AT&T rolling out software update

By Bla1ze on 26 Aug 2014 11:51 pm EDT

If you've been waiting for the latest AT&T update on your BlackBerry 10 device, you might want to go ahead and check for updates. According to several reports, along with confirmation from within Sachesi, AT&T is now rolling out software update or otherwise known as OS on the BlackBerry Z10 as well as the BlackBerry Q10.

The change log remains unchanged from the generic BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 changes, so it's likely just minor fixes for the carrier but by all means, let us know if you manage to spot anything drastically better in this release. If you're not seeing it yet, sit tight it will arrive eventually and is likely being rolled out in stages.

PS: AT&T has now officially posted about the update.

Thanks to all who sent this in!

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AT&T rolling out software update


I'm still rocking the T-Mobile software and OS The 10.3 leak kept freezing up when I used my camera and erased my Z10 back to factory settings every time I restarted my phone to fix the freeze

Still stuck on T-Mobile USA :(

You T-Mobile guys should be running OS Not sure what you're doing with a anything else.

That's the most stable 10.2.1 release built for T-Mobile.

Z30STA100-5/ /T-Mobile USA

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think .2156 is the last pushed out build--the one that supports WiFi calling?

And all other 10.2.1.x builds break WiFi calling? Is that right? I remember a 10.3.x.x build that didn't, but I don't recall any 10.2.1 builds later than .2156 that don't.

3247 does work for wifi calling on t-mobile. I have an unlocked at&t z10 it works with.

This new build today got pulled in and took out wifi calling. Not impressed.

Posted via CB10 works great with wifi calling. There's a thread on the Tmo discussion board here with my screenshots of it working. Many have made the switch.


Thank you much, modifier! That is good news.
Admittedly, I took the 10.3 plunge so lost wi-fi calling. But I fell in love all over again with my TMO Q10, I'll live without the wi-fi calling...for now.
10.3 was the smoothest and best jump so far for me! ☺

Raino, you're correct on the latest push from T-Mobile. But interestingly if you look on Sachesi you'll see the USA country code and T-Mobile carrier code.

My factory unlocked phones on T-Mobile were pushed this update. This update is the one that not only supports wifi calling but also VoLTE.

It's a shame that people have to either use Sachesi or an autoloader to enjoy this update though.

I found 3247 to be the best all around OS for the Z10. Why they'd add all the carrier specific improvements but not push it to the TMO factory phones just doesn't make sense.

The 10.3 version currently leaked loses wifi and VoLTE so I stand by my assessment that 3247 is currently the best OS for Z10 and Q10 on T-Mobile. It's not official and not OTA but it should be.

Interestingly they did the same thing before 3247 with the switch to 2234 from 2228. 2228 was official but 2234 was once again made for T-Mobile but only pushed on factory unlocked phones. But Sachesi codes were T-Mobile USA.

You T-Mobile guys should go ahead and update from 2228 to 3247 if you're comfortable with it. No telling if TMO will ever push it to you OTA.

Z30STA100-5/ /T-Mobile USA

Also Raino you're right about an early 10.3 build working with wifi calling. I briefly tried it but didn't like it as a daily driver and went back to 3247.. But the newest 10.3 leak doesn't support wifi or VoLTE.

Z30STA100-5/ /T-Mobile USA

Do you know if.3253 is better than.3247 ,I was not aware of these os till now? Also the autoloader that I found for. 3247 is for stl1 onlyThank you

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Still on .2941/.3175 on Telstra.

Won't bother anymore, waiting for 10.3.x official for my work device. No leaks on that one...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I'm on and happy so far.
Battery life is good (for a Z10) and it runs stable.

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Using 10.3 and no issues other than wifi access to 64GB exfat formatted card bug.
I almost forget I'm running a leak. Running great.

Frosty White Q10/

Loving 10.3 on the Z10. My only complaint is the typing seems a bit buggy. Anyone else have this issue?

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Yes, keyboard flickers kinda crazy sometimes but I can live with it bc the OS is freaking awesome!!!

Posted via CB10

Agreed - I noticed that typing in the browser seems slow sometimes.

Oh, and the Connect to OneDrive app is semi-borked! But at least I can access via Browser.

I traded my Z10 for a Z30 while on AT&T. I'm wondering if the update will come for my Z30?
It came from BlackBerry with
Anyone knows the answer?

Posted via CrackBerry on my Z30 BlackBerry

Sorry about the poor choice of words.
I purchased a Z30 from BlackBerry for $350 and sold my unlocked Z10 (in mint condition) with all the accessories that I had to a friend for $250. So my new phone was only $100.
I can only say that the Z30 truly is an awesome phone.

Posted via CrackBerry on my Z30 BlackBerry

Yes, you will still receive updates via AT&T. I've received one before on my Z30 although now running 10.3 and never looking back.


Verizon Q10 running on CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My boring channel but has cute Frenchie puppy pics :) [/URL]

Man we're all ready for 10.3.... Att sucks big time!

Let's hope they don't drop the ball when the passport and classic hit the market.

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!


You realize 10.3 isn't official yet right? You're saying AT&T sucks because they have not released an unofficial OS? What's wrong with you people? AT&T is releasing a new 10.2.1 release and people are complaining? I'm glad they are actually pushing updates...

Finally some sense in these comments! People love to complain about not getting updates, then when a carrier slammed for not releasing updates does they get slammed for not releasing an update that the handset manufacturer hasn't released for production, and that won't be released for the devices people are using anyway. That's a run-on sentence to be sure, but also remember that carrier updates are the only means to update for BES users, and that all existing devices are slated for 10.3.1.

Oh, and the longer I can go without the fugly flat UI in 10.3, the better.

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Agreed!! This shows a continued commitment to BlackBerry by AT&T and should encourage everyone that the new devices like the Passport are coming soon to AT&T. ;-) running smooth on Virgin Q10. Contacts are even cleaned up :) Only issue I've noticed is that some apps (ie. Candid) don't integrate well with the hub but work fine on their own. Not crazy about the flat look or the plain look of the hub but I'm hoping they add a few accent colours to the hub in the official release.

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I am in California and it is not yet available. Happy they finally updated and hope 10.3 is available shortly after Passport launch. I'll be buying direct from BlackBerry this time.

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This is a good sign that att has not abandoned support for BlackBerry. This makes me hopeful that they will carry the new devices....

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The only problem for me is my contract won't be up by the end of this year, lol. So I might have to just buy one unlocked (have money saved up for it actually) or just talk real nice with customer service to let me early upgrade, lol.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I'm just shocked that AT&T released an upgrade before most other carriers. Way to go!!! :D

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z10.

Indeed. Surprising ATT is actually ahead of US carriers on a BlackBerry update. Dare I hope for the future?

The more likely answer is that this is their version of 3247 and they are as slow as always since nobody else will release this.

Sorry, I've just got my brand new Q10 unlocked with the most recent update of 10.2.1 don't want any of att bugs blocking services, everything runs smooth.

Posted via world class Q10 !!

Yeah....every time i have to restart my phone to fix the virus n hang probs....fix the bugs in Z10 n release a gud antivirus which shud resolve all probs....rgds nidhiee

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WooHoo!! My contacts are finally fixed!! I had 2977 on the Z10. Every time I set the contacts to last name first, they would switch back to first name first. I also could not get it to switch to dark theme.

I spent hours on the phone with BB tech, wiped the phone and reinstalled the OS. Nothing helped. This update seems to have fixed it! A BIG plus for me!!

Posted via my Q10 or Z10

So I did the math... for Bla1ze to post this article, he has really wonky 'work' hours... he's a dedicated man! wow!

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I probably will use seshesi to update once I get it setup on my desktop, ie. the linux way.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Thanks for spotting that... :-)

I looked at it and it seemed familiar... without recognizing it... wondered why so many 333s?

BBRY? Leet indeed...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice.... running great on AT&T Z10. But I am hoping that this is a sign that AT&T will sell and support the Passport.

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To late for that upgrade I just got the latest on my Q10 and is so great smooth and the the apps icon are so different.

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To late for that I just got the latest On my AT&T Q10 and is running with no trouble at all. Run fast, smooth, no crash, the icon are so different. Waiting for the next upgrade.

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I'm downloading and updating to .3014 right now! Funny though...last night I downloaded (and had not yet installed) the files for

Thank you! I will take that under advisement when I'm ready for that step.
That said, for some reason my BlackBerry Link won't let me update to It downloads, acts like it installed, it, but my Q10 still shows .2179.

East coast usa Att not seeing the update yet, might be a very gradual update for Att 's BlackBerry users.

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I'm on AT&T currently running and about to download the upcoming. I'll post any changes I find

Keep Calm and Chive On

Manually updated my Z10 using Sachesi like I did many times before. After updating to this version I no longer have Wifi access!

On the one hand I want to thank ATT because they are always late with the Blackberry updates. So thank you, but I am happily rolling with 10.3 and loving it!

Too late, thanks,....I've already flashed to!

Z10, *.3175, 3500 MaH Btry - Posted via CB10

No Z30 love from them??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? WTF

Yeah My AT&T Z10 is still on 2179 have 12 mins til I can check for updates!! Woo-hoo give it to me AT&T!!!!

My schweet Z10!!

I hate to say it but with the AT&T update history, makes me think that there is some ulterior motive for this is not like them to be early to the party.

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Agreed with you Jon they just updated to LTE in my area this week and now blackberry OS support all in a week #mindblown

My schweet Z10!!

Just came in around 1110 in Atlanta area.
The update states that

"No more limits on applications running in the background.
Support for 64GB (or higher) SD cards.
Enhancements to bluetooth , media and browser amongst other improvements"

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I did. But the notification seems to be a little buggy. I used check for updates, but the new version notification did not appear until after a reboot. (I rebooted bec battery drain over past hour or so shot up... I fear it may have been die to the check update. )

I am packing ZeeTen goodness...

I am currently using 2179. Is it worth the upgrade to 3014? Or should I just sit tight until 10.3 stabilizes?

I am packing ZeeTen goodness...

One thing I can tell off the bat is that it runs snappier. When I chose different apps they open quicker, scrolling is faster, multitasking is faster etc.

Posted via CB10

Got the update. Not sure yet - i'll keep ya'll posted. For all those hating on ATT for an update, remember who came in dead last to get 10.2 at all. It was ATT!!! :) Finally, a pulse from ATT on Blackberry!

what I'm looking to get is video chat from BBM across all devices!!!!! My wife uses Iphone. I have to use Skype...blahblahblah

When I back up, the full phone is not saved. There are android apps from amazon on my phone since last backup. It never failed before. Is this why?

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Same here, not seeing it for my z30.
Oh well more of an excuse to load the 10.3 leak I guess!

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Downloading now on my locked Q10.
Got it last night on the unlocked Z10. Biggest change on the Z, as I mentioned before, is now I can change the settings in the contacts app. It didn't work on
I'll see if anything changes on the Q10. It was working fine before :)

Posted via my Q10 or Z10

Downloaded it and installed it last night here in the central time zone. Was on 2977. Thanks AT&T.

Posted via CB10

FINALLY some East Coast love (Philly)...Thanks AT&T!!!

Posted by my FABULOUS z10..THANK YOU 

Z10STL100-3/ - Surprised I got the update early this morning in Hawaii. Still waiting for my Z30, I purchased from on Aug 14, expected delivery Sept 9 :/

Z10STL100-3/ AT&T

Anybody else catch the AT&T video about the Z10? (it is thru the att link)

I am impressed that it was produced. Maybe AT&T is going to start to promote the BlackBerry 10 devices more now that BlackBerry has refocused on Enterprise.

I am packing ZeeTen goodness...

Hi John Gee,

I'd love to see the video. Was it a TV spot, on AT&T's website or someplace else? Is there a link you point us all to? Thanks.

Stupid AT&T jackasses!! I can't download the update because I have to be on WiFi. Someone needs to point out to them that not everyone has access to Wifi on a regular basis, e.g. anyone that transports cargo.

I have more friends because I do drugs!!

I installed the 97MB update last night, and it took probably about an hour from start to auto-reboot. I say "about an hour" because I kept dozing off with my Q10 in hand. By the time I closed my eyes to really go to sleep, it was past midnight. Yes, I am addicted to my BlackBerry!

So far I've noted the following observations, as I haven't had the opportunity to really dive in yet:

1. My Q10 is much more responsive, changing from app to app and screen to screen more quickly than before the update.

2. The update seems to have addressed the Android runtime problem, and I am now THANKFULLY able to actually run Android apps and ports. Before the update, these apps would take forever to open, then spontaneously close after only a minute or so. I had given up, thinking I would just have to wait until the release of 10.3. Thanks CrackBerry for the poll early on, and thank you BlackBerry for the fix!

3. Options for deleting single emails eliminate one finger tap, and now defaults to "Delete email from Hub and server", whereas with the previous release the user had to select one or the other, then "Delete" (unless the user had previously opted for "Always perform this action. Don't show again.")

4. Apps open faster (yes, even faster than before!)

5. The native browser's Yaho! page looks different, cleaner, nicer. Also, when scrolling through the top stories, selecting a story then tapping the "Back" icon, it takes you back to where you left off. Previously, it would go back to the first story, very annoying if the story you had scrolled to was somewhere in the middle or near the end. Another plus is that Yahoo's "Share" icon is prominently displayed in the top right corner of the screen, so no more tapping the overflow dots to scroll up to tap "Share".

6. So far, no noticeable difference in the battery. I've used my Q10 about the same amount, if not a bit more, than usual this morning and it seems to be on par with the usual usage. Hopefully I'm wrong, and the battery is even MORE efficient than before.

That's all I have for now. Can't wait to further explore.

Everything stated above including the AT&T change log:

"No more limits on applications running in the background.
Support for 64GB (or higher) SD cards.
Enhancements to bluetooth , media and browser, as well as other improvements"

Sounds like we can use the 128GB cards now. (I'm waiting for them to come down in price a little bit more.)
My battery seems to be lasting much longer than before.
Everything seems to be running faster and more smoothly that yesterday, even the BBM video chat. Although, it could be just that I'm so excited that AT&T pushed the update faster than ever before.
Thank you Blackberry and AT&T. Keep up the great work! :)

UPDATE (8/30/14):
7. The call-waiting caller ID screen has a SWEET looking update, white instead of black.
8. Unfortunately the "Dismiss/
Snooze" screen is still the same, with options too close and too small. Have to be very careful not to dismiss an alarm prematurely.
My #3 (I think it's #3) is wrong. Today, kept going back to the first page. (sad face)

Not ashamed of the 'Berry I carry. BlackBerry by choice!

Added last night. Our Z10's are super snappy (even more so) and my contacts look normal (happy dance) hoping battery improves but just bought two new on the kick ass sell price last week to keep me powered and moving. Like our Z10's more and more. If only they would have originally released like this!!!!

Posted via CB10

I just called t-mobile and complains about os updates. They gave me an unlock code for my phone and its still not paid off!! Very happy and surprised about it. I still can't get an update though for some reason.??

"Our emotions are in the water we drink"

As long as the mobile assistant coming to BlackBerry isn't like talking to a dog through a drive-through Taco Bell I'll be happy! The current voice recognition on this shouldn't have even been deployed.

Posted via CB10

One thing I discovered this evening is that my call-waiting isn't working. Not sure if it's a result of the update (hopefully not) or if my carrier did something even before the update. Anyone else experiencing this? I'll call AT&T tomorrow to see what happened and hopefully it's something they can just turn back on. Call-waiting is essential.

UPDATE ON CALL-WAITING/CALLER ID: I called AT&T and just as I thought, the problem with call-waiting was on their end. For whatever reason, they removed the setting, and I have no idea when that happened or why. The tech couldn't answer those questions for me either. Thankfully, with a "flip of the AT&T switch" the service was back on within about an hour, and I'm now able to see the pretty bright call-waiting/caller-ID screen again.

I just updated to 3014 from AT&T. I thought the squares around the icons were supposed to go away. I can't tell a difference. I tried the BlackBerry Assistant and she seemed 'quicker' to respond to my question....

Posted via CB10

The removing of the squares around the apps won't come until 10.3.1 which isn't going to come out for all devices until Q4 of this year

Keep Calm and Chive On

I updated today! The obvious changes are the speed at which apps open and close, some android apps run faster, and the speed of screen transition. The only downfall is a few of my apps have been removed from the hub

Keep Calm and Chive On

Just downloaded and installed.....nothing earth-shaking, but everything definitely loads up quicker. I'm happy. :)

Posted via my Cyberdyne Systems T-800

I updated way faster on my z10 apps load faster and seems more stable. Os boot seems faster..ill post more later as I play with it so far very good update

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I have 3 BBZ10. One I've bought from Saudi Arabia. The other one is from USA AT&T. The third one is Directly from Blackberry website in USA. The update has arrived to the Unlocked phone I've bought from BlackBerry website in 707M. The same update has been rolled out buy AT&T, but not in full size, it was only 167 M. Until now, the Z10 I've bought from Saudi Arabia doesn't show any new OS update yet.

Posted via CB10

Toth, that unlock code was Tmobile's way of saying "switch to a different carrier.". Unlocking the phone won't allow you to get any updates if you don't replace the sim and the carrier.

Posted via CB10

The only difference I've noticed on day one is that creating comments in the LinkedIn app are pretty much hosed.

Posted via CB10

I am with the rest that say at least AT&T is pushing updates even if they are 10.2. I would rather keep getting 10.2 updates then nothing at all. That being said this update has seemed to make my phone a lot snappier and run smoother I am happy with it. Only time will tell if the texting lock up issue is fixed.

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I am using the blackberry z10 and version of Os my BlackBerry show no network connection on android apps please give me solution for this please help me

Posted via CB10

I'm having bluetooth audio popping when the cellular or wife antennas are active, like an audio pop when I turn on wifi. This did not happen prior to this update.

AT&T, Z10STL100-3/

Via Z10