AT&T ramping up for the BlackBerry Q10 - Demo units arrive, employees receive devices

By Bla1ze on 14 Jun 2013 04:28 pm EDT

Although AT&T has been rather silent about their actual release date for the BlackBerry Q10, it's looking as though it's not all that far off now. We've received quite a few emails today alone letting us know that demo units have arrived and just like the BlackBerry Z10, some employees are being handed units for personal use. Rumor has it pegged for June 21st, but we'll see how that pans out.

Preorders for the device are still underway having begun back on June 5th with pricing set at $200 with the usual 2-year contract. At this point, it's looking as though Sprint will be the very last carry to offer the device, assuming they don't come from out of nowhere and magically start shipping the device before AT&T.

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AT&T ramping up for the BlackBerry Q10 - Demo units arrive, employees receive devices


Seriously, they still haven't done that? Man... 10.1 is such a big upgrade. The device is so much better on 10.1.

Are you serious? I don't have Skype and Rub3n5 is right. 10.1 makes the entire BB10 experience so much better. The keyboard corrections are more accurate and it adapts to your typing better. The magnified bubble, when trying to change the letter in a word, is so much more responsive.

The battery is much improved and doesn't have any draining problem. The reboots are fixed as well, and the entire experience is just smoother and faster.

10.1 has very little to do with Skype. Skype was dependent on 10.1, but as someone who doesn't care about Skype, I care a lot about 10.1, and everyone should be able to get it as soon as they can.

cool concept but i never found need for a 360 pic. The app is on sale now so its the right time to buy it if you're interested.

Not to mention, I'm a bit OCD about my photos, and on both the iphone and androids, the panoramic feature is pretty much never perfect. There are always weird stretched out things, some areas that don't really belong, and others that are distorted. No thanks, I hate doing things half-assed, especially with photos. If I want a panorama, I'll take multiple photos and use photoshop at home to make one. They always come out awesome that way, and any little mistakes can be fixed...

Great app. I've taken some really cool shots with it. Wish I could insert some in here to show off. Definitely worth picking up.

Fantastic app and gets better with each update. It's a must have app.

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Lets HOPE the do a better job promoting and showcasing the device than they did with the Z10. That was just pathetic!

I have had the Q10 since last Friday. It's a gorgeous device, nice feel. Blackberry needs to make sure they get the bugs worked out of the new Server OS, if they want to keep enterprise customers happy...

Sweet sweet BlackBerry goodness. BlackBerry for LIFEN and beyond.

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I agreed on 6/13/ 13 they posted false alarm that AT&T had the new upgrade 10.1.
i kept going on my setting to update new version but nothing what so ever. speaking of BBM Channel i'm trying to play to invite certain people but don't seem how i guess it only work on UK only.

AT&T needs to get their act together and market the Q10 & Z10 one he'll of a lot better than they do the Z10 now. The Z10 is advertised in their commercials with the HTC and Samsung for $99 then they place it in the back of the store without any overhead smartphone signage!!! It needs to be up front with the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4. BlackBerry should be really passed about AT&T's marketing!!!!!

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I agreed i open up an account with AT&T and i risk myself getting the Z-10 and NOT the iPhone 5 thinking that BlackBerry was the new come back and more but is not yet a true. i will wait for a couple of weeks if not then bye,bye Z-10 and hello iPhone 5 or Galaxy 4.

I agree 100% but we/BB can't really get mad at AT&T for not pushing the Z10. The iPhone 5, the HTC One, and the S4 are all devices that sell themselves for 199. The only people buying Z10s right now are die hard BB users and they all bought the device day one already. In my personal opinion $199 is a bit high for the Z10. I know the idea of that price is for profits at the end of the quarter but I think BB should be more concerned with getting as many devices out there as possible(especially the Z10). The more devices out then the more apps then the more attractive BB becomes, etc. Again in my opinion the build quality(HTC One/iPhone 5 ) and app selection(iOS/Android) of the Z10 is not on a $199 level yet. I think it might have a better chance at the $99 dollar range competing with the Lumia 920 and the Galaxy S3.

Hopefully BB and AT&T will get the hint soon cause BB10 is getting out dated extremely fast.

Not to mention, I'm sure Apple pays for better shelves, because whenever I go into the store, I always see iphones by themselves. The S4 will be with the HTC or even the Z10, but never by itself.

But yes, BB needs to market the phone as Z10 wasn't really hot. ATT even gave out cases and stuff for it, simply because it just didn't sell.

I was actually quite surprised to see the Z10 solo on a shelf front and center in the mobile department of my local best buy in a Alpharetta, GA. I'm sure the story is different in other more popular best buys though. Regardless BB on their own needs to market the Z10 a lot better than they are right now, I'm talking every commercial break on every channel if possible. There are still too many people out there that don't know that BB10 even exists.

When I got my Z10 at AT&T in March here in the US the Z10s were stuck in a corner with no signage nearby. I was specifically looking for it and I had to work my way around to find it. If someone was open to different brands and checking out the variety they would have seen the Z10 dead last. Surprisingly, the employees seemed impressed with the Z10's features in the day and a half they had the phone to try before AT&T's launch. Apparently they got the phones at the last minute and had to get a crash course in OS10. Not very good planning, eh?

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Glad Rogers Att doesn't put the logo on the phone! It's why I pay more for Rogers! No logo on my phones body!

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ANY news from sprint! whats going on with them i know they are in the middle of selling 70% of their company and they keep releasing those cheap Sprint branded phones......why not the Q10!!

Not sure where the news that AT&T had Q10s in the stores but I can tell you as of 1 hour ago, they weren't in my store in So CA. In fact when I went in to the store to ask them when they'd have them, the employees told me that all they knew about it was that it looked something like the older versions of outdated Blackberrys with the same OS as the Z10!! They looked it up and showed me on their computer that the delivery date to the corp stores was "to be determined". I saw it on their computer so I know that was what they were being told. I have to go with AT&T as that is where we have our accounts and upgrades but they are idiots there and I never badmouth anyone if I can help it. ON the other hand, I walked into a Verizon store--told them I was with ATT and couldn't change but did they have a Q10 there. They not only had them but the manager had one personally, said it was the single best smartphone he'd every used and showed me all the different things you could do with it, how to use the hub, swipes, etc. It was amazing!! And so were those employees! So, Verizon has them in So CA and AT&T doesn't and we don't know when they will--and oh yeah--I'm really bummed!
PS: Best Buy doesn't have them either.

Well at least some people on AT&T will have OS least we have leaked versions to keep us going until...

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Z10 without 10.1 is not a Z10. Why they have not upgraded is really odd. Come on carriers do not blame BlackBerry on this !

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You can have all the updates that's available but it won't solve the alert notification for incoming emails and text. This is a total rip off. I bought this phone with the expectations that I was getting a phone with standard features. But as it turns out, the company push the phones out before quality assurance could verify the issue with the sound alert notification. If the phone didn't have call waiting everyone all across the globe would complain. No matter how many apps or games were included. That's how I feel about the missing sound alert notifications while on a call. I want to hear a tone when I'm receiving a text or email while on a call just like Iphone and android phones. Hell, just like every phone that's out there. BlackBerry, fix it!!!!!

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I spoke to a AT&T authorized retailer store last Tuesday and he told me that he has 60 preorders on file just in his store for the Q10.

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I bet no one thought it would be almost July before we would see the q10 in the states. I would have never been able to wait. This is getting ridiculous though....

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