AT&T rolling out BlackBerry 10.2.1 update for Z10 and Q10

AT&T rolling out BlackBerry 10.2.1 update for Z10 and Q10
By Simon Sage on 16 Apr 2014 10:53 am EDT

After a few early hints last night, BlackBerry 10.2.1 has started rolling out officially on the AT&T Z10 and Q10.

BlackBerry 10.2.1 adds in quite a few welcome features, such as a pinch gesture in the hub to filter the view, direct installation of Android .APK files, a customizable quick settings menu, and many, many more new features. If you're looking to update, just swipe down from the top of the screen, go to Settings, and scroll down to Software Updates.

AT&T customers, do you already have 10.2.1 on your BlackBerry Z10 or Q10? Was it worth the wait?

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AT&T rolling out BlackBerry 10.2.1 update for Z10 and Q10



I was already using a leak, and just updated to the "official" one from AT&T. I'm glad they finally released it too, but it's no big change for me, lol.

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I am downloading the update. How long does it take to do so!! I gotta get going!! I'm at 51% of step two HELP

The right approach. To sort of quote the BBT, "I've been responsible for my own upgrades since 2008."

Probably just the typical lack of tethering and hot spot... I'm sticking with the unofficial.

I have more friends because I do drugs!! Baby!

I lied. Apparently, this is a "mandatory update" it's downloading it automatically without asking me.

I have more friends because I do drugs!! Baby!

It about FREAKY time as always the last carrier to roll out the 10.2 .1 I can't believed that Sprint and other carrier beat AT&T shame on you AT&T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried unsuccessfully twice last night to update via Link, and once OTA, but the update still hadn't shown up yet. Finally, I used the BlackBerry App Loader ( If this link doesn't work, go to BlackBerry's software updates page for BB10 devices. Scroll down to the section for "Update on the web". That process failed for me the first time. The second time I tried, it worked, but took at least 45 minutes. Hopefully it will work for you.

That's weird because the update via the Link took about 30 minutes with no problems at all for me earlier this morning.

Thanks Link failed me miserably. I downloaded via BlackBerry on the Web. It took >4hours And it had an error so I had to start over bit now I'm finally rocking 10.2.1

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The update didn't show up for me, OTA last night but worked fine through BlackBerry Link.

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Sweet! Finally, have been waiting....haven't installed the Leaked at all, can't say I didn't think about it a couple times though. ;). Now let's get the whip cracking on 10.3 so that it comes out at the same time as everyone else. :)

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145 files, more than one hour.

This is big. I got it from BlackBerry link.

Reboot of phone took a long time. Maybe 15 minutes.

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Yes, Link and the OTA download page on the phone itself tell you to. But who cares to read nowadays? You know what I'm taking about.

I would never update without a backup, if I depend on the phone.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Had it a long time ago. I used a T-Mobile sim to get the auto update. Scr3w ATT and their poor support of BBY

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I did this update last night on BlackBerry Link and this morning I noticed my Z10 no longer can access the internet??

anyone else experiencing this?

Try an extra full shutdown and restart. That's what helped after 10.2.1. It's been smooth sailing for the past few months now.

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Not me. The update via the Link took 30 min without any problem for me this a.m. I don't know why some people have been having some difficulty with their updates, etc.. *scratches my head* Hope you got it fixed somehow by now.

I had 10.2.1.xxxx from other carriers since it came out. Great to see the official from AT&T. I believe it was worth waiting for if you where still running 10.1. Cheers!

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Same here. The version I'm on is a bit behind the one AT&T is putting out, but I'm not biting. I'll install the one that just popped yesterday before I install AT&T 's

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If update is still not showing take sim card out and hook up to blackberry link and you should see the update.

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Had it already for a long time already but glad others finally have it on AT&T, makes a big difference!

Maybe we'll see BB10 get more traction now others will see 10.2.1 running on all devices on all US carriers.

I have the Z10 on AT&T, and decided a few weeks ago to download the update via Sachesi. So worth it! Loving it! I am glad it is finally out for others who decided to wait though. Enjoy! :D When 10.3 comes out, I don't plan on waiting as long. ;)

Sachesi in mid February and stopped anxiously waiting for AT&T. Glad I tried it, but regret not doing it earlier. Glad the wife will get it now, I see her trying not to look envious at all the new features, but she stubbornly wouldn't let me load a leak because she's been afraid something would go wrong.

Question: I'm running 1925. Am I likely to see AT&T's update offered on my device being that it is a higher release or would I only see that if my device were running 10.1

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Have you tried BlackBerry Link? Elliott436 was correct about the Link. That's what I did this a.m. I already knew the update was available on BB Link before I got here. :-)

Will I have to reload snap and my other Android apps if I install att update? I'm currently running 10.2.1 via sachesi

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Nope no need to reload if you are doing OTA update(unless you use autoloader).Not sure about link though.

So far al my Android apps are working on my Q10. A few icons are hidden because there are too many in a folder because AT&T added their junk.

This should be welcome news to some of our American brethren.
...About time AT&T!!!

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About time! Question. Do I need an WiFi connection for the update and do I still need to do a back up? Thanks!

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Yes i guess you'll be needing a Wifi connection.Anyways Do a Backup as you never know When You'll need them

If you're on a generous or unlimited data plan, you're fine without wifi.

Watch your data cap! It's a gigabyte or more...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

With Sprint and ATT defiantly waiting months to roll out the upgrade what can we expect when the next software update is ready for release?

I wonder if these companies were betting that BBRY was DOA and simply refused to allocate the resources needed to test the upgrade.

I trust John Chen's on top of this for the future. For me (not being a tech wizard), I wish BlackBerry would sell directly to us rather than waiting...and develop whatever tech is necessary to unlock phones across platforms so we can move when a carrier shows its ass.

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When will they release the update for the Z30? Sorry, couldn't resist...everybody who waited for the official at AT&T, enjoy it! It's great!

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Although I already had the leaked version loaded, I installed official version this morning. It went smooth and fast, OTA. So far all is functioning well. Android apps to include Snap present and untouched by update.

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I tried unsuccessfully twice last night to update via Link, and once OTA, but the update still hadn't shown up yet. Finally, I used the BlackBerry App Loader ( If this link doesn't work, go to BlackBerry's software updates page for BB10 devices. Scroll down to the section for "Update on the web". That process failed for me the first time. It worked the second time I tried, but took at least 45 minutes.

Installed official ATT last night. Had a lower level 10.2.1 leak but has not had time to install the latest leak.

Yes it was worth the wait because in time I had to wait for a official software update from AT&T I purchased a Note 3 instead and I actually got the Kit Kat update before BlackBerry users got 10.2.1. I just got the update about 2 weeks ago so that's probable why BlackBerry users just 10.2.1.

I've been on 10.2.1 since Rogers released it. After waiting for AT&T on all of the previous updates, I decided that they would not be in charge of my updates again.

It's a bit more work, but the results are worth it.

I loaded it via link but it seems a little buggy...I I have to wait 7 hrs to check and I'll see if I can get the Att one

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Yeah they were waiting to finish testing Kit Kat on all their devices before they started testing 10.2.1. AT&T has a lot more Android then BlackBerry customers so they will always cater to their needs first. Its one of the many reasons I switched to Android. I got tired of waiting months upon months for updates. I also got tired of jumping through hoops to find a Z30 compatible with AT&T. They still haven't released a AT&T compatible Z30 and doubt they ever will. I have a feeling the other US carriers will stop carrying BlackBerry also. You cant even purchase one in store you have to order it online SMH.

They pay attention to their iPhone and Android customers. I have been with AT&T for 7 years and have always received excellent customer service from them. They even gave me a free month of cell service because my neighborhood was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. I don't know many carriers that will do that. Verizon customers couldn't even make a phone call a few days after the Hurricane was finished.

I think the worst thing (well one of the many worst things) about the carriers is the lack of communication and commitment. I had this with T-Mobile when instead of telling me that they have no plans to carry the Z30 just fobbed me off with a "no news on this device" stock response.

If the vendors have a roadmap and deliver an update to the carriers for testing in a certain timeframe, then the carriers should be able to share a roadmap for release with customers. But carriers prefer to move covertly. If T-Mobile and their gobshoite CEO want another pain-point to tackle, that's a good one to move on to.

When they tell you they have no news on this device that means they wont be carrying it. Carriers know months in advance whether they will carry a particular device.

This must mean official 10.3 is around the corner for the rest of the world.

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Yes, finally. This is the version BlackBerry should have started with. Now advertise people will see what makes BlackBerry 10 better than iPhone and Android. And know that we have access to apps outside BlackBerry World no one can use the lack of apps excuse anymore.

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loaded leak a few months ago after seeing the updates on one of my European associates Q10. Had it not been for the leak I was ready to move on and leave Blackberry and Att...tired of being treated like an after thought.

I had the "automatic update" turned on so I got the update OTA and it was installed before I even knew it was being released. Maybe because I complained on Twitter and Facebook so much that they released to those of us who had written on their social media pages. I had updated some time ago using Sachesi on Rogers and T-Mobile. I am visiting in Hong Kong now and so I have used the release for the day here and it seems not to be running with the battery being as hot as the other versions. My Z10 is unlocked using 3rd party so I can use local sim card while traveling.

Me too. I had the Rogers release through Sachesi. Did the ATT update through Link today. Took forever. Not seeing anything different. No bloatware though. Never did get a notification in Alaska.

My Z10 was already in I could OTA update to rolled out today. I didn't notice any difference between 2102 and 2179 builds though.

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If you get nothing, just reboot your phone and you will get instant notification from att

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Well it was about time that AT&T pushed out the 10.2.1 update. I'm happy that their BB10 subscribers who choose not to install a leak can finally get to experience the improvements that others have been enjoying for the past few months.

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Better late than never...? BB will probably focus on AT&T and Verizon going forward...Chen said something to that effect in an interview.

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I still don't believe it.

It has been almost a year since ATT started carrying BB 10 devices and in that time they didn't release a single BB 10 OS update of the 3 that came out.

ATT, Verizon, and Sprint are all so tied up to Apple with the sales quote requirements for respectively $14 billion, $21 billion and then $14 billion for Sprint over two years it is like why even carry other phones as we all know these cell companies have to offload Apple phones to their customers or they owe Apple the money.

What a shame the US cellular market has become.

I have even given walked into ATT to complain about the lack of BB OS 10 updates to and they say why do you have a Blackberry. Gave my business cards out to the manager offering to help any BB 10 users to upgrade to the current BB 10 OS's for a fee but I bet he just threw the cards out.

Question if I have been upgrading multiple peoples phones via the leaded 10.2.1 how do I go back to the ATT supported OS version. Via Blackberry Link or?

Thx in advance.

The carriers are married to apple and samsung. They justice department shoulud investigate and invalidate these deals as they are anticompetitive and hurt consumers. Apple and Samsung have a defacto cartel stronghold on U.S. Carriers.

Even though I had already put 10.2.1 from TMobile on my z10, I went ahead and updated to get the "Official Carrier" upload. Too early too tell....I was truly impressed with the initial update that I put on. So time will tell...

This has to be an exciting day for many on AT&T. Patience paid off. Can't wait to get home and download. Almost lost hope for a second. :D

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Congratulations to all AT&T BlackBerry Customers enjoy it, you deserve it.

BlackBerry Q10 From T-Mobile Running!

Bout time Latt&t...not waiting for your sorry ices for 10.3 I'll be updating on my own from now on....HA!!!

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I tried the update... An error occurred while downloading software for your device. Please verify your Internet connection or try again later if the problem persists.

There is NO problem with the internet connection. Link does the same thing. does the same thing on four different networks, cable, high speed DSL, a T1 line, a work network.
Get the note in hub to update, but that requires wifi, which is expressly forbidden in any secure biotech worksite.
Any suggestions of how to get it to work appreciated.


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I have tried two nights in a row, two different computers, all means of update links and I am getting the same message. I get some where between 9%-15% and then down it goes, and up pop the error message. This is extremely frustrating. Guess my AT&T cable modem isn't strong enough to handle the download : |

Have been enjoying leaked version for almost 5 months but glad to get the "official" from AT&T. Can't wait for a solid version of the leaked 10.3 to install won't wait for the AT&T version.

Too long it bringing it public.

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Finally! The update begins. Had to take out my battery and put it back in. Then the update notification was there!

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Nothing for me. I was in the same room as my buddy when we both checked for updates. He got it I didn't. What a crock. I sent a tweet to AT&T and they game me a link on how to check for an update. Frustrated!

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Just got shots and giggles, I checked for the update last night after reading the article. Wasn't there. Tried again couple hours later, and my phone (Z10), said I could only check for updates once every 24 hours. I still have 7hours and 36 minutes to wait til I can check again... I'm on an earlier leak, and wanted to check out the ota upgrade...

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BB link has never worked for me(had to use an SD card when originally switching devices.) And now it won't go pass 75%ish on the installation. Reinstalled link and everything now.

Yeah I got the update on my Z10 last night but did it through BlackBerry Link. I would say it was worth the wait but I was starting to lose my patience with AT&T.

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Already had it... but getting a small bump to version 2179 and a 58mb download. It’s all good, just waiting for AT&T to begin selling Z30

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Hello everyone,

I manually updated to 10.2.1 with sachesi a few days ago on my z10. It worked great for the first day or so but now I'm experiencing some bugs. Should I first remove the leak from my phone and then proceed to update the official at&t release? Would this be a safe route? Or would installing the at&t release over the leak I have currently installed just fix itself or make it worse?


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I have been ragging on AT&T on twitter for not getting the 10.2.1 update out to consumers for a while now. I have been running the 10.2.1 leaks and officials from other carriers since they were first available. I did load this OS on my AT&T device this morning. It is the first time I have been running an official AT&T OS since I bought my Z10 in June. Everything is running smoothly!

By the way, this is the first time I have ever used Link to upgrade. Easy Peasy!

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I installed 2012 via Sachesi, and it screwed up my VVM. I just updated to the AT&T version and still no luck. Dang.

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I'm on Sprint and could care less. I'm just here to find out ATT has with no doubt the hottest female users commenting on CB!!

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Congrats to you non leaker at&t people. Finally

I really hope the day comes when blackberry has its own control over OS updates.

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I love it! I think it was worth the wait, but don't think we should have had to wait that long... now I need to figure out how to do the Android apps and all this just made my Z10 a brand new phone again!

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I spoke too soon. My download did not completely occur. According to my phone a new update doesn't exist and that i have the latest 10.1. What should i do?

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I have the AT&T Z10 and I got the update today OTA. Also I send one to my brother overseas (AT&T Z10) this morning he got OTA update as well without using AT&T sim card.

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Is there a problem with link? When the update came to Verizon I tried to update via link and was not successful. I had to update OTA. Seems the same thing is happening with the AT&T roll-out.

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I have been using a leak for months and absolutely have loved all the changes. I think ATT and other providers here in US aren't concerned with BlackBerry users :-(

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Nothing for me yet in Central Illinois. Good thing I am on Been doing leaks since 08/08


Smh I had to check for updates like 15x and then it appeared, after I tried to update it hung and then mentioned server issues or something. Now it's back to saying no update available. At this point maybe I should just do the leak. I swear ATT hates blackberry.

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Finally AT&T rolled out 10.2.1! I've been waiting such a long time for this. I had even begun to think that AT&T didn't care about us blackberry users, but now I'm guessing otherwise! It did take them quite some time although, but still, I'm thrilled!

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Lol best comment so far. Well sorry to burst your bubble, but they still don't give a flying rat's ass about BlackBerry.

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Had it for a couple of weeks now... I should have waited.. Guess i'll update to the real AT&T tested, tried, and true version...

I have been trying since this morning to update, fails every time. Q10 is plugged in, have tried both at my work and home wi fi networks.

Got the OTA update in central Illinois for my Z10. Can anyone tell me if I will ever be able to update my Z30 from att?

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AT&T is screwing this loyal BlackBerry Enterprise customer. For the past month I've been very clear and vocal with customer service. Roll the update out or I'm bouncing to a new phone provider, new OS and lose my money. Still haven't seen the update yet in Pennsylvania. I swear they must want BlackBerry/RIMM to fail!

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I already had a 10.2 update from Blackberry when I bought my factory unlocked Q10, so this update didn't really do much for me. No changes from the OS I had initially, but I am so glad for those with locked AT&T phones that this has finally been released.

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Mine downloaded OTA last night. The first change I noted was the ring tone. My phone rang and I had no idea what it was. Sneaky!! Nothing else unusual all day. I upgraded from .2141 I think. Like 550 mb. and went flawlessly.

I've got to ask, is the OTA the non destructive way to go? Getting the mandatory update. Don't want to manually enter 117 passwords. Updating from .2102.

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Doing it through BlackBerry Link is probably the best way to go. Was seamless for me. Nothing lost. All passwords kept. Do a backup first.

Not seeing anything that makes it a wow for me. Besides the Hub icon. It did however erase my bookmarks, some contacts don't show the name on my text (just the number). I personally think the hub iis too busy now. I was hoping for a flash update in the browser. But i'm sure i'll get it all figured out. But my first impressions were nothing great.

Finally an update for all of you on AT&T! Enjoy all the improvements! APK is on its way! Lol

Via my Z10 with 10.2.1 awesomeness

Got the update here in Hawaii!! Feels like I'm on an Easter Egg hunt looking for all the upgrades ;)

Z10STL100-3/ AT&T

Using a leak for a long time now...if I had another carrier that had coverage in my raul area I would...

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I had the leaked os. Downloaded the "official" one tonight. Doesn't seem to be any different. Makes me even more confident in posted leaks. Can't wait for 10.3.

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I have been trying to down load via the link. But i keep getting an error message which says "error occurred while downloading software to your device. Please verify your internet connection or try again later...". WTF?!

Any ideas about trouble shooting this?

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Mine did the same. So i downloaded it via the Settings / software update and my Wi-Fi connection. It took about 7 hours, with a 1.6 bps connection

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Just updated my Q10, I've had the update on my verizon z10 for close to a month. Get your sh*t together AT&T.

I really feel for the American BlackBerry 10 users. Such long delays in getting updates! Not cool

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Got it!'s ok to be last AT&T we still love you. ; )...

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Took about 10 hours total up upload and installation.... once the smoke clears i'll you know what my Z10 is doing...

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Just stumbled upon it yesterday while I was hooked up to my pc and BlackBerry Link. I started install last night at 10 pm just finished at 5 am.

First thing I noticed, I lost all my old text messages. :-(

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I've been running a leaked on both my Q10 anc Z10 since early in the year with no problems at all.. "upgraded" to AT&T's version because I believe they are pretty diligent in their software robustness tests. Upgraded both through BB Link and they are running fine. I thnk there maybe a small uptick in battery life, but I'll understand more after 3-4 days. A long time BB user, I'm very pleased with BB10 and the 10.2 improvements are terrific, very useful in business environments.

Finally got the upgrade today and love the new features!! Almost feels like a new phone.

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Woke up this AM and found the update notice on my phone. As some of you said it takes a long time, I will wait till tonight to upload it.

I guess for one more day I can live with!! After all, it has been working great for almost a year! I hope the update doesn't screw anything up. :-). I did a backup just in case.

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Am I the only one who got updated automatically? I had a released version from another carrier running. When I looked at my phone last night it had automatically started downloading a "mandatory update".

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I had that too. I was running another leak I loaded with Sachesi and I didn't even plan to do the AT&T update. I happened to see my phone rebooting and then a message came up saying that an update had been installed. Surprise, surprise!

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I think this update is very nice. But the battery drains very fast. Am I the only one that notice this!? & it got very very more difficult and it moves a little slower.

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I think mine is draining faster. But I'm also using it a little more checking out features etc. So hard to tell.

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After pressing "Check for Updates" a million times and restarting my phone 3 times the update finally showed up at 3:00 AM central time in Houston. I had to make room on my phone and in the morning I started the update. It was taking a very time to download and it was almost complete when it says "Please wait", "Error", "Retry". When I click "Retry" it checks for updates and says that I'm running the latest software 10.1. I haven't been able to to get the update to come back since this morning...

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Just plug your phone to your computer via USB and go to BlackBerry's website and you can update your OS from there... Let me know how it turns out for your buddy! Good luck :)

Installed, has taken over an hour... Now I am stuck in reboot... Taking bets on when the phone will finally restart... (sigh)

I got mine from Sprint @ 3 am Eastern Time. It did cause a problem on my Q10. It ran wicked hott the next day and loaded all my Facebook messages all the way back till June of of 2013. Then did not open Facebook at all. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it slowly cam back to life. Now it loads normally; I was back to battery pulls for a day ot two. Works like a charm now!!!! Welcome AT&T to 10.2!!!!!

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I just installed the new 10.2 and so far it looks great but I realized that they removed a great feature that I have been using all the time. You no longer have the option to forward a email from a different email account, for the life of me I don't understand why this was removed from 10.1????????????

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It showed up as a notification, but not in BlackBerry Link. I backed up my Z10 in Link and then ran the OTA update with no issues. Then I updated a dozen or so apps.

I like the new BlackBerry weather app. I don't see a dark theme option though.

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I'm frustrated after the upgrade. The most important connection is my work email. It constantly keeps asking me to put in my password. This was never an issue before the upgrade. I have OWA for work, and my other personal hotmail account works fine.

Had leaked on my ATT Z10; tried to update OTA, with no joy. Tried to repeat but got the "one attempt in 24 hours" message

Tried using link this am, and was flawless. All apps and data came across, and only had three "bloatware" apps from att to delete. All good so far.

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Personally, I'm far from ok with the time it took for att to drag their feet on the update especially from a company who thinks so highly of themselves. I MUST have my phone working at all times for family and work.
I couldn't afford to download a leak only to mess up and brick my phone. ( that would be my luck). Even with this OTA version, I had to restart my phone a few times till it started showing my hub.
Is their some back room meeting where executives are discussing ways to doom blackberry, such as holding out so long for upgrades because, bottom line, it's always about the money. Some say it's the tech... their still testing....and so one and so forth.

It's all about someone lining someone else's pocket. IMO

Sorry for the rant.

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It sure seems like there are some backroom meetings going on to come up with ways to give BlackBerry the boot. SMH..

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I got the update with BlackBerry Link but now my blue tooth does not work. Anyone else have this problem...or. enter yet, a solution?

It came without warning. I had already installed the leaked version. Now all of a sudden I have the apps back that came with device - MyAT&T!

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Was running leaked 2141 on my Q10. The battery life on this AT&T update sucks ass. I'm gonna revert back.

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Well ATT and BB, congrats. Problem is now, my corporation 3 weeks ago decided to cancel all BB support within our system. All 3700 users are now on iPhone and Android. First there was terrible help and support on BES, then lacking features in OS10, and then of course, no 10.2 forever. I'm sure gonna miss my BB, but for the last year or so, it didn't support all the features even OS7 did.

i am having three problems with the 10.2 and when i called ATT, they verified that 9 out of 10 people are having issues. i hope BB comes out with a patch real fast:
1) Slow
2) Battery drains faster
3) Not all my contacts came over from my Outlook - this is the worst one.

The contacts are my biggest problem with the update. I originally synced with outlook when I got the Q10 last June. I probably shouldn't have as I have too many contacts on my computer, but it was working OK. After the update, some contacts are linked that shouldn't be, some are duplicated, some are merged so that I have repeats of phone numbers in the same contact, ALL of the addresses are listed as "other" even though many are work and many are home. When my Husband calls me from his iPhone it pops up with my name!! I decided to correct these manually and to eliminate many of the unnecessary contacts and will no longer try to sync with my computer. I will do a backup when I am done.

That being said, copy and paste is much improved, I love being able to chose white or black themes. I especially had problems seeing the calendar with the dark theme, but enjoy reading CB with the dark theme. I am very happy to have been able to put my Kindle books on my BB. I waited 10 months for that, as I had Kindle on my BB9000 and used it all the time.

Basically, I am very happy AT&T finally released it. Nothing ever goes perfectly smoothly, but I'm sure in a few days it will all settle down. As far as the battery goes, the jury is still out. I spent 3 hours today working on the contacts, and yesterday playing with settings, so I'm sure that ran my battery down. Luckily I have the charging bundle!

Thanks for your post. I have the merged contacts issue (see original post below), but haven't found any that are missing. These were all on an exchange account for Outlook, and my Outlook directory is as it should be as far as I can tell. I'm hoping I don't have to manually separate and recreate on the blackberry.

im having the same issues. its killing me. battery is dying within hours, every application is slower... almost a 5sec delay on everything.

I wish I could get it to download! I get upward of 75 percent of the download done, then it stops and says unable to complete. I have freed up several gigs of space, and now it says I'm running the latest software but it is still the old number showing. I give up!

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