AT&T BlackBerry Z10 now available at Amazon for $199

Amazon BlackBerry Z10
By Adam Zeis on 22 Mar 2013 11:30 am EDT

If you're looking to pick up an AT&T BlackBerry Z10, you'll be happy to know that you can now purchase on online from Amazon. The Z10 will run you $199 on a 2-year contract and you have all the same options as purchasing directly through AT&T. You can start up a new plan, add to an existing plan and even port your old number should you choose to do so. You can also buy one sans-contract for $549 if that's your thing. 

There are plenty of Z10's in stock and if you sneak your order in before 3pm ET today you can get free two-day shipping. Head over to Amazon at the link below to get started.

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AT&T BlackBerry Z10 now available at Amazon for $199


Wonder how long we will have to wait for some discounts.

Z10 doesn't look good at $199 when all the other premium phones on Amazon are discounted for less
Galaxy 3 is only $10
9420 is $20

Hello that's a older phone that's why the price is low as the s4 is coming out just common sense

Posted via CB10

I know that both the S3 & 9420 are older phones... but there hardware is about the same as the Z10.

Not saying that the OS isn't better or that it isn't a great phone. Just that when an average user with no preconceived idea of what device they want, looks and does a comparison - that the Z10 isn't going to look good. BBRY needs either to drop the price on the Z10 pretty quickly or they need to release another device at a lower price point to be competitive. The only problem with a new device... is how will they make it cheaper? Smaller screen is about the only option, and that will not go over to well...

I know! In México it's going to be available tomorrow at 8 5 0 without a contract; and at 4 4 0 on a 2 year plan with a monthly cost of 7 2, that includes 1 0 0 0 minutes and only 7 0 0 MB! Yeah, that wasn't a typo!

To make things worst, for some brilliant reason BlackBerry México decided to give a timed exclusive on the Z10 to only one carrier (Telcel)! For how long? It's rumored to last for 2 months, but there's no official word. Of course, that's not my carrier. Shouldn't BlackBerry try to put the Z10 in as many hands, in as little time, as possible? It looks as if Apple, Google or Samsung planned the Z10 launch in México. Call me crazy, but I´m guessing the pricing has a lot to do with the exclusivity.

And the ironic part? The Z10 is made in México! I know, duties and taxes have to be paid anyway, but it certainly should cost less than 8 5 0 or 4 4 0.

Anyway, I'll have to either wait and see what happens exclusivity and pricing wise, or look for a way to import a couple of unlocked Z10s (yes, obviously my wife wants one).

Thank you BlackBerry México!

Note: All quantities refer to American currency. I had to delete the money symbol or name because CrackBerry was marking my comment as spam.

I'm calling BS on Rogers wanting $750.... Not one day was the outright price more than $599... Even after tax its $688

There also the sim card (nfc enabled) and activation fee from Rogers mine was 750

Posted via CB10

If I recall from the day I bought my BlackBerry Z10, the off-contract price was CAD550.00 or CAD599.99.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

$199 for a 2 year contract is to high? I payed 350 for 2 year with Fido and Roger's had it at 199 for a 3 year here in Canada on release date . Worth every bit for the Z10.

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@scalemaster34 how much were those older premium phones when they first came out? You're comparing apples with pears.... in time the Z10 will drop and be bundled etc just like the others.

Amazon might save you a little sales tax.

Unlocked Z10 can be had on  Amazon for around $640 or ebay for a similar amount.

@kazmi... I think the 199 is for new signups/renewals on ATT... maybe you're getting the contractless pricing if you're on Verizon... Verizon's version will be available 28th March,  T-mobile 27th March...

I'd love to know how your contracts work cost me £49.99 for a 2 year contract, at £36 a month

Posted via CB10

I bought mine on Amazon a couple of weeks ago and AT&T activated for me at the beginning of March. This month has been sweet!!!

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