AT&T offering several phones for a penny including the BlackBerry Torch 9860

By Michelle Haag on 27 Nov 2011 05:09 pm EST
AT&T sale
Tis the season for sales, and AT&T has thrown down a pretty good one if you're looking to get a new BlackBerry right now. Sign up for a new 2 year contract with a minimum data service plan of $15 and you can get one of several BlackBerry devices for as little as a penny! Available devices include the new Torch 9860, Curve 3G, refurbished Pearl 3G, Curve 3G, or Torch 9800 for one cent. The Curve 9360 is available for $29.99, Torch 9810 for $49.99, or Bold 9900 for $199.99. Activation fees are also being waived with this sale.

Word has it this sale is only happening today, though on the AT&T website I didn't see an end date. Also worth noting, the sale is online only, though corporate stores should be able to price-match the online sale. Just call ahead to be sure. Thanks for sending this in rrrebo!

Source: AT&T

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AT&T offering several phones for a penny including the BlackBerry Torch 9860


Great deal, but won't apply unless you can buy online (and not to I was told by one of online reps). But for NEW customers or full upgrades, think it's a great deal.

I just ordered my 9860 by adding a line to my Family plan. Got it for 1 cent. Corporate stores can price-match (not authorized resellers). Thanks for posting it, Michelle!

If you go to they have this deal. For att sprint verzion and tmobile. They have a ton of phones you can get for a penny. Not just that matters but I just got the bold 9900 for a penny!!

So, my GF was like me, had the 8900, I upgraded to the 9900 Tmobile, she is with AT&T wanted the new iphone, but talked her into getting AT&T bold 9900 which paid for as an early xmas present and she loves it, not only for the bigger screen/keyboard, but so we can still chat BBM and look to Crackberry for updates!! I am happy she is happy and honestly keeping the GF happy is all what its about!! Cooked filet mingon and lobster tail from here on out!!

Seriously thanks to the Crackberry Team for getting these devices b4 hand and checking them out and posting how to videoes and hands on videoes!! Made me really have knowlege and GF feel comfortable to show Blackberry is better than Iphone!!

Blackberrys are sophisticated on data, hard to hack into! Did you know Blackberry holds an annual hackathon competiton to the best hackers out there and if they can "hack". Blackberry takes the info and restructures so they cannot be. That's the new updates my friends!! But today was exciting getting me GF a new Blackberry as it was my new Blackberry upgrade!

I traded my 9800 which I bought from AT&T and upgraded another line to the 9810 when it came out. I got $164 and the best thing was that the 9800 was a $.01 refurbished phone I bought from AT&T, so profit from the 9800 $163.99 minus $49.99 for the 9810 leaves a net of $114.00.

Costco has even a BETTER DEAL. Online/instore Torch 9810 for a penny, Bold 9900 for $49 both new. Also a 90 day replacement policy with a new phone not refurbished unlike att&t for anything that goes wrong.

I am trying to do this right now as an upgrade but for some reason it is still charging me $199.99, even after selecting the data plan.

Anybody had/having this problem too?

I am currently on hold with ATT trying to fix the problem. Hopefully.

BTW - The sale is today only, it will be over tonight at midnight EDT.

UPDATE - Just got off the phone with ATT, they were able to make some changes and get it fixed. Ordered my phone, all I had to pay was $18.01 which is activation fee + .01 for the phone. Even the sales rep was surprised of how good of a sale this was!

Can't wait to get it in the mail and then buy a case and SD card.

Just ordered mine. Man, as long as I check CrackBerry nothing can get by BlackBerry users. This is almost incredible.

I was testing out the unit today and the rich vivid screen is awesome. I have the Bold 9930 but my wife wanted a full screen and decided to go for it.


Thanks CrackBerry.

I ordered my 9900 about a week ago but due to back order it won't be here for another week. Sure it's a wait but on Amazon Wireless only charged me a penny! Worth the wait indeed...

i tried to order midnight when the sell stared and i couldn't get it without have to add a data plan. But i have an upgrade available???? i couldn't get it. i tried to get it again on midnight before the sale was over and a rep told me it didnt apply to my upgrade only on new lines. That SUCKS! im so mad at AT&T right now!

You do have to have a data plan that is atleast $15.

Sorry about your experience, the rep I talked to was extremely nice and was able to help me out and get it done. All I had to do was log in and out of my acct and then it all worked fine.

I did it as my upgrade, kept the same voice plan ($39.99), and the same data plan ($25).

Does anyone know if these deals are still going on? I would really like to get the Bold 9900, but I am a poor law student, $199 is not in the budget.