AT&T dishing out up to $450 for convert T-Mobile users

By Adam Zeis on 3 Jan 2014 08:47 am EST

In what seems like a never ending battle between the two carriers, AT&T is now offering up to $450 for T-Mobile users who switch services. Starting today, AT&T users can trade in their old devices to receive a promo card of up to $250 and also an additional $200 per line when changing their service to an AT&T next plan, buying a phone at full price or activating a device they currently own.

Overall it's not such a bad deal if you have T-Mo service in your area. Also a pretty bold move by AT&T. Check out the press release below for more.

Press Release

AT&T Offers T-Mobile Customers up to $450 Per Line to Switch

Customers Ring in New Year with a Superior Network Experience and a Brand New Smartphone

Starting today, AT&T* is offering T-Mobile customers the opportunity to upgrade their mobile lifestyle with value of up to $450 per line when they switch to AT&T and trade in an eligible smartphone.

In addition to a larger and more reliable 4G LTE network, T-Mobile customers who switch to AT&T will benefit from a superior smartphone line-up and award-winning customer service.  With AT&T, customers can take advantage of AT&T’s new Mobile Share Value plans, which offer data and unlimited talk and text starting as low as $45 per month with no annual contract.** AT&T NextSMoffers customers the chance to upgrade to a new smartphone every year for $0 down.

Beginning Jan. 3, under the limited-time offer, T-Mobile customers who switch to AT&T can trade-in their current smartphone for a promotion card of up to $250, which can be used toward AT&T products and services.  Trade-in values will vary based on make, model and age of the smartphone, but many of the latest and most popular smartphones will qualify for a value of $250.  T-Mobile customers can receive an additional $200 credit per line when they transfer their wireless service to AT&T and choose an AT&T NextSM plan, buy a device at full retail price or activate a device they currently own.1

Only AT&T offers the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network, covering more than 270 million Americans.2  J.D. Power awarded AT&T the “Highest Ranked Customer Service Performance Among Full-Service Wireless Providers”  and “Highest Satisfaction with the Purchase Experience among Full Service Wireless Providers” in their 2013, Volume 2 studies. 

T-Mobile customers can learn more by visiting or an AT&T retail store.

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AT&T dishing out up to $450 for convert T-Mobile users


I like where this battle is going...

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Exactly. AT&T's feeling the heat from this very targeted TMO marketing campaign. Should've never taken out that paper ad criticizing TMO's network lol.

Well, he said he would change the industry and so far...

Simple Plans
Unlimited high speed LTE w/ no caps (downloaded 25GB of data last month, no hiccups)
No Contract
Jump(now copied by everyone)
Free roaming (now copied)
You change, we pay (now copied too)

He's doing a great work and the stock that started at $16 in march, is now at $32.

You are now in my Bingo Book

$202/ mo (No tax or extras included in this price). for my 5 people family plan on T-mobile. Plus wifi calling/text/e-mail covers. Att is a great company but T-mobile makes more sense for my current needs.

My extras are : 3 phones are making monthly installment, 2 lines have Jump. Our total bill with tax and all $267/mo. Att can't beat that. LoL

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Don't forget unlimited international 2G data roaming. I traveled recently and this was just awesome!

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It ss good. I live in The Bronx (NYC). So we typically get good service regardless of provider. In the areas that I don't get good service I log into a wifi connection and that is the equivalent of having great service since I can make calls/e-mail/text/browse the web through it.

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What am I missing here folks? Is there some sort of feud developing here between the two companies? Is it like Apple vs Samsung? Lol

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Not really. One's way bigger than the other. The bigger one (AT&T) tried to buy the little one (TMO,) but got smacked down by the regulatory body. But TMO had insulated itself preeety well should the merger have failed, and came out ahead. Then AT&T criticized TMO's network, and hell's gates were opened. TMO's gone after AT&T (and to a smaller degree, other carriers) ruthlessly since then.

Oh..and there was that small matter of "needing to do something to not keep bleeding customers." That's what led to the UnCarrier movement at TMO. Now TMO US is one of the, if not THE best childs of Deutsche Telekom, the parent company.

Most people are free to leave whenever the want. Of course, they'd immediately owe the balance on their phone purchases, but they don't have to get service should something (like rates) change.

So I was correct. I saw a Canadian one on eBay which shows support for band 1700 (band4) and I know that's what T-mobile uses. Thanks for confirming this my friend!

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As far as I know, t-mobile also uses band 2100, along with 1700, for their 3G (gimmick=4G) service. :)

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It's not really THE band 2100 (i.e. UMTS band 1) per se. This 2100 is the coupled uplink frequency for the 1700, which is downlink. Therefore, you'll often see it written as 1700/2100.

@raino ...what is the scoop on the Z30 with AT&T ? Based on what I've read here does it seem like T-Mobile will be giving a better service with the Z30 with the only caveat being that it must be bought in Canada? I've been with AT&T for 7+yrs, and it seems like there's a lot going on behind the scenes that I should be aware of. I would quickly switch to t-mobile if it seems like they're close to having the Z30. Maybe they will counter with something against this big push by AT&T.

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An AT&T (and TMO too, I think) compatible--fully compatible--Z30 just passed through the FCC ~two weeks ago . This could mean nothing, or it could mean that one of these two carriers has agreed to sell the phone--a conclusion I'm leaning towards. So if you have AT&T service and want to keep it, hang in there for a few more weeks.

If someone already was on or looking to switch to TMO and doesn't mind paying full upfront, that Canadian STA100-5 Z30 works great and is fully compatible. You don't even have to arrange a buy in Canada; there is at least one imported phone seller--GSM Nation--selling this phone in the US.

Actually T-Mo uses AWS Band IV for both the existing HSPA+ (up to 42Mbps marketing "4G") as well as their new LTE, though it's not clear to me if both will be running on the same towers at the same time sharing spectrum. T-Mo has been refarming their 1900MHz from 2G to HSPA+ to free up AWS spectrum for LTE and to allow legacy AT&T-compatible devices like the iPhone 4S and many Androids to get HSPA+ speeds on 1900.
For example, the Z10 model STL100-3 RFK121LW (T-Mobile or Factory Unlocked) will work on all T-Mobile and all AT&T 2G, 3G/HSPA+ and LTE bands. I have one and I get 5-6Mbps downstream on good HSPA+ on AWS, and have seen up to 25Mbps on T-Mobile LTE, using testmy dot net (a speed test using HTTP to the browser). You can see the band support of the sub-models in the Wikipedia article on the Z10. A Z30 with the same band support should run nicely on T-Mobile or AT&T.

This battle between the two is getting very interesting. It's mildly amusing how AT&T and Verizon just match each other and they are the biggest, yet the 3rd/4th place contender is causing them the most pain.

Any way you look at it consumers are winning. T-Mobile is offering very interesting services and the others , bigger competitors are having to respond.

Verizon is not going to be able to ignore what is going on.

In my area Verizon has been the KING due to their unparalleled coverage. But AT&T has gotten pretty close and even T-Mobile and Sprint have improved greatly - still not usable for me. If T-Mobile and Sprint joined forces, and added just a few towers to filling the dead spots.... Verizon is going to have a hard time in "my area" justifying their much higher rates and much lower phone subsidises.

I don't see anyone who takes advantage of this being satisfied with their bill after 2 months

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Hope Tmo takes this seriously. Been a long time customer and seen a decline in customer service. Coverage in our new location has been spotty.

BB Uniq BB Bold -Z10 with 1925

AT&T's bean counters know the company will easily make their $200-450 back in less than a year.

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No good. I have three lines, all smart phones. One has Jump and two have monthly hardware installments. With taxes and fees I pay $151US a month. This includes unlimited text/data/calling and WiFi calling. Also have free international roaming.

Once the hardware is paid off my bill will drop to $112 a month. To move to ATT, no hardware cost, I will pay closer to $135 a month, lose international roaming, have limited calling, and lose my WiFi calling.

This is no deal. They use all the fluff of money back up front, but the subs lose in the long run.

Sticking with my T-Mobile.

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At&t can keep their money and their garbage service. After a few months, I will have spent more than $450 with a two lines on at&t.

I get T-Mobile LTE almost everywhere I am in LA and Long Beach, CA.

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AT&T are studying to get T-Mobile customers,why don't they try to satisfied their present customers and give us the OS 10.2.1.xxxx update.

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Here here! We never even got the 10.1MR! I hate it when companies give great deals to new customers while leaving existing ones out in the cold.

Had AT&T for a month, and that was long enough. Blackberry should start their own service like republic wireless. Offer an affordable plan that only works with Blackberry smartphones.

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Prior to Christmas, there were rumors that TMOBILE was going to announce that they would offer up to $400 to pay off early termination fees if att customers wanted to quit their contract with att and jump to TMO. I'm not sure if that ever happened or not.

If TMO decides to follow through, I'm dropping att asap.

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Yeah. It got leaked to ATT what T-Mob was doing so they launched it before T-Mo could. Still a bunch of copy cats.

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At&t can keep their money. I'll never leave Tmo (unless Sprint buys them of course).

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"AT&T users can trade in their old devices to receive a promo card of up to $250 and also an additional $200 per line when changing their service to an AT&T next plan"

Did you mean T-Mobile users can trade in their old devices??

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...i hate it when promotions play with words and bank on the partially informed....
"...Up to $250"... really means a bunch of coupons worth $5-10 bucks filled with a bunch of stuff you don't really need. They compile it all together to make you believe you're getting a huge deal right off the thanks.

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Hey AT&T, yeah no. Just to let you know I'm porting a line to TMo later this year. My one line of service with AT&T costs as much as my three lines with TMo.

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I was thinking T-Mobile was getting ready to announce something similar next week at CES.

My guess is that AT&T put out the announcement today just to beat T-Mobile to the punch. That being said, it is probably a response to everything T-Mobile has been doing lately.

I just can't see switching to AT&T, losing unlimited data (even if throttled after reaching my 5GB limit), international roaming, and wifi calling.

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That's exactly what this is: a preemptive reaction to what's rumored to be "UnCarrier 4.0," except since it's AT&T they've probably structured this program to come out ahead. Way ahead.

TM has much better rates than ATT.
(Service level depends upon location).
Let the buyer beware when they compare total cost of phones and service over a relatively short period.

Maybe if AT&T would like spend a bit of effort toward *keeping* its existing customers (like me), they could (ahem) get a clean copy of BlackBerry 10.2 pushed out soon?

Probably too much to ask... (I know, I know, wrong forum)...

Honestly, these 2 are the best example of you get what you pay for. Sure TMO has great rates and unlimited options, but that's where all the good stuff ends. Coverage and customer service are some of the worst I ever encountered. I remember the nightmare I had to go through just to buy the Z10, being told I have to pays hundreds in fees since my plan was old or because I waited for the Z10 my upgrade isn't being honored so now not only did I pay $600 for the phone I'm still stuck in a contract. Best of all they lie about coverage area, and then push their horrible WiFi app which works now and then, and don't even bother trying leaks the app won't work. Hence it really is ruining my Z10 experience as I found 10.2 builds are far better and stable than the 10.1 build TMO supports. With AT&T you'll have less options, more upfront costs sure, and barely any unlimited plans, but hey you'll get the second best coverage jest slightly behind Verizon, so if you travel that's a plus, and I can tell you from traveling around you feel really stupid having a TMO phone and sitting around ATT/Verizon folks who have service in the middle of no where, or even just a few miles from a highly populated area. In the end its all about which evil you arewill to sellout to...

Tmo has the best customer service of any carrier I've ever had and at&t has the worst ever (in every dept). If I were to switch (I get good coverage with Tmo where I live and work) I'd definitely go with Verizon. I can't stand how bad at&t customer service is.

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To AT&T : "No thanks AT&T, i don't like higher prices and i don't like my data throttled and for sure I hate paying extra for going past your cap on data. I also don't like do deal with sub par customer service."

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Good read! That's why it's important to do the math before just believing the numbers.

I wonder if kids in school are getting word problems like this so they can figure out whether it's really a good deal or not?! Lol

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No thanks AT&T.. No way I'm switching from Tmobile. You would have to do better than that....much better

STA100-5 White Z30 ,Tmobile, USA

I wish AT&T would dish out the new update already. I don't get what they're waiting for!!!!

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Dream on, ATT. Now if TMO would release 10.2.1, that would be awesome.

Anyone see the TV adverts for TMO that conclude with, "...and best of all...NO AT&T!"

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