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AT&T BlackBerry Q10 available for preorder starting June 5th

By Adam Zeis on 4 Jun 2013 03:51 pm EDT

That's right AT&T fans - the BlackBerry Q10 will be available for preorder starting tomorrow, June 5th. With T-Mobile being the first to push out the Q10 and Verizon not too far behind, AT&T may take in the prize for third as Sprint is nowhere to be seen. 

AT&T has released a statement noting that the Q10 will be available for preorder at starting tomorrow. The Q10 will retail for $199 on contract - an official release date will hopefully be available soon.

From AT&T:

“AT&T was the first carrier to launch BlackBerry smartphones and services in the U.S. and was the first in the U.S. to launch the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone.  Building on our strong BlackBerry heritage, we are excited to announce that beginning June 5 customers can pre-order the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone for $199.99*,” said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president-Devices, AT&T.  “The BlackBerry Q10 extends the new BlackBerry 10 experience to customers with the physical keyboard they love and the secure platform they expect, all on the nation’s fastest 4G LTE network.”

So good news for AT&T customers as it looks like the arrival date is right around the corner. Of course we'll fill you in on availability when we find out. 

Check out the BlackBerry Q10 at AT&T



That took way too long, glad I got my Z. I wouldn't have been able to wait this long.

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Does that mean us Z10 owners will have OS 10.1 soon?

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Sure... 'soon'.

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yeah we should have it by Friday...just don't let to many people know are one time *

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Soon is a relative term...I have personal expirience with Verizon and for them soon means someday, maybe or maybe not, could be tomorrow (HIGHLY UNLIKELY) or could be next year (MOST LIKELY)

Sorry, just a little annoyed with Big Red right now...

Aljean Thein

Finally. So it'll be mid June for its release..


Latest rumor is June 21st.

Aljean Thein

Let's hope that doesn't come true


Still undecided I love the Z10 but I miss having a keyboard as well. Wish AT&T offered it in white.

Posted via my BlackBerry Z10


Yep, about where I am, except for the 'offered in white' part. But I am definitely thinking about selling my Z10 and getting a Q10 instead.


maybe i'm missing something but it sure isn't first out from tmobile.. If it was I would have this phone already.


It's out for business users, us regular people get it tomorrow!


I was at a Tmobile kiosk yesterday. They had a Q10 demo model not hooked up to the Internet. But I got to play with it!!! He said he couldn't sell it to me then, but could on June 5. So yes, Tmobile has it for sure!!! But I'm waiting for AT&T so i can keep my unlimited plan!
I also went into AT&T yesterday. The guy said he had no idea when they would get it, but he had seen one. I asked if the Z was selling well, he said most people are waiting for the Q.


Actually, it looks like the Q is shipping on the 6th from VZW. So it seems they are shipping earlier.

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VZW is shipping by the 6th
ATT is taking pre-orders starting the 5th, and haven't mentioned when they will ship by.
So by "they" in your last sentence you mean VZN, not ATT correct?


VZW Q10 will be in stores on the 10th, and will ship preorders on the 6th with 2-day shipping, so those will also arrive on the 10th.


I won't go back and forth here, but i've heard very different information from multiple reps, managers as well as fellow crackberry posters.


Same here. I heard preorders would arrive on the 6th and in stores on 10th and everything in between. The most consistent info is the 10th for both. And my preorder hasn't shipped, so it won't make the 6th (and I ordered at around midnight within 15 minutes of preorders going live).


Ugh.. I want the Q10 for that keyboard but I love the screen size of my Z10

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I am with you. I would like to get the Q but I am loving the screen size of my Z


I'm in the same boat!

Decisions, decisions...

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I can not believe that they said this "Building on our strong BlackBerry heritage" you go into any AT&T store and you see no displays about the BB. That sounds like a strong BB heritage


Blame BlackBerry for that.

Posted via CB10


Why Blackberry? You think they have people to watch in every ATT store, if they have spare people they should put them into testing new prototypes, not walking around the whole day in 2-3 ATT stores. If BB build good phones people will find out sooner or later. Do you think Apple has representatives there to promote their devices, NO of course and they never had. We should blame carriers, even though they're screwed by Apple, they still promote iPhones.


No, blame AT&T for that. All you would have had to do is note the stark difference between the way VZW marketed the Z10 in their retail stores vs how AT&T (didn't) market in their own, to understand that it is NOT simply Blackberry's fault.


Thank you, not really sure why a couple people on this site seem to think BlackBerry has direct control over how carriers market and display devices.

Very confusing sentiment

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10


Yeah, I work for AT&T and there is no BB love. I am using the Z10 now and will be the first to use a Q10, but if the corporate users were to actually use these devices, I feel there would be a lot more publicity for BlackBerry


I guess this means that end of May 10.1 OS rollout should be coming soon as well...

Pilot Prop

I'm glad AT&T is finally saying something about the Q10! But to still not have an official is beyond!

Kevin Michaluk

Sweeeet! Just landed in NYC and this is the first thing I read upon turning on my phone. Love it when a plan comes together! :)

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Hey Kev,
Are you going to do a midnight release like how you did with the Z10 @ Best Buy?

Eric D123


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Finally, ATT just woke up!!!


BOY - that's a real exciting and motivating press release you got there, AT&T. Sounds like you're really ready to provide that great carrier support Thor kept mentioning



Pronto my Pronto Q10 en AT&T que bien. Cual tu cres que es mejor de los dos ya tengo el Z10.

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Usted va a confundir a los lectores aquí con esa lengua española...


Latinos #1 el Mundo jajajajaja


Depende de su elección. Si te gustan las pantallas más grandes entonces z10 es mejor, si usted necesita desesperadamente teclado y tamaño de la pantalla no es importante, entonces q10 es mejor. Aún así, recomiendo z10. Tarde o temprano tiene que adaptarse a los dispositivos de pantalla táctil completa.


Gracias, Ya Tengo el Z10 y ahorra quiero el Q10 estoy como un Niño jajajaja

blackberry artichoke

Yo antes tenia el BlackBerry Bold. Ahora tengo el BlackBerry z10 y me encanta!

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Hasn't this been up for a while: know I signed up at least a month ago!?


Question it too late?

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Verizon has a preorder page on their website too with a "will ship by 6/6" badge on the phone. $199.99 with two year activation.


So I guess the lady I spoke to online that told me June 5 wasn't completely lying, just mistaken a preorder date for a release date... Not bad, at least now we know. I just hate not knowing at all...


I have a question though. My contract is up June 6... Should I wait until then to preorder or can I preorder on the 5 and the new contract wouldn't activate until it arrives right?


You have to be eligible for an upgrade before you can order.



I think you're probably right. But oh well, what's one more day?


If his contract is up on the 6th then the upgrade should have been available for a couple of months now. When I pre-ordered my Z10, my new contract started on the release date (March 28th) and not the date I placed the order.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 & loving it!


I think it'd have to be done over the phone, but you're right. The online system probably wouldn't accept it.


Either way, I don't really care about one extra day of waiting. As long as I'm getting the phone within the month I'm a happy camper... :-)


AT&T has 2 year contracts but will let you upgrade after 18 months. You can always check your upgrade date by dialing *639# from your AT&T phone


June 6 is when I'm up for an upgrade. I guess that marks 18 months and not 2 years then. It also tells you on the website if you select to upgrade your device.


When. will sprint get their act together!!!!!!! What a slow puppet.


When they merge with AT&T......


I left Sprint to get my Z10. T-Mobile is a much better deal for me, so I am happy. :)

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sprint is so useless what a way to loose customers to your rivals.

Dumb AZZes its what you get when you mortgage the house on apple! apple is laughing all the way to the bank and breaking sprints bank!


"an official release date will hopefully be available soon", "the arrival date is right around the corner."

LOL... is parroting the words used in Alec Saunders' tweets about Playbook events necessarily wise? ;)


Damn you Sprint. Get with the program.


It took a while for the Sprint Q10 to show up in BB manuals, where we get our network band information. I wonder if that has any correlation to the delay.


Sprint is now all about the iPhone and Samsung (and Android in general). They've snubbed blackberry and windows phone in favor of the "big 2".


Finally, time to upgrade my dad to BB10


Since AT&T is in Dallas, does this mean 12:01 am CST the pre-order frenzy can begin? If so, then at 10:01 pm PST I should be able to pre-order, right???

Why can't these companies ever give all of the information that consumers need. They just jerk us around and we follow like lemming. Regardless or the jerking, "I'am Lemming" and cant wait to finally retire the 9000 for the Q10, its been an upgrade in the making for a long, long time.

Go Blackberry !!!


...meanwhile, on the other side of gotham city, t-mobile gets things ready to sell the q10 in stores beginning tomorrow, june 5.

if you buy yours outright, and your account is in good standing, t-mob will graciously unlock it and you're welcome to rock those at&t and t-mobile freqs...(unless i'm totally making this up and living in la-la land.)


Tmobile told me the same thing.


Hm, pay $500+ for a phone and still use AT&T, or pay $200 and still use AT&T... I don't know, this is a real head stomper... I think I can wait another 2 weeks to save over $300. I'm not rich enough to throw away my money just to have something a little bit sooner...


Sprint is a big disgrace, it will be too late to merge anyway. No company will want to merge with them since they got

a stigma. :)


Hi Kevin and CB Team. Have you considered doing interviews with executives that are using BB10? Three entities come to mind, LA Sheriffs Dept., Canadian Tire, and the German Government.


Preorder...feel bad for you guys. Wtf is taking so long

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BlackBerry heritage my ASS. Then why the hell do yall shove all what 2 phones on display in the back like it's red headed step child.

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Seems like forever before people can get these Q10's in the US.

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Used this phone, and it easily beats any other phone out there in the market. The feel is fantastic and looks awesome

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Posted via CB10


Maybe Sprint is preoccupied with trying to buy clearwire and stopping Dish Network from buying Clearwire. Also they need to Hurry up and let Softbank buy up most of the company so the they can improve the dam signal with that said. If they dont get it together, and release the Q10 i will have to move to Big red or At&t....

Antikythera Mechanism

I'm absolutely amazed how far BlackBerry has come with their new portfolio!!!! Especially the masterpiece they call Q. I'm sure our neighbors down south will agree, in a few days.

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Pre order site is now up. Says ship date of June 18th.

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Yep! Q10 expected to ship to me on June 18th!


Anyone noticed, the "in the box" includes headsets?? :-D


But Sprint offers Truly Unlimited data, text and calling to any mobile. No throttling, no metering, no overages. All while on the Sprint network. You just can't buy a Z10 at all or a Q10 until late summer! What a bunch of rubbish!
I read that Sprint's network wins too. They lead AT&T in overall wireless satisfaction and network satisfaction. :)
I'm just poking fun but for real though, I'm just being patient until I can pick up a Q10 from them. They say late summer but I'm betting on Fall.


The Q10 will not ship from AT&T until June 18th. That's as good as it gets and THAT is pathetic.

world traveler and former ceo

Q10 is buttery smooth and gorgeous!!!! Got one!! No regrets!!

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Anyone know if there's a reason AT&T doesn't have the white Q10 available and whether they'll have it at some point?


Not sure why AT&T isn't selling the white Q10. In the next few days they'll be losing a long time customer.

I'm coming home to Blackberry, but:

I'm switching to Verizon: 1) for the White Q10. 2) just too many dropped calls

Yea I'll lose the unlimited plan, but for me, I barely used 2gig on my Android. And that was downloading a lot of different OS's