AT&T tweets that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is coming soon!

AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Oct 2011 05:54 pm EDT

I'm not sure if @ATTDeals tweeted this out before or after I made my AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 release date update post the other night, but either way it's good to see...

For those of you jonesing for a new Bold 9900 from AT&T -- and I KNOW there are a lot of you -- the company tweeted out that The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is coming! Stay Tuned.

Whether it turns out to be November 6th or not, I just want to see it hit in the next few weeks. The iPhone 4S is out on the market now, the Bold 9900 and 9930 is available from a bunch of other carriers.... it just seems crazy that it's not available yet. Let's hope we see a press release on it this week. It's about time already!

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AT&T tweets that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is coming soon!


Kev, with it getting closer and closer to the QNX phone early Q1, what's the benefit for us to bother with the BB7 phones now as opposed to QNX later?

Mind you, I've had the 9810 for a month and obviously liked it better than my 9800, but the lack of a change to the form factor hurts it. I gave it back because I was only holding on to it in hopes of the 9860 or 9900 coming out within that month's time.

I'm dying here waiting for AT&T to get their act together, but the longer I wait, the less reason I find for bothering with BB7. Talk to me brutha.

Though your statement was directed towards Kevin. I'd like to chime in, I was in the same boat as you, but the more I heard about the first batch of the QNX (BBX), the more they confirmed they'd be full touchscreen, or at least the first batch. I've had my share of WinMo or Android based devices with full touchscreens and it's nothing compared to having a physical keyboard, thus I took my chances and went with the 9900 and will wait to see how the BBX devices are, at least one with a physical keyboard.

Now I'll post my real comment.....

I'm wondering if Apple didn't "influence" AT&T to hold off on the 9900 until they launched iP4s. The timing seems very curious to me.....

doesnt seem like a good move though. It seems like they would have released it before the iPhone, because most people would gravitate to the iPhone before Blackberry, unless they're diehard crackberry addicts.

At&t completely dropped the ball on this late release.

Agree. I had gotten to the point where I doubted AT&T would ever release the BB9900, so I gave up and ordered the 4S rather than switch to Sprint so that I could maintain an unlimited data plan.

At this point I honestly think folks around here overestimate how much time Apple spends worrying about RIM. The 9900 and i4S are two very different devices that, for the most part, target very different customers.

LMAO, Apple is not worried abt 9900 or any other BB. As a matter of fact its BB who is feeling the heat.

I left AT&T for Verizon because of the delay in the 9900. I don't regret it. AT&T did not ony bungle this release, they still have the whole bridge issue thing.

I'm still a little worried abut taking my 9930 to China next week (the whole CDMA + Chip thing) but if it works I know I'll never go back to AT&T.

hi kiddo2050
you should be fine, just add global roaming on your account, vzw has 250MB quota for data roaming which is great on BB. I have grandfather plan on the unlimited global data roaming on my 9850. been traveling with flat rate $69.99 a month :D

I still beleive this was intentional, maybe a deal with apple not to release the bold untill after the 4s was released. One more reason i dont like apple.

Still too late for me. I've kind of wrapped my head around switching to the iPhone 4S (on order now w/ AT&T) and I think I'm sticking to my guns. I can do two years with an iPhone and if I don't love it (or like it), I'll see what BB has in 2013. For some reason, my unlimited data plan (through my wife's employer's account/discount) is cheaper for the iPhone. Discounted $5 per month, looks like. So I'll save $60 per year on unlimited data. With iMessage, my actual SMS units will be way down. I think by 2013, 4G and cell phone batteries will have a more copacetic relationship as well.

The more companies that BB sells to the better there profits and customer base. The 9900 is the best phone that BB has, and to not be selling it while selling a couple others doesn't seem to make sense. Maybe people are thinking that the medium/ lower end phones are all BB can muster. Hopefully this sells well and can provide some more stability for the company.

Absolutely! RIM needs to market the Bold 9900/9930 a lot more because when some people think of Blackberry, they think of the old-school OS 4 phones they had in the past...when in fact the new Bold is AMAZING. The web browser is awesome and the touchscreen combo w/ keyboard and trackpad makes it even better. OS 7 is a HUGE improvement.

Too bad most people will never know this and just go for the iPhone/Android phones because RIM and the phone carriers wont promote this phone!!!

I hope AT&T releases additional information in the next couple days. I'm gonna be pissed it they drag this out a week or more and then finally divulge the release date, etc.

I want a bold but I'm gonna want totally unlimited data and hardly use any minutes. Any users recommend the switch to sprint from att cuz I hate paying for the extra 1GB every month. I'm not on actual contract so I can switch whenever and if sprint is my best choice I can get it now instead of waiting lol

unlimited data is pointless for a Blackberry because the data is compressed. Im on wifi 70% of the time, but I only use about 200mb of data every month. This includes numerous emails, watching Youtube videos & Pandora, Navigation, etc...)

I doubt anyone with a Blackberry uses more than 2gb of data every month. If they do, its rare.

Ya that's my problem I don't have wi-fi at home or any main places I go so that's why smh. Don't have a comp. Yet so its pointless to pay for internet u know. But soon I'll get it for when I get my playbook.

hope they didn't stock up too many of these 9900..cuz alot of ATT user already left to other carriers...since ATT blocks full usage of playbook teather.which isn't a great thing either..

What if ATT really Cripple the NFC function does it matter to you guys??Like how they already did with the Blackberry Bridge Before for playbook.. Would you continue with ATT or switch provider??

Just curious why you guys didn't buy the phone from another carrier months ago, unlock it and throw your att sim card in it? Mine from telus isn't even branded on the front like every blackberry prior :)

@TeaBoy If they disable a function other carriers allow would be the last straw....I would just hand over my new 9900 and trek over to nearest Verizon store and pick me up 9930....

Really hoping they were just holding it back due to Iphone 4S and not because they are disabling a function ie NPC etc..

You guys are going to love the Grand Piano feel of the Bold. I left ATT for it and it was worth it. Oh yeah, and Youtube is actually a pleasant experience now.

Enjoy it (if it is true it is coming). It is a unique phone and we love ours.

I have read somewhere that AT&T is saying their iPhone sales are well short of expectations, I believe it was on NY Times. By delaying the flagship BB model it seems like they put all their eggs in one basket. Once the iPhone boom is over this could spell real trouble for them. At this point Verizon and Sprint has the iPhone and the 99xx (and the all touch Torch as well) Why would anybody choose AT&T?