Who cares! Why don't they buy a shipment of z30 and let us order them on line! Like Verizon!

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Is Crackberry now sponsored by At&t, what's up with all the posts regarding At&t?
I'm an At&t subscriber, just wondering.... Thought this was a Blackberry Website. Post your articles on the mobile nations website.

Why are some of you so unbalanced that someone calling "First" totally unhinges you. Is it no breast milk when you were an infant.
Lets move on to att, when they carry new BB phones we can discuss this again

AT&T seems to be pretty lame. Even boring Telstra (Australia's main carrier) manage to carry all BB10 phones even in "remote" stores like Cairns (except the Q5).

They sell on contract or outright. If you want one, you will get one, if you say you've settled with BlackBerry.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Yeah, but I just wish Vodafone Australia would carry more BlackBerry phones, all they list on their website is the Z10 and that is out of stock. Wonder if they are no longer stocking BlackBerry at all??? I've made numerous demands for a Z30 for my upgrade but still no luck :(

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10!!

Good to hear this. I've been using store pickup for a long time at Best Buy. Saves a trip to find out that something is out of stock.

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