AT&T BlackBerry Q10 now available for preorder; Devices shipping June 18th

By Adam Zeis on 5 Jun 2013 08:30 am EDT

If you're a prospective AT&T BlackBerry Q10 owner you'll be happy to know that their preorder page has finally gone live. It's been a long time coming but it's good to finally see the Q10 making the rounds here in the US.

You can head over now and lock in your Q10 for $199 on a 2-year contract. It's noted on the preorder page that devices will be shipped on June 18th, so we assume that the official release date is right around there -- although still no sign of any official dates or press release.

If you're jumping on the Q10 off-contract, AT&T is offering it up for $584.99 as well.

Preorder the BlackBerry Q10 from AT&T

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AT&T BlackBerry Q10 now available for preorder; Devices shipping June 18th


I was on tech support yesterday with AT&T and the tech said it was being released and provisioned today. Weird.

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Major dissappointment once again.
- Lack of commnication from AT&T
- Ridiculous delay in delivering a prouct already in circulation world-wide
- True availabilty still unknown
- Little/No promotion or advertising of the product
- Still waiting on 10.1 OS for the Z10
- Another poor BlackBerry launch in the US


And yet they're still ahead of Sprint lol. This is sad. I feel like these carriers want BlackBerry to fail. Have you been into any of the big 4 stores lately? No BlackBerry advertising whatsoever. It's sad.

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I saw a nice section in Costco for the Z10. I believe it was on sale too at either $99.99 or 49.99. It is $49.99 on Costco's wireless website. Prices are with a 2-yr contract of course.

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That isn't too bad. I expect to get a Q10 from Sprint by then. I'm going to enjoy the nice summer weather in the meantime!

Going to buy one even with the delay
Don't have an upgrade so I have to pay full price. Totally worth it though.

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I know I could load a 10.1 leak on my Z10, but it's not my thing, especially considering the contacts mess afterwards.
But the fact that 10.1 is still not officially out in the US makes me feel like I already have an outdated phone...

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I've loaded numerous software leaks without issue. Backup and then restore after. If you're concerned about the integrity of the software as well you shouldn't be. It will only accept legitimate software.

i did pre-reg. Sad - just sad... :(
I guess the only positive is that maybe Playbook will have BB10 by then - i was hesitant already because of the loss of functionality. Let's see who wins the snail race. >.>

The so called registration for updates on the Q10 were such a waste of time. Not even one email was received about the Q10. Smh.. glad it's finally available though.

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lol yeah they usually arent but i actually just got an email about the q10 and that its available for pre order! very surprised!

I received emails from AT&T for both the Z10 and Q10. The latter arrived around 0700 CDT today. Two week wait for a pre-order? That's silly. I'd really like to see some clarification on why this process lacks so much transparency...and why it take so much longer than anywhere else in the world.

"You are not eligible at this time for an upgrade at a discounted price. However, you can take advantage of our no commitment pricing. Additional discounts may be available on 7/24/2013."


I can't decide if I should go ahead with getting it now that's it's so freakin' late, or wait for the next version of the high-end Q10 to come eventually.

I'm on Android with last year's Galaxy Nexus off-contract. I've had an available upgrade with AT&T for months now; been waiting for the Q10. Can't wait to use that awesome keyboard and experience Blackberry Flow. I left Blackberry after the original Bold 9000 a couple years back, but with Thorstein Heins holding the reigns, I can not wait to give them another go! BB10 looks amazing in videos and the Q10 is definitely the form-factor I want. Add in the ability to use my android apps, (well, sort of), and I am sold.

But the U.S launch has been so delayed, and I know I'll definitely want the next high-end models Blackberry I'm wondering if I should try to hold off and wait it out since I'll already be behind by getting the Q10 now, or go ahead and dive in with my upgrade.

So I noticed that AT&T no longer carries the 9900 Bold(other than a refurb). I wonder why they took it off the market completely. I still love that device. My guess is BB has no intention in supporting legacy devices. Thoughts??

I'm going to wait until its in the stores on the 16th (per our store) and play with it a little before buying. They did say the $100 trade-in of an old smartphone (3 years old or less) will still apply. Does anyone know what OS /build will ship with AT&T units in the US (CA)? Hopefully they have the 2-way sync issue fixed in the OS and the Link update with that same fix will happen soon. Any info is apprecaited!

Anyone know if there's a reason AT&T doesn't have the white Q10 available and whether they'll have it at some point?

At the moment the white Q10 is a Verizon exclusive. I think that sort of thing usually lasts about 6 months or so.

Thanks. But, sigh. I've waited so long already. AT&T's pretty much my only option right now.

ETA: The BB site shows white as available for "pre-register" at Sprint. Still doesn't help me, but it gives me a tiny kernel of hope.

WTH is up with a 2-week wait. Its not like the phones are already available. Not to mention the 10.1 OS update for Z10. Who can I write to about this nonsense?