AT&T ramping up for the BlackBerry Z10 - Demo units arrive, employees receive devices

Demo units sent, employees getting to know the hardware - AT&T is ready

By Bla1ze on 20 Mar 2013 12:09 am EDT

We're only a few days away from the release of the BlackBerry Z10 in the U.S. and we've been getting plenty of emails from folks within AT&T letting us know store demos devices are starting to arrive. In addition to that, a lot of AT&T employees have also emailed us letting us know they've been given devices to check out and use.

In case you're wondering what the packaging will look like, we've included an image below. Now, we just have to wait and see if anyone actually gets their Z10 shipped to them early. 

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AT&T ramping up for the BlackBerry Z10 - Demo units arrive, employees receive devices


I wonder if those who selected one day rush (like I did) from AT&T Pre-Order site will receive it tomorrow since AT&T is supposed to ship them out today.

Can't wait to check out the demo units at ATT on thursday, a nice little tease before my vzw z10 arrives

I'm still with my 9000 and also don't know which to chose. Too bad I will have to wait for Q10 to arrive to compare them!

I walked into a att store today and they didn't even have a demo displayed they even said that the manager has the only demo model and he wasn't there to let me test it

It's all about OEM. I want the black box too. Not some cheap carrier wrapper. After all this is a momentus occasion for BB and all us diehards.

When I called AT&T this week they didn't even know what the Z10 is. And as a premier customer I don't have the privilege to preorder will have to wait until Friday

I think I know the answer to this but will ask anyway: To be able to order the Z10 from Best Buy, do you have to be eligible for AT&T device upgrade first?

I was on the same boat, BUT they went ahead and did the same thing that they did when the iPhone 3G came out and I couldn't purchase it because of my Premier status. All they did was remove my Premier discount from my account, order the phone, and then added the discount back again. Worked like a charm!

I went to TWO different AT&T stores yesterday and no one at either of them had any idea that this was even happening.

Thats another problem, they havent spend in Ad in NY...last night i saw a commercial (first one) and that was ? Wtf they like is the first time in business...

awe man! I wanted one of the cool black boxes, oh well at least its hererrerererererer!!!!! *Exploded of excitement

I just wonder how hard its going to be to get one through the AT&T Premier store (corporate users).. Need to order 23 but im happy to just get mine... sometimes theres perks to IT..

Good to hear! I drove by a Verizon store before they closed tonight, they had already locked the doors but I saw a fairly large print ad for the white Z10 in their front window (it was big enough for me to notice it from the inside of my car). I'm REALLY hoping for a surprise from Verizon this week!

It's great news for the Z10 units have arrived, but RIM / Blackberry needs to ensure that the US marketing is done right and the store employees are properly trained in order to give the Z10 the best possible chance of success.

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Happy to sell you my black Z10 box if you're dying for it...
I hope that US sales staff receive better training than what appears to have occurred in Canada. Doesn't sound like it, yet but there's still a few days. It would be nice to minimize BB-bashing by staff who don't know how to use the product. It took me 24 hours with the Z10 before I was in love and those first few minutes of "learning curve" were definitely weird (borderline frustrating).
And just over a week until earnings and (hopefully) some shipping numbers!
Crazy March.

@Arreat: I was able to peel the sticker off with all my phone info without damaging the box, so if you want to pay the shipping it's all yours!

Wish there was a way to gauge if Sprint is even listening to our demands for the Z10.

It infuriates me that they've already committed to hawking the gimmicky Galaxy S4 that's not even available yet but won't look at the Z10 that's right in their face.

I've been using it since last Friday and so far I am using it a ton and I love everything about it so much so that I would be actually buy the z10 I was able to side load Netflix, instagram, Pandora and a few other apps and they work great blackberry is back and I'm am happy for this great new operating system

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I also think the black boxes that we got in Canada were way nicer and fit the brand better, just a more classy look.

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We got the blue toned box in South Africa. I suppose the packaging matters to a lot of people. I'd be more excited about the contents!

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I've had mine for a few days and I LOVE IT!!! Very happy with it and can't wait till launch day Friday!!!

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I ordered mine at my local AT&T store last Thursday. The manager had one already and was very impressed although he described it as "a Blackberry phone in an iPhone case". <grrrrrr>

Rest assured that AT&T will find a way to screw the launch up further than they already have for US businesses. Its one area where they never dissappoint.

I wonder if those who selected one day rush (like I did) from AT&T Pre-Order site will receive it tomorrow since AT&T is supposed to ship them out today.

I got a chance to test out a demo unit that one rep had on her. It wasn't a floor unit, but she let me check it out here in Stamford, CT. Let's just say that she wasn't doing her homework and I educated her on every aspect of that phone even though it was my first time holding one.

I did an impromptu interview with her while recording it all and snapping pictures into her BlackBerry Remember app. I asked what she didn't like about it and why; what app was on other platforms that she felt Blackberry absolutely needed (Facebook Pages, Instagram). She said it lacked that killer app. I told her it has all of the killer features built into the killer OS. Then I went over every single thing while it was recording and I was snapping pictures of her reaction. I left it all on her phone so she'll remember it all (See what I did there?).

I swayed her from the dark side after my demo of HER unit, lol. I closed out with the statement about apps saying, "So Apple has 750, 000 apps. Android has 700, 000 apps. Windows 200, 000 or so. Honestly, does the number of apps really matter? Unless you can fit them all on your phone, it's not an issue. Now having something built right into the OS so you don't need an app...that's something special. So it has a better screen than the rest. The user experience is better than the rest. It does everything the others can do and more, and it does everything you want more efficiently and productively. What's not to love about this phone?"

Done deal.

LOL Should I try to meet up the the CrackBerry crew before entering Best Buy to see if they agree with ya?

Sadly, I won't be making it to the event tonight. I'll be at my nearest Best Buy first thing in the morning.

This is what I have to do constantly with Blackberry. I'm sure it will be the same with the Z10. This is what we'll all (The Crackberry Elite) will have to do if the Z10 is to be a success, because let's face it, these employees couldn't sale water to a man in the dessert! I even considered going to work for T-Mobile for a few months, just to see how many Z10s I could move. LoL Heck I've moved a few & they're not even out yet! LoL Well done man.

I completely agree with you. It really is a shame that at&t management hasn't pushed their reps to really learn this great new platform.

I went back to the same store the next day, and there was one younger rep who actually was all for BlackBerry doing well. Talking about his PlayBook, but he was rocking an iPhone. He didn't know too much about the Z10 because his training was starting in an hour that day. So I went on to teach him a few things to keep him ahead of the pack and to get sales.

Sadly, he couldn't show me more because another rep was helping a customer who was also interested in the Z10, and he needed the only floor model available. I'd have been doing an injustice if I kept him away from helping her out. The more interested in it, the better. Let's get this thing movin TeamBlackBerry.

Did I mention I did a backflip into a windmill into a backspin and then a freeze right before I left?

Seriously?!?! Who care about a box. It's what inside that matters. Must the US complain and be nip picky about everything?

Lets be happy it's here.

At AT&T stores, all the ones I've been to, you don't see the box until you have made your choice to buy the phone. Out front are just the demo units. They go into the back and get it when you decide to buy.

Not that I don't want the black box which looked pretty sweet, but I'll take my Z10 if it came in a brown paper bag.

lol, its not like if a person ever says "Check out my new Blackberry, when I get home i'll send you a picture of the box"

This is obviously true, but every carrier will do their own box. There are actually people who are hired for nothing more than box design for products. Some people dig it. Some couldn't care less if it came in an iPhone box. Personally, I like the black boxes with the varying carrier sleeves, but would love that huge gray delux pack that Kev got with extra goodies inside.

lol exactly. For all I care, give it to me in a USPS, if it fits it ships box, so long as everything I need is in it.

Yes, it has to be a US thing. I'm sure people in the UK and Canada doesn't complain about anything... I don't care about the box, but think it's just as silly to make it a nationality issue...

Sometime next week (I hope) my Z10 from Verizon is going to show up. I don't care what color the box is, or even if they send it in a ziplock bag, as long as it shows up.

I stopped in at my local at&t on Monday and asked to see a Z10. The rep gave me some sort of BS response that they have a demo unit but it wasnt out on display because it wouldnt sync up with their e-mail or something like that. He ended up going into the back and bringing it out to me. he told me it wasn't charged but turned it on and handed it to me to play with. unfortunately, it was on the damn boot up screen for so long that i didn't get to actually use it. Hopefully, i'll be able to get my hands on one soon and actually get to use it.

Also, he was less than knowledgeable about it. Didn't even know it would be available the 22nd (although he asked someone else there and they did know). It was a less than stellar experience.

I have a friend who works for T-Mobile and he said March 26th. They had a a hands on training last night and he sent me some pics. Can't freaking wait.

I Do work for tmobile too. no store managers have the Z10 no reps blackberry. Blackberry Marketing Manager said I'm in the top 10 for the seeding program (giving employees phones) and we are a corporate core store (we move UNITS!) I'm the only one who keeps blackberry moving. No official release date even the say the 27th. Hopefully its the 26th so ill have it by next friday ill just pay for it and sell it on Ebay if they decide to provide me with the Z10. Blackberry is known for dragging there feet

Just an fyi that if you're thinking of buying it via your employee plan (you cant buy it any other way) and then sell it on ebay, you may as well enjoy your ebay proceeds since those will need to carry you once you get fired. Know what you can or can't do before you jeopardize your job.

I won't get fired for selling my own equipment that I purchase at full retail price. If you are an employee they told use on the forums that we can buy from ebay amazon craigslist ect. If you knew what you were talking about you would also know that T-MOBILE EMPLOYEES no longer GET DISCOUNTS ON PHONES AT ALL AS OF FEB 22ND. SO IF I SOLD A PHONE THAT I BOUT AT RETAIL THERE IS NO FRAUD. NOW IF I WERE TO SELL MY SEED DEVICE THATS FRAUD BECAUSE I DONT OWN IT AND DID NOT PURCHASE IT SAME GOES FOR ALPHA SEED DEVICES. To the point if I don't get the seed device @ launch day ill buy Z10 retail and if they decide to provide us with seed devices I will sell the Z10 I purchase at full price.....and use seed device

Marketing manager for the midwest won't let me in on when the employees get the demos this is frustrating when being harrased by brainwashed galaxy customers smh.

My local store allowed me to go hands on with an employees Z10 over a week ago. Sadly I knew more about the phone then the staff working there did.

Giving some units to sales staff is genius I think. Make fans out of the staff, and they should do a much better job selling BlackBerry.

So mad I haven't got my hands on one yet, went into another store on Tuesday here in NYC (3 days before launch) and they still didn't have a display model or an employee issued device for me to give a test run on. I heard the AT&T store in Rockefeller center has Z10 on display. I'll see if I can stop by today and get in on the action.

Stopped in at TMobile yesterday. No publicity AT ALL for Z10, but Samsung Galaxy was plastered everywhere. The manager said he'd heard that March 27 was the day, but he was unsure, and gave me the impression that he wasn't impressed. I'm not impressed either - where are publicity campaigns etc?

A friend of mine saw a BB ad on TV last night and asked if I got mine yet. I gave her some info, but I am so anxious for the Z10 and so is she. I never wanted a phone this much in my life! The fact that T-Mobile is so hush-hush about it doesn't help.

@ Mr Dbloo - sadly how many of us usually more about BlackBerry than the staff, whether it's for lack of knowledge or interest. But can tell you how many widgets their Android has, I own an Android outside of the weather widget who cares that's just me personally. I own one because when I returned back to Big Red were months away from BB10 so opted to wait it out and took a free RAZR. Now finally within days of getting my Z10 and putting this RAZR and eBay or Craigslist.

I like the old BLACK BlackBerry packaging better, or at least the original Z10 box that was shown off on launch day IIRC.

It seems like I can get this phone through ATT unlocked, for about $550. Does anyone know if there is a cheaper route? I'm looking to leave Verizon and join Solavei (t mobile MVNO) to cut my monthly bill in half.

If you buy it from AT&T, it will be locked even if you buy it off-contract. They may unlock it for you if you ask but if you aren't a customer, you may have a hard time.

I just tried the pre order it takes you into loops and never allows you to pre-order. I currently have the torch 9810. I'm on with a sales rep now (Chatbox). no help at all never got to pre - order. If anyone else is experiencing this same issue lemmeknow. They were gonna add an additional line to my account giving me 3 blackberrys.

Are you a Premier account holder? Cause if you are, that is the problem. Premier accounts CANNOT Pre-Order the Z10!!! I hate that AT&T always leave out Premier accounts out in the cold. Meanwhile T-Mobile gave PRIORITY to their business customers.

Because Verizon got the exclusive in the US- at least for now. Maybe AT&T and other carriers will be able to offer it later on after a specific period of time has passed.

Is it yet official that the iconic leather holster (as for the Bold 9930) is not included in the box?

@ Marka_450 - original Droid Razr white with JB 4.1.2 running on it from VZW not a ROM and probably gonna ask $150 going rate on eBay.

ATT had to put their UGLY look to it, Devices should come to us in the BlackBerry Box, I Bought a BlackBerry phone NOT an ATT phone, all they gave me was a number and service the device itself belongs to BB,

Went to my local store. They acknowledged that the BB sales rep had been in last week and some of them got some hands on with the Z10, but he would not confirm if anyone of their sales team had one. There definitely wasn't one on display and won't be until official launch day. I tried to get a special dispensation to early upgrade at a nominal fee, but no go. Oh well, I tried. Looks like May (if they let me upgrade 30 days prior to actual upgrade date of June 2nd). Since I am a long long time customer of ATT, even back when they were Cingular, I will try one more time to see if they will let me upgrade early on the 22nd. I am practicing crying on que...who knows, I may get a soft-hearted manager. ;)

I hope they will give the device an honest look.. so they'll allow themselves to fall in love with the device.. Makes for better sales.. :P

why are some of you complaining about the BOX? Its a BOX. Is it not what is in the BOX that everyone here in the USA has been crying for? Maybe not! Maybe some of you just want the BOX. If that is the case send me the Z10 inside the BOX and you keep the BOX

Got an e-mail this morning that mine has shipped. Ordered it last Friday at my AT&T store. Unfortunately they sent it ground and it is going from Texas to California so I won't get it until the 26th but it has left the depo and is on it's way. Can't wait to play withm my Z10.

When I went to pre order my phone, there were 2 employees that won an blackberry but they wasn't there at that time. My rep did have the sample. It is really nice and light

You know what's really interesting, I called a local AT&T corporate store to ask about the White Z10 and if they had heard anything on the release date for the Q10, since that is what my wife wants. I was baffled by his response, and this is the exact quote, "AT&T won't be getting the Q10." Anybody else gotten a similar response? I then proceeded to call another store and the salesman said he hadn't heard anything on the Q10 "yet"

Went to the local ATT shop, to see a Z10. They don't have demonstration units available. March 22, said the clerk.

Stopped by the local att store near the job....(since that's where I will friday morning before work) and listened to what they had to say. The rep advised I should have no problem with purchasing one that morning. He advised two of the managers had the demo units showing them off...but of course, they were at lunch when I stopped in. My new defender case is already looking lonely.

The store I called today, I asked if they'll have devices in stock for Friday, the girl laughed and said 'yeah, we should have enough'. I'm so pulling for a sell out at this location, they're all a bunch of ifanboys and girls.

You have AT&T decide how to package it. Simple as that. What I don't get is why the 9810 that i got from AT&T WAS in a black box. It seems like they've gone backwards. Oh well.

I could not wait got a white Z10 only using it on Tmobile!!! And it is amazing. Everyone wants to touch it and if I use an iPhone I find myself swiping up! Lool

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As someone who works in the industry, I'm waiting to get my hands on an ATT BB10 device so I can put BB into the mouths of ppl again.

Now if I can just decide if I want to go w/ the z10 or wait on the q10.....

In Philadelphia: hit 2 at&t retailers, 1 company store- company store clueless, retailers had stock (can't sell 'em till Fri but most stock pre-sold) but played with z10 ($450 early upgrade), nice, but waiting for q10 (love my 9900 qwerty forever) before I commit. Philly having carrier BB event on Mon. Holdback for me is QuickLaunch, as I use it for quickest access not just for apps, but categorized quick dials and Web sites from one top menu. Also not happy with what I hear re New bridge functions with PB/BB. So, will wait.

I have some slightly bad news. I have been waiting for a BB10 for over a year. Reading all the posts, getting hyped etc. BUT today I went into a small AT&T store to see of I could play with a Z10. (I am actually more interested in the Q, but I could be swayed). First of all the salesman said they were probably not gong to carry any BBs because they never sold any in the past. But, they did have a demo they could show me. They brought it out from the back, brand new in a box, turned it on, and it had dark gray blotches in the bottom of the display! The backlight was very uneven!! They told me they had noticed it when they first tried it. Tell me it isn't so! The first Z10 I ever held in my hand was defective!? I'm going to go to other AT&T stores to try others, but that was very disappointing!

Best Buy is already selling the AT&T version in Atlanta. They only had one left when I asked about it. I'm waiting on Verizon's release.