AT&T reportedly interested in acquiring DirectTV to better compete against Comcast

AT&T reportedly interested in acquiring DirectTV to better compete against Comcast
By Rene Ritchie on 1 May 2014 12:01 am EDT

AT&T is reportedly interested in acquiring satellite TV provider DirectTV. DirectTV is currently the second biggest U.S. pay TV provider, with roughly 20 million customers while AT&T's TV business reaches roughly 5.7 million. Combined, AT&T and DirectTV would be better positioned to compete against Comcast, especially when and if their Time Warner Cable buyout goes through. That's according to the Wall Street Journal:

Acquisition of DirecTV would give AT&T a national footprint in pay television at a time when the telecom company sees video delivery as core to its future. An acquisition would allow AT&T to offer bundles of wireless and TV services, and could give AT&T new ways to deliver video to its mobile and broadband customers.

If a deal is ever made — and it remains a big if — it's hard to tell whether or not it would help customers by providing better service and cheaper overall, bundled prices. Given the precarious state of net neutrality these days, and the U.S. government's willingness to entertain mergers like Comcast/Time Warner — not to mention Comcast/NBC Universal! — bigger might also end up meaning the opposite of better.

A future where internet companies are and own TV distribution, never mind networks and production companies, is the opposite of the dumb-pipe destinies many consumers long for.

AT&T buying DirectTV is just a rumor for now and a lot can happen between talks and deals being made and approved. In the meantime, let me know — how would you feel about AT&T owning DirectTV?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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AT&T reportedly interested in acquiring DirectTV to better compete against Comcast


It is all about the money to be made. Any company that sees the opportunity to take more market share, will do so If allowed. Do they need to get bigger? Maybe not! Would they, if they could? Absolutely!!

Blackberry always.....

Which is why I think the deal will flop. Just as I think the Comcast-TWC merger will flop.

People somehow forget about how the feds blocked the AT&T-T-Mobile merger like a call from angry penniless cheating ex-boyfriend. Haha

That makes me wonder: Imagine a world where T-Mobile USA merged with AT&T Mobility. A world without John Legere. I like it.

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Rene your articles are always small on the CB10 app!

I'll check it out via the BlackBerry 10 browser.

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I'm either having a form of deja vu or a similar article was written about this very same subject or maybe I need to sleep.

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Another need for the CB10 app update

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Just use the Android Crackberry App

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Thanks for the tip, but I find it less than satisfactory that I must use an Android app to get the best browsing experience on a BlackBerry fan site.


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As a fifteen year DirecTV subscriber, to this I'll say no. ATT already has enough of my money, and too much control.

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Six month delay to get 10.2 on my Z10.. How long will it take to get new technology on my TV after this??

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This won't help them not to mention they already sell DirecTV and I'm sure they get a cut.

Currently have U-Verse via VDSL .. I won't ever see over 32Mb/s unless they pair-bond.. TV quality has gone down since first released.. not as WOW as it used to be and appears more compression.. Then you have the UI... had potential but its a bloated mess now.. new feature just added.. interactive ads!!

That said... I'll gladly take U-Verse over DirecTV.. I like not having signal issues... (Don't lie.. its true.. twc during a storm?...)
but... I'm thinking about switching to Comcast now that the X1 platform is available in my area.. I just don't know I want to deal with them again.

Now DirecTV does have something Comcast may never have... unlimited speed(kinda)... falling from the sky... and all you need is a bucket... yes limited to the uplink.. but store content on the sat and problem solved. Now imagine they combine those... U-Verse and DirecTV box as one... locally connected and unlimited information at the ready..

I hope this never happens, DirecTV gives good service and timely service. AT&T is only interested in $$. I probably would switch to something else if this happens. Bigger is not getting to be better as far as the consumer is concerned.

Reason I have Direct TV is Comcast high rates.

But I see this as less about the service and more about the content deals in place.

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Thing is, it's all a daggum rip off. I'm really considering just dropping my satellite dish once I'm not under contract. Watch Hulu and Netflix and amazon and get an antenna. Would cost me 200 a year vs 100 a month. Same with phone service. Once I'm off contract I'm going to look really hard into a prepaid plan. What we get charged for phones is ridiculous.

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It would be nice to be able to read the article through the BB10 app. Font is way too small.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

NNNNOOoooooo. This would be awful. Another overpriced industry which has very few choices now looking to impose even fewer choices.

Is there any normal person who is excited about this?

AT&T was in the broadband business from about 2000-03 under AT&T Broadband until Comcast bought them out in 2003. Now it seems they want back in the game with satellite.

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Great timing for me as I just got back to the states with a BlackBerry Passport. I just found out I get LTE on AT&T with it. I will stop by one of their stores and get hooked up.