AT&T drops prices for no-contract plans

By Adam Zeis on 5 Dec 2013 09:06 am

AT&T is reworking some of their pricing and is now dropping the rates for phone plans sans-contract. The new plans, which will be active on Sunday, allow users willing to pay full price for a phone, those with their own devices or those on AT&T Next to save some cash. The new scheme is a bit confusing but as it all still depends on the number of users, data and devices, but the savings is still there when you do the math.

Under the plans, 300MB of data will cost $20/month, 1GB for $45, 2GB for $55 or 10GB for $100. The more data you go for, the bigger the savings. There is also a 20GB or 50GB plan for $150 or $375 respectively. The single-user fee on these plans is $25/month with tablets added for an additional for $10. 

The plans are great news for AT&T users but comparatively T-Mobile and Sprint still offer better deals in the long run. 

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First of all, I may have to look into switching..

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In Europe that's a robbery!


You think this is robbery then check out the plans the big 3 Canadian mobile companies are offering. I can only wish for companies like AT&T come to Canada and bring some competition north of the border.

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$20 voice plan, $30 6GB plan makes the rates AT&T charges highway robbery.

If they can make money off my plan then they are making a killing off of retail plans.

The deals are out there you just need to shop around and ask lots of questions. Make sure to hit up a corporate store (stores that can sell to business customers because not all stores can).

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First of're first on the comments! yeah buddy!

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Nice... Still waiting for the Z30 though


... and 10.2 update.

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This looks the same as their contract plans.

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That's too much money for data. More than we pay for very fast residential with a 150 gb cap.

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Way too high.

You can pry my BlackBerry from my cold, dead hands.


Compared to what carrier and plans?

I can see this saving a family quite a bit if they are on AT&T now. Doesn't match what you can get with Sprint or T-Mobile here in the US.... but then they can't match AT&T coverage.

Have to hope this puts pressure on Verizon!


Bout time we see a price drop

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House seller

Talk to me about offering a Z30, AT&T...


Too high. That is what good competition does.

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It is unclear what the total monthly price is.
Right now, I am on the $60(no tax) monthly prepaid with smartphones 2gb data.
Will this plan be reduced down to $55 or these are new plans $25+55=$80???
Someone please clarify.

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Call AT&T and ask.

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Are you kidding me??? They don't know sh*t

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Most changes are not retroactive, this will be for new plans.


That is the good thing about pre-paid you can change your plan anytime you want. However, we don't know if these are pre-paid plans or post paid without contract/phone incentives.

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I am once again reminded why I left AT&T to go to T-Mobile.

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Pilot Prop

Doesnnt sound like a very good deal at all

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T-Mobile $70 a month for unlimited 4GLTE... nothing comes close! You would have to be a fool to choose AT&T prepaid over T-Mobile. I'm just saying....

And I'm not

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While I agree that T-Mobile is a great value for your money, T-Mobile's network doesn't have the same coverage as AT&T. If you don't live in a T-Mobile coverage area, or are travelling to one of those areas frequently, then T-Mobile wouldn't work


Second that. AT&T has the more robust network but I prefer the savings at T-Mo.

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How about just drop the 10.2 update for our US users? Does not cause them any money does it?


What we need from this fools is the 10.2 update to be available NOW!!

USA carriers SUCK Big time!!!

I'm MongezaurioBerry


Do you have a release date for the z30 and/or 10.2? Would love to try the upgrade on my z10. I called AT&T and they didn't know. Also I made a suggestion to them when we call for customer service they have recording about pre-order or upgrade to iPhone. Why don't they do it for BB? Not fair. Does iPhone pay for that advertising?

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iPhone sells leaps and bounds better than BlackBerry. They probably do pay for something, but part of it is just that the iPhone continues to sell pretty well.


I talked to the office of the president personnel a couple days ago about the updates to the z10 and them not carrying the z30. The woman tried to blame BB and said for me to get the updates from BB. When I told her that updates are sent out to the carriers she started telling how they have to make sure works and to make sure they have the technical section ready to handle any problems. I asked her why it takes them several times the time period it takes other carriers and she just repeated the process they do. She had no idea about the Z30 coming to AT&T. She could not address why it is n't coming or if it will be coming. In Summary it was a wasted time talking with them.


I also tried to call them about the 10.2 update and the rep try and tell me that they haven't received the update from BlackBerry which I know to be totally false. So the US carriers seem to place the blame on Blackberry when the update was released 2 months ago SMH


10.2 update??

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I'm grandfathered in with AT&T with their unlimited data for $30 a month! I'm never switching my data plan!

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Bring Z30 to AT&T

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Does this mean Verizon and Sprint are far behind? Sounds like they are trying to emulate the way T-Mobile does things. If Sprint adopts this then I will be much happier and would be willing to switch to their newer plans. My inkling is they won't since they already give the discount on One Up, but we shall see.

Troy Tiscareno

While it's absolutely true that these plans don't compare with T-Mo, it's great to see AT&T being forced to react and compete with T-Mo's much more reasonable pricing. T-Mo has been growing big-time over the last 6 months as people are figuring out that there is real savings there, especially with the price of the phone de-coupled from the cost of phone service. It's great to see the ripple effect that's causing, and I hope it continues, because it will be better for all consumers.


How about z30 and 10.2.

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Can some one explain how these work in the us every phone uses the same about of data for the one price example 4 person in the family all 4 person get 300MB each?????????? im lost. I live in Jamaica we have two Carries they are Digicel and L.I.M.E. digicel offers 4G and Lime is upgrading to 4G now. i have two phone one on each network. Lime is cheaper to make calls and i use the Digicel to text and add data which i'm getting to in a bit. the plans that DIGICEL offers are as follow 500MB cost JMD$100 that last 1 day also there is a Two Day 500MB plan so you choose one or two day. These are all prepaid data plans i don't use post paid as most Jamaican. For a 7 day plan of 2GB cost JMD$600. for the 30 days plan of 2GB cost JMD$1,750 and 30 day plan of 3GB cost JMD$2,250 respectively. the currency rate is as follows US $1 dollar cost JMD $105 dollars. our data service to me is cheaper and these are individual rates


What happened to 3GB plan? It's Not listed.


I actually seen a FACEBOOK add for BlackBerry yesterday from AT&T. I was shocked. Now if they would update to 10.2 and get the Z30 I would be happy. And keep advertising BlackBerry

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T-Mobile and Sprint also have terrible networks compared to AT&T and Verizon. I had Sprint and switched to T-Mobile after my 2yr contract was up. I then stuck with T-Mobile for 6 years until I moved into my new house, and got 1 bar of service and many dropped calls. I now have Verizon, and although I miss the cheaper bill, I appreciate the better coverage.


Z30 would be nice......................................


If only they would offer the Z30..

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Cellular Greed, $20 300MB, the money is in Data forget Text message


Are you kidding me?!
I pay about 3$ for 5GB data. I also have unlimited connection afterward, the only difference being in speed (limited to 128Kbps after 5GB used).
Stop praising those price reductions, it's insane...

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Mark Wred

I pay 60 for AT&T pre paid unlimited talk text 3GB of data using my black berry torch