AT&T shared data plans launching August 23rd

By Adam Zeis on 6 Aug 2012 11:31 am EDT

AT&T has confirmed via their blog that their new shared data plans will be launching on August 23rd. The new plans let everyone in your family share from a data bucket at one base price with an extra fee for additional phones or tablets. We took a look at how the shared plans stack up against those of Verizon and just how much (if anything) you can save by switching over. The plans let you start with as little as 1GB of data for $40 and $45 per phone and include unlimited voice and messaging. AT&T also has a Mobile Share Planner you can use to map out your savings for your own family plan.

Will you be switching over to a shared data plan? Let us know in the comments!

Source: ATT Blog Via: BGR

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Reader comments

AT&T shared data plans launching August 23rd


I will be switching for sure. Right now I pay for my wife and me 20.00 for 300 mb's = 40.00 for just 600 mb's. New plan would be 40.00 to share 1 gb, plus 45.00 for each phone. We both use the BB 9900 and never went over 300 on either plan. So for me this plan would work well and I would be paying the same amount as I am now.

Still grandfathered in with the "add a line for 9.99" for 3 of my families' phones. That plus unlimited data, I will not be switching

I will most likely be switching if my corporate discount applies to the per-device fees as it does to my data plan fees now.

Not changing here until forced by the company. The new plan costs more than we pay today. No reason to pay for service we already do not use. For us low end data users the new plans are highway robbery.

I'm probably going to switch to the new Verizon Share Everything plan. I have unlimited data on my current Verizon plan. Although I'm a bit hesitant to give up my unlimited data plan, I currently use well less than 1GB per month with 2 BB's and a PlayBook. I recently recieved a 4G iPad as a gift so I'll probably switch to the new share plans to add the iPad. (Not giving up my PlayBook yet though. I still prefer the PlayBook in many respects.)

This will save my "family" of phones money every month (like, $20 to $30). So we will be changing shortly thereafter.

As for the FCC or the FTC looking into this, I don't see anything wrong with this. You have options. If this was a rip off or unfair, then everyone will go elsewhere and AT&T will go away.

I have been waiting on a new phone for a year now and for a better plan. I do not use much data, only about 35MB per month, but I want tethering for my playbook which requires the 5 GB plan currently. This new plan gives me all the options(including texting that I have disabled) for less money. Since I use little data, this plan is a better price for one BB 9810, 1 GB data, and a tethered Playbook.