AT&T Mobile Minute video shows off the BlackBerry Bold 9900

By Adam Zeis on 2 Nov 2011 08:12 am EDT

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is finally on its way to AT&T, so you can bet their marketing will kick into high gear. With the release less than a week away, I'm sure we'll see plenty of fun AT&T Bold 9900 goodies floating around. The first comes in the form of a Mobile Minute video showing off the Bold 9900 and all of its wonderful features. In case you don't know, the Bold 9900 sports a full QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen, 1.2GHz processor, 5MP camera and the BlackBerry 7 OS. Are you planning on picking up the 9900 when it arrives on AT&T? Let us know in the comments!

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AT&T Mobile Minute video shows off the BlackBerry Bold 9900


Awesome! And Customer Care says if you upgrade through them (old school via 800#) you can do so up to 6 months sooner than your scheduled upgrade date.

yes I'm tired of my 9800 already,Didn't want the 9810. I've been going back to my 9000 so i can get use to the keyboard again. cant wait

same here! been patiently using my 9800 hoping for the 9900. i was ok with the form factor of my 9800 but after a month of use i got tired of the slider feature to use the keyboard. i hate virtual keyboards and my previous device was the 9700 and i loved that keyboard. i can't wait till Sunday and i want the white model. i sure hope they have the white ones in stock when i head over to the store...

Same here!! I just sold my 9800, was about to buy a Rogers or whatever out there, so very thankful ATT finally giving us our dream phone!

Nov 6th.. what time does AT&T open in the morning?? I'll definitely be getting mine!

Ex-Torch 9800 owner/Future 9900 Owner & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

I just think this phone is awesome.

I've had my Bold 9930 from launch (Sprint-yeah, I was at ATT but I did not know when or if it was coming so I went to Sprint) and I love all the traditional BlackBerry goodies but the web and youtube experience is now great.

The Torch has a great form factor but it is difficult to argue with that grand piano like keyboard. What a pleasure to use.

Too little too late!! After owning a blackberry for the last 4 years, i've finally switched to the new iphone 4s. My 9700 with att was working so poorly while waiting for new blackberry devices to come out. I waited as long as I could and have lost patience with rim. Will see what happens next time I can upgrade. I love the new iphone, RIM really does need to get their act together.

I bought an unlocked iphone4s just to prove you wrong. Siri is nice for booking appointments and check the weather, but that is all! The battery of the iphone4s is BAD. You can barely make it through the day. I prefer my 9900 where even after 12 hours of usage with Bridge, tethering and bluetooth headset still had 10% of battery left. I tried with the 4s and it didn't make it home.

The Bold 9900 is a beautiful phone and it plays so damn well with the Playbook. And don't forget to setup BB Protect!

Yes time to retire my trusty 9700

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Yes! I used my upgrade for the 9810, and I am less than thrilled. Still within 30 days, so I am going to reverse the upgrade, and use it for the 9900!!

The next 4 days is going to seem like an eternity. On a positive note, at least it wasn't delayed until Nov 20th (or later). Now I just hope there is one at my local Best Buy or AT&T store with my name on it.

Did anyone else notice auto focus screen on the video? This seemed to be a concern for a lot of folks earlier.

So this 9900 says 4G how can i get that istead of the H+ ? Is that software related or hardware i have a rogers 9900., i got that on my torch 9810 when i updated the os to .439 ., anyone know the answer

Im not due for an upgrade till the end of the year so i hope they'll let me upgrade early, if not ill throw a fit in the store.

Customer Care offered me an upgrade if I were within 6 months of an upgrade, but had to do it through them, not a store she said... Would love to know what a specialty/exclusive store is. Thanks.

Fantastic! Once this releases at the $199 price point, it should drop the price on T-Mobile from the ridiculous $299 price point. AT&T has been okay, just expensive. I can save over $50/month on T-Mobile for the same service and even more if I drop my minutes from unlimited to 500 and take advantage of the UMA - WiFi calling which is due to be available on the 9900 mid November. My contract with AT&T is up in December. Strongly considering a change. Only thing is I will lose my grandfather unlimited data plan on AT&T. The golden handcuffs. 2GB of high speed data for a Blackberry that uses compressed files should be fine, right? LOL!
Anyway, the 9900 on either service is a sweet phone! Just wanting to save a little cash.

P.S. If you can wait, which it sounds like many of you cannot, LOL!, Christmas specials should be coming. Remember two years ago when I got my 9700 on a Christmas special for $49 with AT&T. The phone had just come out a few months prior.

I've wanted the 9900 for awhile. Now its coming. I can't get a new upgrade until april. I got my torch in august on the first day it came out on att. I don't know if I should get a 9900 or just wait for bbx to roll out. I guess I have a few months to think it over.

Yesssssssssssssss....I walked into At&t ready to just get the torch because I couldn't stand the iphone anymore but a million thanks to the sales associate who convinced me to wait because I only had to wait a month!!!

Yes and I am stoked. I love my 9700 but it is time for an upgrade. Well, December is when I am technically due, but hopefully they will let me upgrade a month early. If it means a sale, why wouldn't they??

cant wait! go reverse those upgrade (if within 30 days from the last upgrade), or go to any Exclusive AT&T stores for an exception upgrade... make sure to have them grandfather your unlimited data. Cheers!

Already got my 9930 from Sprint after dropping AT&T two months ago. I wish they would have released this phone MONTHS AGO so I didn't have to drop them.