AT&T offers up 2 free months of BBM Music for BlackBerry 7 users

AT&T BBM Music
By rrrebo on 6 Dec 2011 11:36 am EST

Earlier this morning, AT&T tweeted that they are offering up a great holiday gift for BlackBerry 7 users.

"Hey @BlackBerry OS7 fans, here's an early holiday gift! Check ur media folder for 2 months of free BBM Music!"

AT&T has been pushing out a vpl shortcut for BBM Music by service book for several weeks now. It seems that AT&T is fully on board with RIM in this venture, and now RIM is apparently offering 2 months of BBMM for free to new BBMM customers only. According to the tweet you can check your media folder for BBM Music (if you haven't found it already) to get started with your free trial. BBMM is certainly worth a free 2-month trial if you've never tried it before, so give it a shot and find out exactly how weird your friends' taste in music really is!

More information/download of BBM Music



Sweet Thanks for posting this.


I think that BBM MUSIC should be free always!! whats the difference between that and pandora or slacker radio. Offer it that you can not cache the songs, but to start charging? Or maybe do a one time fee for downloading the app but a monthly fee really? Android etc are up there its time for BB to compete!


This is apparently a RIM offer, so not AT&T-specific. Open to anyone who wants to jump on it.


My bbmm trial said its good until January 18th one day and then I check it a week later and it saysd Dec 18. I hope I get it until January like it showed at first on my device but if not hey I can afford 5$ for a month of premium music streams whenever I feel the need to. BBmM is probably the best thing  has done in the year 2011


Is offering 2 months of TeleNaV, I think that's more useful than bbm music.

El Platanero

I don't get it. I got two months. Free and it had nothing to do with my carrier. Why would At&t would advertise like they are giving it away. Anywho's, I guess Att taking credit may benifit Blackberry.


Wish ATT would focus on releasing the software update to the 9810 Torch rather than BBMM. Arggg.


Just grab another release from a different carrier and install it, then delete the vendor.xml files once you've searched your system for them.


Is this not supposed to be FREE anyway for two months during the trial period - as offered by RIM - whether the carriers like it or not?


T-Mobile is offering a 3 month trial for OS7 devices.. Its more of a RIM promo..


I did put that in the write-up:

"and now [b]RIM[/b] is apparently offering 2 months of BBMM for free to new BBMM customers only."

I also stated this in the 3rd comment here. :) It's a RIM offer, NOT carrier-specific.


Where is the love for us still on OS6?


Sure they are! But not out of the kindness of their hearts. By product of BBM is increased data useage....Which they would be happy to bill at $10 per 200 mb. Thanks AT&T....