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AT&T rolling out software update to BlackBerry Q10 owners

By Bla1ze on 2 Jul 2013 07:26 pm EDT

If you're on AT&T and making use of a BlackBerry Q10, you should go ahead and check for updates either through your device or through BlackBerry Link. Several reports in the CrackBerry Forums confirm AT&T has begun rolling out software update for the device but sadly, no change appears to of have gone with it. The underlying OS is noted to be, so there's that. Feel free to drop by the forums and share whether or not you got the update and if so, what changes you're seeing with this release. Oh, and if you're a ticked off Z10 owner, there are some rumors for you as well.

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Reader comments

AT&T rolling out software update to BlackBerry Q10 owners


AT&T along with all other American service providers want BlackBerry to fail, and tactics like this is how you get it done!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Nice! Already updating the Q10 while Verizon didn't even update the Z10!

Posted via CB10 ~ Join the One And Only active News channel on BBM Channels just add C000E96C1 ~

That's the most stupid move to leave other customers from the same platform stay in the water...

Posted via CB10 ~ Join the One And Only active News channel on BBM Channels just add C000E96C1 ~

call att and unlock z10 , download 2354 autoloader 10.1 OS . back up , restore , delete email accounts and setup again. done , fuck att.

INSTALL AT YOUR OWN RISK (not much risk though...)

Download whatever you want and install it... this includes 10.2 which is what my AT&T z10 is rocking..

Download autoloader, while its downloading backup your phone, run autoloader, restore backup to phone, enjoy all the features we've been playing with for months...

Geez it feels like China / Russian down south of the border USA.
There must be a NSA master plan going on with BES10 and the carriers ! What a joke, feels like a story out of a spy novel

Posted via CB10

Presidential alerts are already a mandated service that has to be provided by U.S. carriers. You can't disable them or even change the alert tone, or volume.

Posted via CB10

You don't even know. Us customers here in the states are treated like the red headed step child.

Posted via CB10

Does anyone here know how to read? Click the link on the Z10 rumors... it should be released sometime tonight through tomorrow

Posted via CB10

I'm not updating my Z10 anyways... Hoping for some nice Black Hat to give me a rootkit...

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

Does anyone on this forum still wait to do carrier updates? You are way behind if you do.

Posted via CB10

Any of you care to share what new features or tweaks this update brings, instead of the typical blackberry user whining? Thanks.

Ok MAYBE this was added - cause i swear I couldn't do it before. I couldn't mark all message read without first selecting multiple messages. Now I can hold down the date and then choose mark all prior as read, or go to the next date.

Still cannot keypress speed dial from the home page.

None that I can see. Too small of an upgrade to have anything but maybe some carrier branded or linked bloat ware. That's my take on it--so far anyway. Only downloaded it 30 mins ago.

Mark prior read is there, and, it looks like u can call a contact directly from Gmail, there is a phone icon there that wasn't there before, would love that in text messaging instead of the contact card and then call...

Posted via CB10

Who knew in 07 you'd have to have such a tough skin to own a BB today......nah, I mean literally ^

Posted via CB10

Dan right I am ticked off BLAZE if they can do updates for Q10 why couldn't they do same for Z10 and released it as well?

Posted via CB10

If the Z10 gets it: "FINALLY!!!"
If the Z10 doesn't get it: "WTF!!!" followed by many words I can't say here or around children.

Posted via CB10

This is the most ridiculous news I have heard lately. It is like ATT went nuts. They are not embarrassed enough with this famous Z10 10.1 update, they want to be embarrassed even more.

Wow, this is not something that I would have expected to see. The two major carriers really know how to show their customers appreciation. I stopped waiting for Verizon a long time ago, and since I am already using 10.2, I doubt I will ever see a carrier update again. I may get a reboot a night, every night, but that is better than still being stuck on 10.0.9

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

did Clewley mention that the Z10 will get the AT&T update tonight in the US? just wait guys, wait!!

Beginning to wonder if he meant Q10 and not Z10. Doubt he would make that mistake, but it's the only explanation I can think of.

Posted via CB10

Man i was a Bold 9900 for yrs but I love my z10, so I know the feeling for our buddies in the USA. The virtual keyboard is a witch under the 10.1 OS

Posted via CB10

Ah this takes me back. To my damn android! They come out with a new model, so to hell with those of us with "last year's crap". Look on the bright side - at least ATT is updating. Us Verizon saps get nothing.

Posted via CB10

I feel like the Z10 I hold in my hand is a mini version of the PlayBook and will be treated the same. I guess I will be fooled twice.

Posted via CB10

Fucking right I'm ticked off . Fucking AT&T assholes! #Z10 Another slap in the face to Z10 and BlackBerry.

Weird how the likes of AT&T and Z10 owners are still waiting for the official 10.1.* version, yet, Q10 are already receiving updates. Yep, weird... 

And no love the us Z10 owners...thank god for the forums and leaks! Thank you CrackBerry nation!

Posted via CB10

Actually the rumor part is BS. I have MC's BBM channel and there is no such post on it about the Z10, or he has removed it. Another AT&T $%^&* up the back side.

I just noticed that they fixed a security bug. Previously if you accessed the camera from the lock screen you could still pull up the photo gallery even though device was still locked with a password. Now after the update it gives a pop up message stating device is locked. I also noticed that my Gmail emails are arriving instantly. My understanding was that it was imap with sync only till now. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong.

Wtf!!!! He deleted that post off his Channel page and why would they update the Q10 before the Z10 I'm literally beside myself

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Lol the rumor is that AT&T forgot about Z10 customers and plans on releasing new 10.1 software as soon as they fix bugs and they get and update. Right now prediction is May 2015 with launch of second generation of Z10 or Zed10.

Posted via CB10


Call your service providers and log a complaint! It isn't the fault of BlackBerry, but you voted with your dollars by signing up, so you deserve to be heard.... Or leave them! At least throw in your complaint.

It bugs me hear about AT&T, Verizon, etc. Doing this because on the Telus network in Canada I get regular patches and updates. Just got two this week!

Hang tough....

Posted via CB10

I spoke with someone last night through blackberry, after being one the phone for 2 hours with at&t, Flippin Out!!!!, that blackberry is planning on making it possible to update through the Link software when a new build is released. Like apple and itunes. No more waiting on incompetent carriers to drag it on and eventually send them out to their paying customers. Hope this comes soon, as it could make things for us blackberry users much happier and relieved.

Posted via CB10

I feel for my us z10 brethren while being so glad I don't live there...

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Here is one for all with Z10 Singapore had their Software update from their carrier to 10.1 back May 19 yet we still continue to wait at AT&T and Verizon in the States. God Bless this country.

Posted via CB10

They must be waiting for the next iPhone to come out before releasing this next os update. Talk about breaking the legs of the competition.

Posted via CB10

At this point I hope AT&T does not upgrade Z10 to 10.1 anytime soon. Perks from complaining staring to add up. So for all the members who say it does not pay to complain or whine you keep convincing yourself of that. 10.1 software update for Z10 2015 fine bye me AT&T.

Posted via CB10

I feel for our neighbours south of the border. If Telus, Bell, Rogers, etc can trust the OS updates, why can't the other carriers? To me it smacks of poor customer service on the part of the carriers. Maybe that's why we are seeing the "leaked" OS updates - BlackBerry is trying to get the updates out without pi$$ing off the carriers.

Posted via CB10

AT&T is beyond incompetent with updating. AT&T is the worst carrier if you are waiting for official UPDATES OTA. You have a better luck of Alaska having a tropical beach with palm trees and turtle nests and a sudden shark attack than AT&T ever releasing the Z10 10.1. Install the latest leak or so and you will feel so much better. I'm about to put mine back on. Does anyone know if the sms is black on the 10.1 for Z10 like it is on the Q10? Just curious. It looks a lot better than the white. My leak that I used earlier didn't have that.

Posted via CB10

maybe it's bbry's carrier management that sucks. notice that all the carriers treat them like 2nd class citizens. when you see a pattern across all providers this tells me bbry is doing something wrong because android and apple seem to get what they want when they want it. just saying maybe another bbry fumble.

Grab yourselves some prepaid Canadian sim cards for the z10 and update over wifi. #solved

Posted Via CB10 from Z10.

I'll say it once again. AT&T has been paying me for being unable to update software perks really starting to ad up. At this time I hope they don't release 10.1 until 2015. Thank you AT&T for your incompetence. ;)

Posted via CB10

Be careful downloading the 2030 upgrade. I did and lost the ability to set notifications for emails. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but I have a second Q10 that I did not upgrade and the email notifications work fine. For what it is worth, I've reported this to BlackBerry.

Q10 update didn't do anything new that I see. My only problem with Q10 continues to be the non-working visual voicemail. I spent 2 hours on the phone with ATT - they tried everything with me -- they concluded that it is a bug. Hoping to see VVM working after another update.

Other than VVM, I'm delighted with the Q10

Posted via CB10

I'm beginning to think that the Q10 phones are going to get updates sooner than the Z10 in the months ahead.