AT&T launching new data plans on Sunday, Jan. 22

By Bla1ze on 18 Jan 2012 05:59 pm EST

AT&T has just announced some upcoming changes to their data plans for smartphones that will go into effect as of Sunday, Jan. 22.

The new smartphone plans include:
  • AT&T Data Plus 300MB: $20 for 300MB
  • AT&T Data Pro 3GB: $30 for 3GB
  • AT&T Data Pro 5GB: $50 for 5GB, with mobile hotspot / tethering
BlackBerry customers needing additional data can pay $10 per additional gigabyte on the AT&T Data Pro 3GB and Data Pro 5GB plans; AT&T Data Plus users will receive an extra 300MB for $20.

Current customers won't be required to change to their already existing data plans. In other words, they're not forcing anyone onto the new plans as of yet. However; if you find any of the new plans better then what you have now, you can up customer care and make the switch as of Jan 22. The plans, when you look at them carefully -- actually offer you more value for your money when you look at what you would be paying if you had overage charges but chances are if you're constantly blowing your alloted amount, you've already moved onto a bigger plan.

Source: AT&T

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AT&T launching new data plans on Sunday, Jan. 22


Hummmm. If I ever have to change , these plans would be better then what we had before. And I would like to know more about the 5GB plan. Also one bog thing. If AT&T is saying stuff about mobile hotspot. Maybe they are going to roll out 7.1 that day as well.

Umm… $5 for an extra gig on the Pro plan? Sign me up! Beats paying for an extra gig as an overage on a 2GB plan…

i talked to them yesterday about enterprise and i was told they have a 4gb enterprise with tethering included for $45. considering thats what my unlimited enterprise is (which I have never gone over 300mb), i was thinking about the switch.

I just signed up 1/1/12. The 4GB enterprise tethering is currently $60/month. The current DataPro 4GB w/ tethering (not enterprise) is $45.

some bad data plans from a bad company


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I'm currently on the 200mb - $15/month plan. I'm always on WiFi, so this works fine for me. I want to upgrade to the 9900 but was holding off for a while. Will this plan still be available after the 22nd? Or do I need to upgrade before then?

I have that plan to and same thing with being on wifi all the time. Rarely use 100mb of data actually. I think you'll be fine as long as you don't try to change the plan. Upgrades don't change you're plan as far as I know.

Um, I'm a Sprint customer, and is it just me or is this crazy expensive? I'm so used to the unlimited plans costing less than this...

Boldly sent from my 9930

I haven't, but it has gotten a lot better here in the last month. The Sprint tower I normally am near was messed up for a year. Yes a year. Email worked just fine but browsing would barely work at all. And couldn't even get MMS messages to come through. If I tried to do a speed test, it would always just time out. However, a week after I got my 9930 they finally fixed it, after a year and about 10 calls to complain. It wasn't my old phone either. My wife, stepdaughter, and myself were all having the same problem. Each of us had a different phone. But now all at once all of them work great. Now I'm happy as a clam.:)

Boldly sent from my 9930

wait till you get a letter in the mail stating if you don't cut back on data usage (on unlimited plan), then they will terminate your service and contract.

Can they legally do that? I can see them not allowing you to re-up your contract doing that but can they terminate your contract for that?

Um i am a sprint and a AT&T customer. my Sprint is 99$ for the unlimited plan my att all in cost me 98 a month the only difference is my att may only have 450 minutes to land lines but unlimited text moble to any moble 4 gig of data and mobile hotspot and when i do a speed test i never get below 7 mbps and on SPRINT i pull a sad .79 never pulled over that. so sprint not so good

Wow. Where I live, there is no 4g on any carrier and 3g here is still touch and go and the sprint data speeds here are way better than that. Nowhere near what you get on AT&T, but was a Nextel customer before so running Sprint @ about 1.5mps is screaming fast in comparison to what I came from. But there is no candle comparing those speeds to AT&T else ware.

Awww I get 6GB LTE ready,shareable, and tethering + Mobile Hotspot access for $30 on Rogers. Sorry didn't mean to spoil the excitment for some xD

I'm in south east OH right along the river about 15 miles from Parkersburg WV. Verizon covers the area pretty good as well as Sprint. However one side of our small city, of about 15,000 people, has good 3g speeds while the other you are reduced to 1X. The whole tricounty area is like this though with at least Sprint. Not as sure about Verizon.

HOW COME CANADA CANNOT HAVE CHEAP DATA PLANS?? I know that some people pay 30 bucks for 6 GB of data but that is only in Quebec and because some Quebecois company was having a deal and all the other carriers wanted to match it. BUT WHY CANT THEY DO THE SAME FOR THE REST OF US??? I am sick and tired of the 'Big Three' abusing the cell phone market and its consumers. No wonder so many third party researchers rank Canada as one of the worst cell phone markets, beside China.

Umm not only in Quebec my friend...I live in Toronto and i have it.
Its pretty much for anyone signed up with Rogers.
You just have to ask for it.

if they change the price for the unlimited texting I might change to that... right now I pay 50$ for unlimited texting/data but can not legally tether/mobile hotspot which is like 50-60$ more...but 5gb of data for 50$ and you get tethering/hotspot that is pretty nicely priced for the US side. Wonder if Verizon is coming out with something like this as well my contract is up with AT&T and I am waiting on the new BB10 phones

help me understand

are these plans replacing the old plans or is it additional to the old plans ?

200MB for $15
2GB for $25
4GB+ tethering $45

300MB for $20
3GB for $30
5GB+ for $50

200mb for 15 wasn't such a good deal at 300mb for 20 is worst than before...
i am going to update my plan to 2gb for 25 since i have a playbook now...

Oh dudes,
I have unlimited voice/text
3GB (Mode mode available / VoIP)
all that for 16€/months guys
and no engagment!

come to france ;)

its crap here. my friend from korea was in the states last week and they don't have to pay one cent more for tethering and wifi hotspots.... :(

VZW and AT&T Duopoly in actions let's take a look VZW has a hidden $20 for 300MB plan they are not sure they will keep but for the sake of this post lets say they do.

ATT $20 300MB
VZW $20 -300MB
ATT $30 3GB
VZW $30 -2GB
ATT $50 5GB
VZW $50 -5GB

If anything it looks like VZW gave AT&T the right to raise prices. If they are going to have Tiered plans they should have some prices under $20 for reasonable amount of data. I think anything under 1GB should be under $20. $10 or $15 for 300MB $20 for 1GB then I suppose what they have now.

Second if it is tiered then for $30 for 2GB or 3GB I should be able to mobile hotspot or tether it is on me to stay under the plans data limit.

okay you pay for a data plan, why not just allow tethering will all data plans? you're paying for the data anyway, why should it matter how it is used?

From a BlackBerry perspective, mobile companies switching from all you can eat data plans to pay for usage is a good thing.
BlackBerry sips vs. other phones that suck 300% more from previous versions.

BlackBerry is hugely popular overseas because there is no subsidy and people pay for usage. This is good for BlackBerry.

This is good for BB, they use on average 1/4 less data, but not only that, unless using a playbook, BB users on average use less data period.

BB data user iphone data user
average 1gig av 3g
compressed to 250Mb not compressed

less used and when it is used, its still less, you would have to use 4 times the data on a BB to equal out to that of iphone

BUT, BB's don't use data as terms of streaming video I feel. So that is also why BB users use less data

Very good points about data usage comparisons and agreed that BB's have always been more data efficient. I'm really curious to discover if the up and coming BB10 devices will continue this or not. It seems that RIM is going to rely less and less on the NOC with the future of hand sets and this may not continue if that's the case. Still a little bit off to worry about of course. Might start a thread about this in the forums as I'm sure someone knows more about it than I.

Boldly sent from my 9930

i wish there was a way to keep my grandfathered unlimited plan and get tethering/mobile hotspot/bb bridge approved on an AT&T OS so I could finally have VVM on my 9900.... I pay enough but would pay a small premium for those features if they GUARANTEED NO THROTTLING!!