AT&T BlackBerry Z10 now available at Best Buy

Best Buy
By Adam Zeis on 20 Mar 2013 03:56 pm EDT

After a few emails into the ol' CrackBerry tip line and a couple of phone calls, we've verified that the AT&T BlackBerry Z10 is now available for purchase at select Best Buy locations. While the device isn't set to release on AT&T until Friday, it looks like Best Buy is jumping the gun to get a head start. From the looks of it you won't be able to order online, but you should be able to head to most stores and pick one up. Both the Verizon and T-Mobile models are still listed as coming soon so we'll see if those show up early as well. 

Unfortunately it looks like you won't be able to buy the Z10 outright though, so unless you're buying on contract this isn't the option you're looking for :) 

*Update* It looks like the stores aren't giving up the Z10's anymore. We've tried numerous others and they are now telling us that they can't sell the devices until Friday.

Check out the BlackBerry Z10 at Best Buy

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AT&T BlackBerry Z10 now available at Best Buy


Ahhh! I preordered from best buy but I got word that they wouldn't have the phone until Saturday...i need to track down one of these "selected" stores.

for Verizon it says "In Stores Only" Tmobile "Coming Soon" AT&T "Sold Out Online" damnn that was quick.. lol, that's a good thing though

If you're in Downtown Houston, the ATT store at 930 Main St., Suite 103, Houston TX 77002, (713) 751-1874 just confirmed that they will have "PLENTY" Z10's available Friday morning. Just received 400 units.

They are not BlackBerry fans here. Every time I've gone to the store to inquire about anything BB, I get this look of disgust as they try to direct my $$$ elsewhere.

I know that Houston location lol glad I got mine already, but thinking about getting one for a friend.

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I just called that store. They lady seemed surprised but wasnt deragotry. We should all call that store and keep asking for the availability of the Z10. Maybe if they think that there is a demand they will stop ragging on the device.

All ATT stores are like that Best Buy Mobile is where I go. There impartial and don't push nor direct you all you get is information on the product EVERYONE GET YOUR PNONE AT BEST BUY MOBILE

They recently closed the AT&T store in the Allen Center Tunnel but the one on Main is a nice store. I've gone in to get a SIM card or two over the years. I usually swing in to see What AT&T is hawking after having lunch at The Bombay Pizza Company next door. Guess I'll have to pester them tomorrow at lunch :) I'm not sure 400 will cover all the attorneys and executives that still prefer BB in Htown.

Just got back from lunch. They will not even have a display up until tomorrow.

There are several locations in the Denver area that have them listed as in store only on website...

Now users in the US can benefit from this amazing piece of technology like we up here in Canada have been for the past month +. Go BBRY stock!!!!!

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I wish my best buy store would have been willing to release them early. I had to wait till Feb 5th to get mine :)

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Just called best buy, turns out local best buy have half a dozen Z10s, I hope I can snatch one of them!!

Nice to see some of the stores releasing early! Hopefully sales go really well. I'd love to see news stories about Best Buy selling out, like we've seen from UK and Canada outlets.

OK, where is my Skype!? Where is my Facebook update!? Where is my 10.1 (didn't think this one would make it).

Just called my store in Palm Beach Gardens. They have them but won't release them until Friday morning.

Same here, the BB mobile store in Canoga Park Los Angeles that I pre ordered from just got it but can't sell it until the 22nd.

I live in Sterling, VA and the rep told me I could go buy one today, now I am beginning to wonder if she was misinformed... either way I will stop by

When I asked my guy if there's exceptions he told me that a few got fired before for selling early so ... Been waiting long ... can wait one more day.

The ATT store in Boynton Beach is not releasing until Friday. They did have one in the store he let me touch and feel it out the box brand new. It is awesome.

They have them, but aren't selling them yet. I just called about 7 locations in the city and they all said the same thing.

seeing that Best Buy is showint the "unactivated Price" is at 699.99, I think i'll just wait until friday and hit an AT&T Store.

I will let my buddy know about this. He has a guy holding one at AT&T in Phoenix but he would probably love to have one tonite!

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Heading to my nearest best buy right now they said they are in stock. Will report back if I actually am able to buy it!

does that mean we should expect similar things from the Verizon BB? like maybe a day earlier in some locations?

Available at the 6 nearest Best Buy's in my area. I am scared that if I pick it up I will buy it and later regret it when the real BlackBerry10 phone shows up.....Q10!!! Qued 10 for all you Canadians ;)

I've contacted 6 stores here in the Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Bowie, Baltimore and Arundel areas and even stopped at one where he had it out about to sell it to me before saying they can NOT sell it until the 22nd. BS.

Congrats to our US friends! For those lucky enough to get a Z10 tonight... Have fun!

I'm Canadian, but I'm holding out for the Q10. I'm also long on bbry, so here's to a great launch in the US!!!!

I just played with one at the Best Buy near me. I called a stores associate before this and the man said that a guy who had one would only be there til 5 and so anyway oh it is soo fast, and switching in and out of apps is a breeze. The keyboard is amazing, I was very surprised. The camera took sharp pictures. I am just so enamored by this phone and it felt great and wonderful in my hand. I have small hands, but it fit perfectly and it was so light weight. I Can't wait til Friday!!!!

I just called 4 Bestbuy stores they all said that they don't have it yet and it will be available on the 28th but the last store I called said that she sees in the system that all the other stores in the area do have 5 in stock each

Same happened to me even though I called and they said they were selling them today. Apparently the lady on the phone "made a mistake"

They were selling them, they just didn't have any advertisement up or a demo unit. I'm heading to one right now that has one that I can play with. He said no off contract sale though

They had the mockup demo unit (the one that you basically just look at) but it wasn't put out on the floor yet. Though just holding it was amazing. Can't wait till Friday

Finally got to play with one :D It was really nice, it looked good, it felt smooth, the os was nice and fluid. The keyboard was awesome. I'm on a 9900 now, which I think is the greatest keyboard ever, but I can see how quickly that could change. Oddly enough, the one thing I can't get over is how into it the sales guy was.... He asked if I'd been helped. I told him "no, i just called a bit ago and someone told me there was a z10 here I could check out." He says "Yeah! Thats mine actually." Pulls it out of his pocket and starts going off about how great the keyboard is and how he's convinced its the best mobile browser he has ever seen.

It's been a while since I've talked to a sales person who is THAT pro-BB. It was very refreshing!

seams like you have to go down to a bestbuy store and try your luck, the associate might just sell it to you

I just called my local Best buy (Maryland) and they told me that they have a "trained" person there with a live phone. They said if I went there today I could "play" with the phone...I'll be right there!

I just called about 10 Best Buy (including Best Buy Mobile) stores in Dallas and all told me I had to wait till the 22nd. The last guy I spoke to said they just received a memo saying that some stores had sold the devices but they were blocking the sale until the 22nd.

The waiting continues...

LOL, just called my local best buy twice.. she said they dont have it in, and "dont carry any of the blackberrys"? i called her from a different number the second time. i am shocked, the first time i asked she didnt even know what a z10 was

Just FYI... Called Best Buy Corporate and was told that as of the 1st of March they are no longer price matching phone retail pricing. Seriously, Best Buy?!? WTF are you doing?!?

Glad, my American friends can finally have the amazing bbz10. You will love this phone. I sold my Iphone five before the launch in Canada. And I will say. I will not regret it.

I just went to a Best Buy store and went off on them after they told me that they can't sell the phone until the 22nd... I was truly the angry BlackBerry fanatic--I told them they their website is misleading and that I hope that they went out of business... be fair to the reps at best buy, the release date is the doesn't matter if they have them now, they're not SUPPOSED to sell them until the 22nd. Those are the, SOME are more willing to break rules than others, and some have better relationships with their area management than others, and are more inclined to break those rules. However most assume breaking the rules will cause them to lose their jobs, and for you to be upset that someone isn't willing to lose their job over you is pretty damn selfish...

Called 4 different Best Buy's in my area that claim to have available, they all said they have them in inventory but can't sell til Friday... Grrr!

They are NOT price matching. If someone gets away with a price match... Congrats. However, as of the first, Best Buy will NOT honor the 549 price. It's 699 off contract. Ridiculous.

Dropped by the local Best Buy Tenley in DC, guy said they have them but they are not showing till Friday. He said the white one is gorgeous as he looked at his Lumia in disgust :D

Pulled up best buy zip code availability today, showed in store only. Came to the store but its ALWAYS busy. Told the gentleman who sees what you need and notes your place in line that,"I preordered a phone and received an email that it had arrived here, can I pick it up" rep at the desk said, if its in the closet when I walk up I can take it...these final minutes are agonizing, it doesn't help I'm caffeined up and headache medicined up....

I know that I am done with Best Buy now; I called another store and I was advised that they are selling the phone [verified by SKU #], I was asked for my name and I was then advised that they would hold a phone for me. So I drove down to the store [10 miles away] only to be told that they can't sell me the phone...

Again, I could not help myself, I went off an all of them...

Had the same trouble. Spend an hour going thru the process to then tell me they couldn't sell me the phone. BestBuy will never get another dime from me!

Best Buy is the best place to purchase the BB10. Get yourself some good insurance on it. When something goes wrong with the phone you will get some good replacement. Far better than buying direct from the carrier. It happens with my PlayBook before. Is fun to see the U.S. market now going to carry BB10. Thank God finally. I wish Sprint will carry BB10. I am very mad with Sprint. My contract with them is still on till April 15,2013. By then I am free to hop over to Verizon. Go BB fans, enjoy your day tomorrow and Friday when you all have the real beast in your hands. From Hollywood Los Angeles wishing all of you the best tomorrow. Now I can see all the BB10 ads on CNN wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

I love how the phone is sold out online for Best Buy, but not one article about it that I can find. If this was Apple, you would have at least 10 different articles. I think CrackBerry needs to actually start writing about these sell outs, it is real news that needs to be spread to the masses so that they can see that BlackBerry is back.

I got the Best Buy "order is ready" email. After going there to pick up the phone, the asst. manager made several calls and told the specialist to try and activate the phone. The Best Buy system will not recognize the pre-order order number. They said it won't be active until 3/22. Pretty bogus.

I was excited reading this post that Best Buy was selling them early. I called the one by my work and said yes I can buy one. I get there all excited and I was told no but I can do a pre-order. HUGE letdown. I went to another store around the corner from my house and they told me no as well. They did have a dummy unit not on display and got to hold it. It feels so nice and the back is grippy. At least the one by my house were knowledgeable and chit chatted about the new Z10. When I told him that other Best Buy's across the states were selling them he said that it's a huge no no and they can be red flagged from Blackberry! Yikes!! guys should remove this thread. Called BB in Austin and they say the Z10 is in the system buy are not allowed to sell it till the 28th.

I went to Best Buy they said it is not in stock and they don't know when it will be available. they also said that they can not upgrade a AT&T Premier line it can only be done in a corporate store.

So here I am typing from what is supposed to be my new Z10 and Best Buy is taking it back from me... I seem to like punishment...

Now they are on the phone reverting the settings...

Can't believe I'm defending Best Buy, but as a former Best Buy Mobile Manager, I hope to dissipate some of the Best Buy hate.

The way the system works is that the phone is sold and when attached to a plan, it all "packages" out with the discount. If the package hasn't been added for a particular sku, then it won't auto discount. The solution is to check the street date. If it's a hard street date, most managers will say no, as they should.

If it's not a hard date, then you have to get a manager to MANUALLY take a $500 discount on a phone.

If you know what you're doing, you also know that your store will get paid even if the discount was applied manually, but in doing so, your name and employee ID is now attached to a report that says you improperly gave a discount to someone and then you get to explain it. Never a fun thing to do.

The big problem is that most packages are loaded on Sundays. Since the launch is on a Friday, I foresee issues with stores needing multiple manager overrides and getting frustrated, further frustrating the customers. My suggestion? If you have a stand-alone mall location near you, try there first. They only deal with phones and will know what to do if there are packaging issues on launch day.

Yall have fun. I decided to pay the Sprint ETF and switch, but I can't until next month.

Getting sold out already.. just like most other countries, blackberry for the win!!!!! I get a tear in my eye when I read posts like this.

I love you blackberry.

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While I was dealing with Best Buy's phony "order is ready" process, I did hear some good news. The two Best Buy guys I was dealing with both made very positive comments about the Z10. One described it as a "very hot" phone and the other said it was "exciting." Normally not words associated with a BB device. This might be good news for the brand as a whole.

Local at&t store says they have several Z's in stock and that they'll hook me up today! Yes, March 21st... I am pleased!

I just had a Best Buy mega fail - I arrive and ask "Is the Z10 available?" bestbuy rep says "Yes, is it an upgrade", I say "yes". He brings out a Z10, puts it on the table and proceeds with getting my account info to do the transaction. He processes the upgrade and I sign, and then I think during the checkout process he learns that he cannot sell the phone until tomorrow. So i just upgraded my line and I have to go back and pay for / pickup the phone tomorrow. Good thing is that I now have that Z10 on hold under my name. They're store (a full sized best buy in a busy area) only received 7 Z10s. I was at an AT&T prior to that, and they only received 10 Z10s.

I too went in to the local Best Buy and they checked and they can not sell me one till tomorrow. The guy wrote my name on a piece of paper and then took it and said he was going to wrap it around one of the boxes so I could get it tomorrow. He said they have 5 in stock (now 4 after holding one back for me). I then went across the street to the corporate AT&T store to see if I could play with one. They said they would not have any out till tomorrow. I did not get to play with one but I know there is one waiting with my name. Just have to hold up for a few more hours

I spoke to Best Buy yesterday and she said all the local stores are getting 5 pieces each.
And the AT&T store rep said I don't have to rush no one will stand on line for this garbage phone

When I arrived at best buy this morning they only had 5 Z10's and that was at opening. Glad I arrived early. The phone has exceeded my expectations so far with just a few hours with the phone. Gave my iphone5 up for the Z10 and don't regret it. Surprisingly the lack of apps doesn't bother me as much! Good job blackberry!

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