AT&T BlackBerry Q10 available June 21st for $199

By Adam Zeis on 18 Jun 2013 01:23 pm EDT

AT&T has finally announced the availability of the BlackBerry Q10. The long-awaited device will be available in stores and online June 21st for $199 on a two-year contract.

This just leaves Sprint out of the Q10 game for the time being as AT&T joins both Verizon and T-Mobile with the Q10 in the US.

The Q10 went up for preorder with AT&T not too long ago and devices are slated to be shipped today, so if you snuck in a preorder already, you may very well land a Q10 before launch day. If you don't want to wait another 3 days, you can still preorder online as well

Press Release

AT&T to Launch Blackberry Q10 June 21

The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone will arrive in AT&T stores and online on June 21 for $199.99 with a two-year agreement.

Dallas, Texas, June 18, 2013: The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone will arrive in AT&T stores and online on June 21 for $199.99 with a two-year agreement.  For a limited time, consumers who trade in their current smartphone to AT&T will be eligible to receive at least $100 off the purchase of a new smartphone, including the BlackBerry Q10.

“AT&T is pleased to add the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone to our growing BlackBerry portfolio,” said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president – Devices, AT&T.  “The combination of AT&T’s blazing fast 4G LTE network and the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone’s improved physical keyboard and touchscreen will help you stay productive and efficient on-the-go.”

To learn more about the BlackBerry Q10, including full device details, please visit


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AT&T BlackBerry Q10 available June 21st for $199


I agreed Ralfy NOTHING from AT&T have not yet either upgrade the new version 10.1 or upgrade any application. i notice that 90% applications are from UK and Canada. in another word Mr.BlackBerry is giving all the credit to Europe.

Yeah, I'm getting a bit annoyed with the foot dragging that AT&T seems to be doing as of late with EVERYTHING! I'm also STILL not seeing much in the way of advertising BlackBerry products like the "other" cell phone folks have in their stores...

I don't understand why the didn't release the OS update earlier and just ship the Q10 with it already downloaded...

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I was told by someone on this site (a pretty reliable poster) that the Q10s would be shipping with OS 10.1. I hope they are right.....

Yes, 10.1 is required for the Q10 for the added keyboard functionality. All Q10s are shipped with it installed. Now, as to whether AT&T will release 10.1 for the Z10 around the same time is another question.

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All i know is AT&T customer service does not know any upgrade version for Z-10 i'm really upset after sales associate was not been honest i tookhis advise and purchase the Z-10 and not the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S4.he took me like a SUCKER.

Wow, this is the first I've heard that an AT&T rep actually pushed the Z10 over the iPhone or Galaxy S. I'm sorry you feel duped; I will say in his defense though that at his level he could have no idea when the update would be released, reps typically don't know that type of information at launch. I understand your frustration though and hope that AT&T releases 10.1 for the Z10 soon (and Verizon, for that matter)..

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Wow, all that hoopla from Sprint about carrying the Q10 and they're still the last to release. That's a darn shame.

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I was thinking that same thing. Supposedly wanted the Q10 over the Z10 but still last to the game.

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There is a story behind why Sprint has not announced a date, and Blackberry needs to say why before someone else speaks up. I have been hearing rumors about Blackberry not getting the components compatible with LTE Band 25 (which Sprint and several carriers worldwide use) and SMR 800MHz/PCS 1900 MHz Qualcomm CDMA 4.0 Sprint currently uses on their Network Vision/LTE network.

Now, there's a story for which both Blackberry and Sprint would need to talk about it before another bashfest.

I just don't understand why all the carriers just don't release devices at the same time! It can't be that hard to do!

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It actually is because sometimes carriers get special deals or contracts with the manufacturer so that the phone first.

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Or perhaps the manufacturer not getting the proper components that would work in harmony for both the OS and Bands/form of LTE used by the carrier (for Sprint: LTE band 25, SMR 800 MHz/PCS 190MHz for Qualcomm based CDMA).

thats nice but where is my 10.1 for my Z10. Ill have to get my Q10 from another provider if they still last to send out updates. First to get Z10 out and last to update it.

They are. Luckily with the newly amended wireless code from the CRTC, we are now allowed to "terminate their wireless contracts after two years without cancellation fees, even if they have signed on for a longer term"

I find myself so productive on my Q10 that I when finish I don't know what else to do. I find myself wandering aimlessly through the Web that when I do find something to do its too late. There's no balance.

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I hope this means my preorder will be here before the 21st. I was assured it was not on backorder and that it will most likely ship today, the 18th. Mothers...

Nice!!! I hope you are right. I've been checking my order status online every I'm so jacked up about getting the Q10 that I already have a list of apps that I'm downloading when I get it. :-)

me too, but on the half hour. I called and the woman told me "in progress" and that she could not access the order to edit email info because "it has already been processed..." yet my status still says processing.

I was told by a rep that the AT&T Q10 preorders aren't being shipped based upon reservation date, but instead by # of times the status page is refreshed.

A lot of bias in that article you posted, but I don't want to make this political so I won't go there. Yes, it is an emergency alert system from the PRESIDENT, regardless of who that might be, and you don't have to worry about AT&T installing it as it's already baked into the OS. No you can't turn it off and consider it a safety net, the government won't send anything to you unless there's an emergency. So when the zombie apocalypse happens, we'll all at least know about it. :)

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Again, leaving Mr. Obama out of the conversation, if you wish to use cellular service in the United States under a carrier who must comply with the limitations set by the FCC, then you have no choice but to accept this emergency broadcasting system. It's a similar concept to those local alerts that get pushed on your TV in times of inclement weather or an abduction/kidnapping. If you wish to use the TV, you have no choice but to sit through it or at the very least hit the disable button when it pops up. I think you should get used to the idea because it seems to be here to stay. Do I like/want/care about it myself? Meh, hasn't really bothered me, I've received a few alerts but it wasn't anything than a simple dismiss didn't get rid of. And sometimes that information can be the difference between life and death.

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Then don't buy the phone if you're worried about him broadcasting mind-control rays through it or whatever. Problem solved.

This "Emergency Alert Messages" feature is nothing new for Blackberry users. My AT&T 9900 has it. My parent's both have the AT&T Torch, and their phones have it as well.

Contrary to what this "article" (and seemingly, you, too) try to make this out to be, it is not exactly a direct link to Obama's twitter feed that is going to be sending things out willy-nilly about what he had for breakfast, or how solid his bowel movements are at any given moment. Sheesh. *eye roll* (Personally, I think they should have called it "Nationwide Alerts", instead of "Presidential Alerts", for exactly the type of brainless misinformed politically-motivated reaction.)

In addition to "Presidential Alert Messages", it has "AMBER Alert Messages", "Severe Threat Alert Messages", and "Extreme Threat Alert Messages". And yes, the presidential one cannot be disabled. However, based on the other available options ("Extreme", "Severe"), anything that qualifies as a "Presidential Alert" is probably something we want to know about -- such as an incoming nuclear missile, asteroid, or alien invasion.

What annoys me more than not being able to turn off the "Presidential Alerts" on my 9900 is the fact the alarm sound is pre-set and non-changeable. And frankly, I am pretty sure tornado siren is far more pleasant than the sound this thing makes! I sure hope on the Q10 I can change it to something quieter.

I have a feeling that we will see the update for the z10 on the 21st or sometime next week. Probably they were waiting to have the q10 which has the most up to date of the blackberry 10 os. Think about it tmobile didn't get the 10.1 update till after the q10 went on sale. I have a feeling Verizon should be happen sometime this week. But hopefully gets on the wagon and releases the 10.1 update ASAP!!!!

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Looking forward to this...

Sharp charges too much for bluetooth keyboard so why not just use my playbook and Q10.

Surfing is best on a 70inch SHARP LED TV!

Ohh... and BB10 works nicely in BMWs and etc...

Lets hope if AT&T start waking up and get the customer happy with their Z-10 and Q-10 upgrading and updating software and application.

Q10 is for getting things done. It's a super productive phone for the movers and shakers.

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Lol, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on that. Think south of August, at the earliest.

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The more I've played with the Q10 @ TMobile & Verizon, the less likely i am to get it: beautiful device, nice fell in your hand, but still missing a lot of the features from legacy OS, and two critical apps I use constantly on my 9900/OS7.1 that are not migrating. So want it ! SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally a date. I'm contemplating on selling my Z10 and getting the Q10. As much as I love this phone, I miss the physical keyboard.

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So those arseholes meant to say "pre-order now...get it shipped on the 18th/19th and you'll has it on the 21st." Arseholes. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. /happy

I think people may think before buying from AT&T and consider T-Mobile. Look how long it is taking AT&T to release the 10.1 so what will happen when 10.2 becomes available. At the rate AT&T is going I would not expect 10.2 to come until early 2014. With my Z10 I am locked in to the 2 yr agreement with AT&T but I am watching closely T-Mobile's performance in providing updates and service (areas of service and speed) and by the time my contract is up I might be leaving since AT&T and Verizon have no consideration for their customers

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It's about time we have official confirmation from AT&T. I'm not sure who is shafting who here, but AT&T was late on releasing the 9900 as well. How can T-Mobile get the device going before AT&T? Joke. Every time I call ATT or a store I get a different answer as to when the stores will have them. One gal I spoke with last week didn't even know there was a Q10 - she kept saying the Z10 has been out for a while. Unreal. I was torn on whether to pre-order or wait in stores. Since ship date is the 18th, we will all get them about the same time.

Just spent 30 minutes on the phone with AT&T since my Q10 order is still processing online and hasn't been shipped. When I called their useless Order Status number I was told it was out of stock so it won't be shipped today. Of course not being satisfied with that answer I call the regular AT&T number and was just told it's still processing so I just asked the rep to look into it further, 15 minutes later she gets back on the phone and she said they were back ordered, but mine isn't anymore so it'll be shipped today so I should get it in 1....2...or 3 days. As long as I get it on the release date then I don't care, what's the point in pre-ordering and your order getting back ordered?? If i don't get it by the 21st then I'll be sure to go down to AT&T and pick one up myself and never pre-order again ;) It also still says on the AT&T website that if you pre-order it then it will be shipped on June 18, maybe it's time they take that down.....

I ordered mine in store on the 5th, are they shipping them today? I cant get any information from AT&T!

Instead of "Order Processing" I would prefer "Out of Stock" so I can just go to another carrier instead of playing the waiting game. What a joke!

I just called their "Premier Order Support" number (1-866-499-8008 that I got from the AT&T online chat "support" person), to speak with a human and find out what the deal is. My order was placed on June 5th, which I seem to recall was the very first day AT&T opened up the Q10 for pre-order. The mostly-useless telephone support person said that my order "still shows as in process" (duh) and that the data she had available indicates the warehouse has zero Q10 units in stock, so my order will not be shipping today.

So either (a) the warehouse has yet to place their hands on a single Q10 unit (though ashlani01's information seems to contradict that), or

(b) they placed a pathetically low initial quantity order for the devices, and are indeed already backordered on the first damn day, or

(c) they actually placed a reasonably-high initial stocking order, but demand for the device from coast-to-coast was so bleeping high that they couldn't even fill all the orders placed on the first day of pre-ordering.

While I would like to hope for (c), my guess is that either (a) and ashlani01 was totally lied to by the AT&T customer-no-service person providing that information, or it is (b) -- in which case pre-ordering has been open for 2 damn weeks, they should have known by June 6th if the June 5th orders already exceeded their initial stocking order!!! So what the hell????

She did tell me that whenever it does ship, I'll get an email notice and tracking number, which seems reasonably likely to be a factual statement.

So have any of you US folks who pre-ordered the Q10 with AT&T (or anyone you know who pre-ordered the Q10 with AT&T), actually received a shipping notification email and tracking number??? Anyone? {*crickets chirping*}

I swear to gawd I'm going to start getting the jitters if I don't get a Q10 into my hands soon!!! :-) It's been 5 months since the January "debut". I WANT MY DAMN Q10!!!! *jitter* *jitter* *jitter* *jitter* *jitter* *jitter*


I was probably lied to lol she had an attitude at first and then I gave her attitude so then when I was placed on hold she probably was just sitting there doing nothing about it and came back with "pleasant news" and an out of no where pleasant attitude. I am glad that for once I didn't drop an F-bomb while talking to AT&T customer service. I don't think calling them back and cursing them out is going to make them ship my phone any quicker :)

It is what it is....we can't force them to ship our phones to us we just have to be insanely patient. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is calling them though maybe then they'll actually ship it us as stated on their website. I think we're all kind of shocked that the pre-orders were so voluminous that they can't fulfill them all.

Well at least you had the refreshing change of your customer-no-service person going "off script" for a little while. ;-)

"Insanely patient"? After 5 months, the "patient" part has expired, leaving only the "insane" part. Besides, they already put me through this ridiculous waiting dance for the 9900. They used up my patience quota 2 years ago. It hasn't recharged yet. LOL. :-)

It would be nice if their order status page had something more useful than "processing". Like maybe "There are currently 349,123,932 Q10 pre-orders in line ahead of you. Your estimated wait time is 3 months." *eye roll*

I thought of cancelling my order and just getting the phone in-store, but supposedly only online orders got the option to keep their unlimited data plan. Plus a stock check of every AT&T store in a 30 mile radius of me shows the Q10 as backordered. *grump*

I pre-order mine on June 5th and did not get an email confirmation from AT&T yesterday, but when I logged in into my AT&T account, click on order status, it shows mine shipped yesterday via FEDEX and should arrive at my house around June 20th at 4:30PM.

I just got The Email from AT&T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We shipped your recently placed AT&T order.
Phone/Device: BlackBerry(R) Q10
Shipped via FEDEX

Now instead of clicking refresh every 5 seconds on the AT&T website, I can click refresh every 5 seconds on the FedEx website! LOL

My pre-order Q10 on June 5th, 2013 from AT&T says it shipped on the 18th by FEDEX and I should have it on 6-20-2013 at around 4:30 PM. California time. In order to see your order status, you have to log in into AT&T account.

AT&T did not send me an email yesterday; have to logged in into my account to find out my order status. I think AT&T customer services is very unsatisfied.

I didn't get an email yesterday or this morning so I checked the order status and sure was sent this morning and will be delivered by the afternoon tomorrow. Wooohooo!

Picking mine up in a local store on Friday assuming they have them. I don't expect a run on them as this is So CA and iPhone heaven. Still I'm checking with the store tomorrow afternoon and hopefully they will hold one for me. Had to get it at the store as I'm doing a trade-in (old 9800 in good shape) for the extra discount. Congrats to all of you getting them today and tomorrow. Make sure and post about them on the Q 10 Forums.

Been calling my local at&t store for the last several days inquiring about launch date and I was told by two different reps on two consecutive days to check back in a week or two. I went in there on the 18th and the rep I spoke with told me the same thing. When I asked him if they had received any demo models yet he replied "some of the store managers have gotten them but nobody here has one." Almost went next door and picked up a T-Mobile unit. Alas the wait continues here in las vegas. Typical AT&T lack of sercvice/product knowledge that I have come to expect. Would have left them long ago were it not for my unlimited data plan.

6/21/2013, 0700 hrs. AT&T releases the Q10 today. I just got notification that 10.1 is available. Yes!

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