AT&T OS ( for the BlackBerry Z10 now available

By Adam Zeis on 11 Apr 2013 01:21 pm EDT

Lots of BlackBerry Z10 users here in the US are settling in nicely but are always on the lookout for an OS update. We just got word that AT&T is rolling out a new one today that should make for some happy Z10 owners. The update brings us up to OS version (software release

There are a few notes of what's changed such as battery life improvements and support for third-party apps. We can also hope that it fixes a few of the bigger issues like the random reboots that some users have been experiencing. 

If you're on AT&T you should see the update available, but if not go to Settings > Software Updates to check manually. No word on other carriers dropping this OS yet but if you see it pop up be sure to let us know in the comments and we'll update this post as we go.

Now get to it!!

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AT&T OS ( for the BlackBerry Z10 now available


Previous one was quite stable... my only problem was with Whatsapp, however their recent update fixed that... NOW im concerned this update will mess up Whatsapp again or other 3rd party apps... Anyways, installing now... hope its good.

After the update my phone starting acting up a little, it started freezing in some stuff like when trying to make a call or playing my game, I hope they fix this quick

Mine rebooted once, but I think it was a particular app that caused issues, but yea...WTF Verizon!

It started before I added any extra apps. I have 2 google apps accounts with activesync and 1 gmail account setup. I have linkedin, twitter and facebook configured. It has rebooted on me a few times in the maps app and most times I'm in the hub or doing absolutely nothing. Oh I also have the CB10 app... ;)

Maybe this has the fixes that Verizon was concerned about and their update is coming soon as well #wishfulthinking

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I just got notification of a 3MB update on TELUS to which was for battery improvements. Maybe it was something that I deleted by accident before.

Okay. I'm going to buy the bullet and ask..

What the heck is the difference between software release and os version?

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I believe I saw a post with this question on CrackBerry not too long ago, but I can't find it anymore.
But in essence, I believe that one was the version of BlackBerry 10, while the other one was the version of the package that the provider distributes (which adds, next to the BB10 update itself, some provider-specific stuff). The latter one being different for every provider, even if the contained BlackBerry 10 version is the same. But I forgot what's what exactly... Anyone who knows more about this, feel free to add to this post or correct me if I'm wrong.

I believe the OS team and Software team is different and most time when each team updates, there will be a slight difference since one might push 4 updates to the OS side while the other may push 10 updates on the software side which results to different OS and Software Version numbers, at least the last 4 numbers when they push them public.

So I suppose OS update = QNX update and software update means the layers on top of qnx like the user interface software?

It's do weird that they are doing this. Software is software. Apple only has one update number as far as I know. I also find it strange that they are updating yo before going to

Oh well - not a big deal but kind of confusing and hard to remember which version of OS and software you are on..

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Mine in San Antonio, TX is updating after I hit Check Updates. I hate that you have to connect to Wifi though. My Wifi is much slower than 4G LTE.

Wow, there's an interesting complaint... Wifi used to kill mobile bandwidth - progress is cool

Via Z10

I wish BB was able to send out a blanket update to all devices. How is Apple able to do this, but not BB?

I gotta say that I was hoping the days of carrier-approved updates were gone, but this sad reality seems to creep on...

Same here, I can't stand carrier branding and apps. Before you could unbrand your phone lets hope someone comes up with a solution soon. No access to change your VPN, come on Blackberry! currently several settings in BB10 are more restrictive than Apple and that says a lot.

Do you not remember how many carriers were dying for the iPhone to come to their networks? They sold their souls in order to make that happen, and part of the deals they made with nearly every carrier has several stipulations attached that were agreed upon.

I agree with you on that. I go into my local AT&T store and I see next to NOTHING about BB but over half of the store is Iphone stuff. No accessories at all for the Z10. Thank god for CB Store

I also wish Verizon would update their software. However I don't know if you all know or maybe I'm slow, but it seems that Verizon BlackBerry Z10 are unlocked. To bad it's kinda useless though cause no one else uses CDMA around the world.. haha..
Anyway lets pressure Verizon to get quicker updates..

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Yeah, I remember reading something about a US FCC law that requires Verizon phones using the 700Mhz band (which is basically their LTE network I think) to not have any carrier restrictions (i.e subsidy lock). Like they can lose their licence to use their LTE spectrum if they don't comply. This is the reason as to why the iPhone 5 on Verizon is carrier unlocked as well.
That would be hella funny though if Verizon locked the Z10 and the government shut down their network. lol

@Mike_Luchia, that 3MB update is a BS update. It's because you deleted one or more or the pre-installed apps suchas Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or Linkedin.

Reeeeeeaaalllyyyy hoping that this actually does have a battery life boost. I haven't been impressed with mine.

That's great, I am with Telus and we have When are we going to see an update to fix the 30 days only back sync for email

Glad to see At&T moving out the updates so quickly. My 9810 waited over a year before the first update which most had 8 months before us. I am, downloading now and lets see what this fixes.

my verizon z10 is a sweetheart....a random reboot on the first day of ownership....a weak battery for the first charge or two....but she's settled in now and treat's me very well

Why not?

It really isn't that hard to figure out. Determine which hardware version you have, then get SIM cards for the carriers that sell that same version. SIM cards cost a couple of dollars, but once you have them, you can put the card in and get the latest update that each carrier has released. The SIM don't even need to be activated, just make sure you have WiFi.

My WiFi only LE Z10 is downloading this update right now, thanks to a deactivated AT&T SIM I had in my desk drawer.

I am updating now. I did not have any issues with rebooting but my battery life on this phone is not good at all and that is with very little usage. I have to put the phone in the charger by 2pm just to insure that I can make it home by 6pm with power

For the folks experiencing random reboots, did you all use the data transfer wizard in BlackBerry Link (from a previous BlackBerry such as the Bold 9930)?

I'm kind of a "start clean" freak. If my PC has any hint of a virus or malware, I immediately opt for the "reformat and reinstall" option.

You know, I was experiencing random reboots on my first BlackBerry Z10 on AT&T on the second day I had it. I exchanged it for another Z10 device and now I don't get any reboots. In fact, I only reboot when I'm paranoid about the memory, which might be a cognitive mechanism that kinda stuck with me from the older BlackBerry OS haha

Update in progress...

lang007, I've been testing excess battery drainage all day today. For me, at home battery use is fine, no problem. At work, when I use Wi-Fi it is using much more power than it should. I don't know why. However, if you are using Wi-Fi, try shutting it off and see if that affects your battery life.

In that case you'd be risking possible data overages to gain some battery life. I haven't noticed much of a difference between the two, but generally (not just the Z10) having Wi-Fi on does hinder battery life.

Here at work I almost never use wifi. Everything you do over the network is monitored so I do not use it at all but at home I wifi all the time and i get better battery life....Strange

Battery life fine here before update. 54 mb file took a minute or so over wifi. No direct difference on battery life. But no more reboots

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Fragmentation, fragmentation, oh fragmentation!


For those that did not clue in, these carrier dependent OS releases are male bovine excrement. In fact, it us exactly what created the sh1tty Android ecosystem of today with 50%+ of the devices being at least full 2 OS releases behind.

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C'mon Verizon. What's the hold up? You have the best 4G coverage for the Z10; yet, you're lagging behind in support.

Oh well, enjoy the update AT&T users. Keep us posted on the benefits received.

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Ugh Verizon is really starting to annoy me! We need some answers on why there aren't any updates for Verizon and why fixes are being back ported to 10.0.9 for Verizon instead of just upgrading us to 10.0.10!

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Couldn't seem to edit previous comment I had ninja reboots(cause they happen so quick and I only knew cause my rotation lock is off after a reboot) and sucky battery

Posted via CB10 from my AT&T Z10

My BB tech support rep told me today they've isolated the reboot problem to an "environmental issue." I have no idea what the means, but for what it's worth...

I notice that after the update "BBM calls over mobile Network" is finally enabled. Up until this update it was grayed out on the AT&T version

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Settings/ software updates. Small update. All I have found so far is it brought Bing and Foursquare back. I had deleted previously. Shows

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That was a long process, but it has no ended. Not sure why it took so long but it had like two separate updates. Just hoping it increases my battery life and I will be happy.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I did have a new Verizon update. Maybe I'll stop posting here so I don't have to endure immaturity like this. Civility would be more productive than name calling.

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Please give details on this. There are a variety of SMTP issues that I am aware of:

1) Missing Date: field UTC offset string, resulting in timestamp anomalies
2) Malformatting issue causing outgoing SMTP rejection by certain SMTP servers
3) Malformatting issue causing unrecognized "quoted printable" encoding being visible in outgoing generated emails. (usually looks like a bunch of "=" chars etc)

I'm aware of at least one person who claims item #3 was fixed, haven't seen any other concrete claims so far.

I cheated!...I am on Telus but unlocked my phone and have an AT&T prepaid sim. This is the second update I was fortunate to receive from AT&T. Just finished installing ... Let's see how much better the battery is.
I will admit though I have been one of the lucky ones (if you want to call it that) and my phone has had no issues, no reboots, etc. Battery, not too hoping maybe this increases it a bit more.


mine just says don't have any other update made available. I NEVER see updates available unless I come to the forums, do they push through to everyone elses phones as a prompt? I don't get it.

My phone has been twisted the past 2 days :-(

Verizon is really getting on my nerves. I dropped Sprint for them. They better be glad they had the exclusive deal on the white Z10 because I would've been somewhere else. I'm disliking my experience with them so far.

BB needs to get their update game in sync on all carriers similar to rivals. because apparently the rival customers seem happy.

Not usually in on att and it took forever for an update from them on my 9810. Surprised at this quick release

Posted via CB10 from my AT&T Z10

That green check mark next to "You have the latest Software!" is the devil, I don't want to latest software!

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So far so good just completed the upgrade now they need to add special tones to text messages like calls

Konfusis say's

According to some, the sim card will trick the phone into updating. I tried it using an ATT "Go-phone" sim and it didn't work. A buddy of mine has an ATT droid on a regular plan, so I'll try it with his Monday.

Hi Guys, i'm not sure i get it. I did an install of latest update. Was 54MB. But when i look up the Software release after install and reboot it shows Does that mean i have the LOL. I must be really thick.

What you'll notice is that software release is

The actual OS version is

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I even tried to prompt the update by deleting BloatTube. All it wanted to give me back was YouBloat...

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I am now seeing LTE connection from my home office. Before the update, it was just 4G (many reboots though). So, I'm hoping the random reboots stop. I'm looking forward to 10.1 and am grateful to AT&T for getting this out before Verizon.

Changes I have noticed after OS update.

Screen orientation is very sluggish.
Screen is going black before 30 second timeout. Sometimes even while touching the screen.
Reply with quote option is no longer available for me in for CB10 app.
Ebay, Facebook and Twitter are loading extremely slow. Ebay failed to load noting it timed out.

Posted via CB10 more thing.
My posts are not showing unless I close the app completely then re launch it. Anyone else experience similar issues?

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Downloaded a 53mb update and when that was finished it started downloading a 571mb package. These updates have been going on for over an hour. Anyone else experienced anything like this?

Hello every one thanks for all the info i'm from Jamaica we are expected to have the Z10 out here soon from both carries. im worried about the updates here in Jamaica the carries LIME and DIGICEL don't send out updates over their network you just use what ever update the phone come with. but i update my BB manually CANT THIS BE DONE ON THE Z10 VIA THE DESKTOP SOFTWARE????

Downloaded. Don't notice anything different yet. Album artwork still missing. I deleted ebay bc it was causing the random reboots. Will update later if I notice anything significant

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I can report to you that the new update does not fix the reboot issue on the Z10. I am absolutely positive of it. Mine just rebooted.

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May be a silly question but if you have an unlocked Z10 from Canada with an ATT SIM will ATT pass along software updates etc?

Phone just rebooted itself....

I do run 1 android app "imo" but why the Hell would an Android app that's running in a VM, or at least that's how I understand it, crash the whole phone.

I'll go on with the thought that the update needed one more reboot........

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I'm with Telus in Canada , we're on software os

So is this the same as your new update or is it the further advanced ...
way to many # floating about ........... battery life on telus for Z10 seems to really blow , I have even purchased a new battery for it & no change ...... 4 hrs max before its almost dead ..

any thoughts from other Telus or any carrier with the same issue ?

Hopefully the Malaysia telco and distributors will update the OS very soon. In Malaysia normally the telco center and distributors slow in this field.

From my experience using BlackBerry for so many model and Os, they don't even care, this os update have to be on time and learn like iphone, control the update by BlackBerry itself.

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Fixed the SMTP send issues. I totally understand those who may have returned their phones because of this bug, I came close to being one of them, but there really is NO other phone out there that even comes close, so I'm glad I stuck it through waiting for this fix

After this update I downloaded 3 games and I noticed that none of them would work.. so I had to reboot. After that the games where fine but I keep having problems with audio. When playing a game, audio stops working and my volume keys won't respond and everything is silent. This is what I've noticed from this update. Before that everything was fine and never had a problem. Could be the game that's causing the problem but I doubt it. Don't know if I'm the only one having this problem

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Just finished the update. Ran the test in the browser for giggles. Ring 0 and 1 passed with 39 failed and 192 passed in Ring 2. This may not mean much to most,but I am glad that BB is getting closer to perfection with it's browser.

I updated last night (early am, anyway) . Steady as a rock for me. Noticing some small changes (update all in BBW us one of them) ...

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For those who have been wondering. I am hearing from good authority that among the fixes in this update are minor ones for Visual Voice Mail, Screen Responsiveness, GPS loss after a call, Camera app stability, SMS Group Message fix and others.

I am not seeing any improvement in battery life either. Guess it will take a few more days to take hold.

I am glad to say this update worked great for me. I started off at 7:30am full charge, 17 hours later and just getting down to 12% battery left...I am happy!

I don't know if I didn't see before or what, but now BlackBerry world actually has a update tab now. Once you pull down.

Rocking my Z10

I updated this morning and went all day with no reboots. Spent the entire day at Disneyland. Rocked Slacker Radio all the way there, pulled it off the car charger at 9:15am, didn't need my mobile charger till after it was dark and all day and night I was for sure texting, taking pics, checking facebook, hitting up for park info, etc. After the park closed I used Maps to find some random RedBox in Anaheim and rocked Slacker Radio again all the way home. Using the CrackBerry app right now to type this up. Still no reboots and I'm pretty sure I won't need to charge it again until after u wake up in the morning.

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Can someone download this from blackberry's update site and upload it to a fileshare site? I want to have a look at to see I can actually install it on my device. Thanks.

Any ideas on updates for South Africa on Cell C Network
Tried updating but got this message.

Error code 2032

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Argh! No update here. When I go to settings/software updates it says is available but that's what is already installed!! Anyone else see this? Should I go ahead and install this "update"? Is this precluding me from seeing the "real" update?

When is everyone going to finally realize that AT&T is better then Verizon. The plans are cheaper and service is better. During Hurricane Sandy everyone with Verizon phones in the NY area couldnt even make phone calls at all while I had 4G service and was surfing the web lol. Verizon has good service dont get me wrong but AT&T is much better and cheaper.

My cousins pays $130 a month for his Verizon service and I pay $100 and we have the same exact plans. Verizon is better what a joke those are the same people that claim the iPhone 5 is better then the Z10. My Aunt dropped her iPhone 5 once and it completely blacked out and my cousins also had to replace their iPhone 5 after only having it a few weeks lol

Hey how come if won't let me download this update? I have the AT&T version of the Z10 and it says I have the latest version of the software! I'm still at .88!

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After this update my Z10 doesn't ring at all. Nothing on calls, notifications, emails, bbm, social media etc

HELP! I downloaded the new update on Friday, and now I'm only able to send/receive to/from my work e-mail when hooked up to WiFi. We are NOT running on an enterprise server. Does anyone else know if there is a problem affecting Exchange ActiveSync services??? I've pulled the battery, and restarted several times. My personal e-mail (running on Comcast) is working just fine.

Given the relative message centric BlackBerry personality, initially leaving out group messaging is a MAJOR shortcoming, as others have noted. I was disappointed to find that my groups didn't port from my old BB. Lastly, it would be nice if the navigation feature in Maps also (eventually) included directions for walking/biking and, for major metro areas, public transportation. Other travel stat's would be nice, also, e.g. actual/avg/max speed, ETA, toll/traffic warnings. I miss the BlackBerry Traffic functonality. And as others have mentioned, Outlook/PIM syncing is a must.

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Any battery life improvement, if possible, would be welcome as would the ability to directly forward text messages. I look forward to solid updates in BlackBerry 10.

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My Z10 (STL 100-3) is freezing and rebooting all the time since I have upgraded to The previous version (.88) was stable and I was very happy with it. If you have not upgraded to 116 I recommend to wait until they have that fixed. The Z10 is remarkable device, too bad they release buggy software upgrades that tarnish this phone.