AT&T Mobile Minute with the BlackBerry Z10

By Adam Zeis on 19 Apr 2013 08:51 am EDT

Recently AT&T put together a Mobile Minute video for their newly-released BlackBerry Z10. The ad is used by AT&T on social media sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to show off the Z10 and highlight some features in just 60 seconds.

The Mobile Minute runs through a bit about the keyboard, display, BlackBerry Hub, BBM Video and Time Shift camera.

It's actually a really good video that explains a lot on what the Z10 has to offer in just about a minute. A great one to show to your friends or family who may be on the fence about grabbing a new Z10 or just asking you "what's so great about it"? 

Check out the video above and let us know what you think in the comments. 

Thanks Chad!

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AT&T Mobile Minute with the BlackBerry Z10


That is so true! I mean, it's the settings for the entire phone! Make is smooooooooooooooooooooooth!!!!!!

Just film a bunch Crackberry addicts destroy Apple and Android users in some sort of task management and execution project... Like those Bing commercials, only actually SHOW what the heck the people are so excited about, mmMM-K?

U guys are all retarded. "First " like do something with your life instead of looking for an opportunity to be first the FIRST comment us be or she who actually comments

No, no, no... You're doing it wrong :( You're going to have to try harder next time to get your comment out there at the number one spot. I believe that, you too, will one day get there first! Don't give up Allan Godden; you'll get there, little buddy.

I would love to see BlackBerry put out a video that is this informative. So people can see what the device can do and want it. Advertising is all about creating or filling a need.

Blackberry already is. View websites with an adblocker turned off from a non-blackberry device and you WILL see it.

Hey Daniel with Att social media team. Where the F were you a month ago when this phone launched on your network. You're fired!

Too harsh? I think not.

About time AT&T steps up it's game! They are my carrier but I'm disappointed at their support of BlackBerry Z10!

Posted via CB10

I am with AT&T also. Very glad that they are doing something but they truly need to train their store employees on something other than the iphone and the windows phone. They had now clue how to work the Z10 when I bought it 3 weeks ago

I was the first to buy a Z10 at my local AT&T store. I went back to the store a few days later to ask some questions. As I was leaving the store, the manager asked me how I liked the phone. I told him I loved it. His response: "Yeah, Blackberry finally came out with its first smartphone!" No joke. I almost punched him.

It's painful to go into an att store. I switched from att to T-Mobile. I'll give up good overage to be with someone who won't rebuke my BlackBerry when I walk in a store. Love T-Mobile and my Z10!!!!

Posted via Zed 10

I just got the latest AT&T magazine, and the new BlackBerrys are not even mentioned. So much for promoting BlackBerry smartphones. Must be waiting to see how well it sells.

Posted via CB10

first off the guys shirt isn,t even pressed ,second his beard is painted in along his check bones and he says he is with the AT&T social media team ,they probably hired him last can anyone take this video as a top knotch selling is getting short changed.I suggest KEVIN should start moonlighting

It's a great video. Nothing is laggy at all. I guess some of you have slow grraphics cards or that "new" laptop you bought isn't fast enough (processing power and GPU power) to display HD video smoothly.