AT&T commercial shows off the BlackBerry Torch 9810

By Adam Zeis on 7 Nov 2011 03:47 pm EST

I'm a big believer that RIM and carriers can always do way more when it comes to advertising. I feel they never really show off the truly great features of BlackBerry phones and that is something on which they are missing the mark. The latest commercial from AT&T shows off not the newly released Bold 9900, but our good friend the Torch 9810. The ad runs through a few of the device features and capabilities with an amusing tone (and of course draws consumers in by stating it's "4G). Check out the full commercial above, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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AT&T commercial shows off the BlackBerry Torch 9810


As said above, its simple and effective. I really like it. We need more of these ads!

Yep, saw it to while watching football. That Guy(nick)that leave to the golf course was funny.
now if we can get some love for the bold 9900.

Not to bad, but the ad concentrated more on the speed of the network than really selling features of the BB.

An ad is an ad and if it pulls in potential customers through comical ways or through a rundown of features, it's fine with me.

This was a pretty funny ad.

I hate to be the odd guy out, but even as a BlackBerry advocate, this commercial does NOTHING to convince me to purchase a BlackBerry over the competition.

Again, these abilities mentioned are common among all smartphones. An advertising department should show how their promoted device sets itself apart from the competition, not how it "meets the same mark" as everyone else. Need proof this method works? Look at Apple.

Finally, the "4G" displayed on the box of the Torch 9810 with "Advanced Backhaul Capability" is a total joke. It uses the same technology as the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. However, that device is labeled 3G. I cry foul. Huge foul.

I use two BlackBerry's, one Android, and one iPhone. My favorite is my Android.

I am a mobile phone expert in my line of work and pride myself as knowing the details of all platforms. My personal opinion is that Android will arise as overall the superior platform. However, there will never be any denying that Apple has paved the way for smartphone success for 4 years now.

Your obviously quite a humble person as well. Does your arm hurt from patting yourself on the back?

This commercial is clearly not targeted towards you. It's for the more casual smartphone consumer who lacks the expertise in mobile device technology that you possess and simply laughed at the commercial and now wants to have as much fun at work as these people obviously did.

Overall, I thought that this commercial was effective in what it set out to do. AT&T is trying to sell it's service, and from what it seems not necessarily a particular phone. Lucky for us they just so happen to use the Torch 9810 to sell their message.

Everyone knows that Blackberry devices are great for business functions like phone, PIM, e-mail, etc. What the commercial is highlighting is that Blackberry devices can also cover the goofing off aspects that the other platforms are known for.

Clarifying your statement, are you suggesting that BlackBerry sells itself based upon business use?

Please understand I am not trying to be argumentative, but debating instead. Don't mistake me to start a flame war. :)

They are known for their use and security in business, and their great e-mail, PIM, text messaging and BBM for both business and personal use. A lot of people who may have left back in the old 4.X software days or potential new smartphone buyers out there that don't know that they are great for Twitter updates, Facebook, Youtube, music, some games now, sports scores, etc.

Overseas they are popular because carriers offer extremely cheap unlimited plans because the devices are so darn efficient compared to other smart phones.

I use At&T in Honolulu, HI and have had the pleasure of the Torch 9810 (just couldn't be a slider person, no matter how hard I tried), returned it and now have the Bold 9900. I am puzzled that the 9810 displayed H+ on screen and the 9900 clearly says 4G

This was the PERFECT commercial.

BB needs to stop focusing on the "benefits/features" of their damn phones and make it seem "hip"/"cool" to use BB again and this job did a great job of that!

Sell the SIZZLE, not the steak!!!

It did what a commercial is intend to do..Show the torch off either right or wrong which in return might sell then more devs & so on haha... OR bring a bad name but either way its gets the name out BLACKBERRY =D

Pretty good commercial.

Do they have another one not directed at the business crowd? Where is the commercial for the consumer market? Why would an average consumer get excited about the 9810 after watching this commercial set in an office?

Im an average cutomer (18yo Student) and I am going to stay with BB just cause of the "Huh?" guy. Also the game that the other guy was lay seemed cool.

my favorite blackberry 7 device finally gets some love. if att&t wasn't so greedy I would still be on their service and have this phone. Oh well, I'll make do with this 9850 on verizon...

I thought the blackberry 7 devices didnt support LTE or HSPA+....( false advertising? )
Or am i sadly mistaken and they come in both models?

all of the new bbs (except the curve) support hspa+ (aka 4G)
correct me if im wrong but i am pretty sure im right.

Love the swinging chair at the end. It's funny that the ads showcasing blackberries have been from AT&T - torch adverts. Loved the last one and now this one.

After reading the comments I feel compelled to chime in here.
I've been using BBs for about 5 years now. I'm not a mobile phone expert by any means but I am an old nerd and I can comfortably say I know way more than the average consumer walking into the T-Mobile store.
While I have a few things I would like to see done for BBs (which are mostly the Carriers' responsibility), I can safely say I am a die hard BlackBerry devotee. I have an iPod touch - which is essentially an iPhone that doesn't make phone calls. A few months back there was a tragic incident which killed my Curve 8520. My Carrier sympathised and sent me an Android phone for free.
I freakin' hated it.
To be fair it was one of the lower end models, but ye gods did I loathe the OS.
I've since swapped with my husband who also had an 8520. He has no WiFi at work all day whereas I do... His data usage skyrocketed with the Android.
I've had to advise him on all "Market" choices because as was already mentioned here, NO one has control or is screening the apps there.
Ultimately I think it boils down to this: as I understand it, RIM spends oodles of time and resources on developing the feel and usability of their devices, while most other phones are slick packaging with no substance. RIM devices are solid, dependable, sturdy as hell, ultra usable, and way more worth your money.

That's right people: while I would do almost anything for a Torch 9810, I would rather keep using my 8520 with OS 5 than an iPhone or an Android phone.