AT&T partners with universities, brings campus applications to mobile devices

By Jared DiPane on 25 Jul 2011 02:20 pm EDT

ATT Campus

AT&T has announced that they will be partnering with 2,000 campuses across the country to bring mobile applications to the attendees instead of handing out campus maps and other paperwork. The applications are designed to enhance the experience of the people attending, giving them easy access to campus maps, phone directory, courses, and campus events. AT&T is working with DubMeNow to provide this service to the students, and users can even customize the application to reflect their school colors, change the banners, and much more. Not only will your BlackBerry be the key to your communication throughout college, but also your one stop shop for what is going on at campus.

Source: AT&T

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AT&T partners with universities, brings campus applications to mobile devices


Sadly I can't find a list of which campuses. I could see our campus paying to use this considering how massive it is.

This is very cool. What a surprise that it isn't only available for the friggin iPhone (and "coming soon to Android") like every other business in the world. Nice to see they included BlackBerry phones.

I must have sent at least 10 emails to companies and websites that only have iPhone and Android apps (like Netflix, HBOGO, Consumer Reports to name a few) complaining about this fact. I have never got a response from any of them. That just makes me more mad.

Non of the apps for my school works because dumb RIM and their service providers limit who can run these types of apps. BlackBoard app is a classic example. In addition to that many school still in stone age when it comes to IT development.

I did a lil looking around about the blackboard app, its a freebie to the schools from what I was told...just too lazy/scared to implement nice if my school would implement it, I know tons of ppl would use it.

This is actually a problem with Blackboard, not the colleges. If you have Blackberry on Sprint or an iPhone, you can use the Blackboard app for free. Otherwise, Blackboard is forcing the college to pay for a "mobile" plan to add mobile functionality. Of course, they have bundled it into another saleable product rather than adding the feature to the existing adoption made by the colleges. Separating this out is simply stupid and greedy in my opinion in this day and age of mobile access. What educational service or course management system DOES NOT come with mobile support out of the box? One answer....stupid, clunky Blackboard! Also, have fun trying to access the product (who cares what version, they ALL suck!) with your web browser (e.g., Opera Mini, Bolt, default browser). The extremely clunky, cluttered, and non-intuitive GUI makes it extremely difficult let alone impossible to access key items. By the way, this is true EVEN WITH THE IPHONE!

Something has got to happen to that company soon. They are making education a needlessly cumbersome, frustrating process. Here's a thought....have some developers work on the GUI 'WHO ARE ACTUALLY EDUCATORS!'

Sorry, small rant...kudos to AT&T for this new push!

Great idea to hire educators and improve the GUI! We've done both at Dubmenow. I joined in May 2011. And, you'll see a lot of student-led innovation in the coming months. A few years ago, I was tenured Marketing Profesor before I set out help our students learn via better services.

This is great. With my daughter going into her first year of collage & has a BB, I hope they have her campus.

my school, Georgia Southern University, already has something like just released this past spring....only down side is that it isnt BB compatible yet....