AT&T BlackBerry Z10 Accessory Roundup

The BlackBerry Z10 from AT&T is due out on March 22nd so make sure you're stocked up with accessories ahead of time. 

By Adam Zeis on 12 Mar 2013 08:29 am EDT

AT&T has announced the BlackBerry Z10 and it will be here in just a few short weeks, so if you've already put in your order you'll want to make sure you're stocked up on the accessory front so you're ready to roll come release day. If you order any in-stock BlackBerry Z10 accessories now, they'll be at your door and ready for action when you have your new Z10 in hand. 

There are plenty of great items to choose from including the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle, BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell, OtterBox Defender Series case and much more. You can head over to ShopCrackBerry now to view all the best accessories for your BlackBerry Z10

Keep reading to see what's new and leave a comment letting us know your favorite accessory!

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AT&T BlackBerry Z10 Accessory Roundup


Team Crackberry like you guys even I want BB10 to do great all over the world. India is a huge market and I feel BBs attitude towards it does not make sense.. Guys in place like India where z10 is launch I see not even a single newspaper ad or a TV ad. Sony Xperia has done and so has samsung and apple. Does BB think they can sell in India just like that. Also not sure why the MD Sunil Dutt resigned. Brand Blackberry is huge in India and many Indians atleast 1 million can buy a Z10 just like that even if its the most expensive phone out there. Please convey this to the CMO that till date not even a single ad has been seen in newspaper nor TV. How will Indians know its a WOW phone without any TV ads. Instead of wasting money on "Keep Moving" project please spend some wise marketing money for such things.

India is already overselling why why they to spend more on commercials. It's the US market they need to focus on

Posted via CB10

I just realized you can view different pictures and scrolling left and right at the top and I can really use the OtterBox for my Z10

Good job guys the wait is almost over all of you in the US! I promise it'll be worth it!

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

I have ordered the battery package 3 weeks @ crackberry. And still they are out of stock...SUCKS...need 1 NOW!!!

Posted via CB10

I wish u guys would have some type of bundle (charger & holster) with obviously at a discounted price! I would getit for sure. Even though im in Indonesia which means lots of extra charge! Consider to make a warehouse based here in indonesia, considering how much of a fan indos are with blackberry...

Posted via CB10

Ventev Powercell 3000mAh Dual Charging Backup Battery for BlackBerry Z10 (whew!) is my choice :)

Just received my red transform shell from Shop and it's great! Even came with slick screen protector that feels just like a nice shiny clean screen. Awesome. Just awesome.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10 since it has not been released in Germany. Offers on will be shipped from UK or Canada.

I am a person who wants the biggest and best MicroSD card for my phone but I haven't been able to afford this one yet. I just upgraded to a 32gb card for Christmas and it's already getting full. I mainly fill it with music but I want to start adding in movies and not have to dump out my pictures monthly.
That is my accessory of choice for any of my Blackberry devices

As of right now, I have the black transform shell. While it's charging, I put it in the landscape position. I'd like a desktop charging port. That would be sweet.

Posted via CB10

Now everybody radio shack ebay, has the blackberry, now solavei put the phone to 689 now you all think we gonna run like horses for the phone , why didn't you did this in febraury* as matter of fact they don't even pick up the phone in solavei customer services*

It's sad that some think this is a contest. -.-
I'll be getting a case when I get the Q10, once it's out and into my hands. :)

Sad is the amount of pouting that goes on this site. Sad is people thinking they gain self worth from criticizing others on this site. Thinking a post under "Contest" is a contest is not sad, it's an understandable mistake.

From Z to U via CB10

The Otterbox defender series case seems like the best of the lot. Anything this good needs real protection... The charger is the second best option since the time the article showed up that the new update has increased battery life. what say ???

I was going to purchase an accessory posted under accessories but I don't know if it's posted under the correct category. That's sad.

From Z to U via CB10

For right now, the battery pack is the best accessory. That night change once the multimedia dock comes out though. Definitely want to win one of those!

Those headphones look like an improvement on the ones provided to us.

By the way, I'm loving the phone !!!!!

Posted via CB10

I'm torn between the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle, the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell or the BlackBerry Flip Shell Case.

Couldn't live without my charger bundle!

I also got the white transform shell which is awesome, but may also pickup a red transform shell as well at some point :)

Posted via CB10