AT&T BlackBerry Bridge Download

By Adam Zeis on 19 Apr 2011 09:50 am EDT

BlackBerry Bridge

While AT&T users can't officially download BlackBerry Bridge from App World, there is a solution. Thanks to our faithful members we have the latest version available for download OTA to your device. If you're an AT&T user looking to install BlackBerry Bridge, just head to the link below from your BlackBerry browser. The application will install and you'll be ready to go. We'll keep this page updated as new versions of Blackberry Bridge become available for download.

Alternatively you can also install BlackBerry Bridge via Desktop Manager from a PC.

Latest version: v1.0.7.5

Download BlackBerry Bridge OTA to your device (OS 5)
Download BlackBerry Bridge OTA to your device (OS 6)
Download BlackBerry Bridge OTA to your device (OS 7)

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AT&T BlackBerry Bridge Download


Thank you very much for this workaround. It is absolutely ridiculous that we have to resort to this. AT&T doesn't have a PlayBook with a 3G (or "4G") radio/plan available, and now they're preventing me from connecting my PlayBook to our BES via BB Bridge. How enterprise friendly of them...

Use the browser on your torch and download directly to it. I have an att torch and did this and downloaded the bridge directly to the phone. I connected through the scan pairing but when i went to notes on the playbook a big lock came up and now i cant unlock the bridge lock.

Well, I downloaded the link onto my torch. All went well. Then Scanned the link bar code to pair the devices. They paired woohoo... Well maybe. I used the bridge pairing on the device and checked email worked fine. checked my calendar fine. Then i clicked on notes and an image of a lock came up and then it will not pair now? Could this be an ATT thing. What would lock me out? I cant seem to get them to pair anymore.

Hello, I downloaded this program to my Torch & tried to pair with the Playbook. The Torch sees & pairs with the Playbook but the Playbook won't pair with the Torch. Any ideas? Is there something different about the resident Bridge program in the Playbook so that it doesn't talk to the Bridge program version on this website? Thanks!

Hello, does anyone have an OTA link to the updated BlackBerry Bridge app for a Torch? I downloaded the latest PlayBook update and of course, thanks to AT&T b@stards, I have no BBM. I'm SO PO'd at AT&T right now...


How about an OS5 version? We are running 9700 devices with OS5.

Can someone post a version for this OS?

Hello there,
I have the same problem - 9700 and cant seem to be ablke to download the correct bridge to pair my playbook?
I downloaded a version which is in applications but only as a add-on - but cant work it either - can you help please?

Awesome - worked great!!! We are up and running on the PlayBook. By the way... for me, the error code only appeared when I tried to download file direct from my laptop. Once I went to the link in my Bold 9700 browser, no problem!!!

I have a 9630 on Verizon and it wouldn't let me download it OTA. But when I logged into App World on my PC, I was able to download it that way with my phone connected. I did have to install a new App World Plugin first. Has anyone with AT&T tried this?

We have. This is a different issue. When you're in app world (in your browser, not on your phone), check out the Bridge page on the right hand side, under "Supported Carriers" it says "All carriers except AT&T". They're pretty clear about it.

Oh, ok. When I went into App World on my PC, I was already logged in so I just had the notice about it being available.

Have a Storm1 (OS5 of course) on VZW - app world on the phone says neither device nor this carrier supported? I assume some one of you geniuses is going to work around this as well? Thanks!

Can i ask why you haven't put os 6 on your phone yet i put it on my bros when leak first dropped and every leak since then and he has no problems at all.

thank you worked fine.......i just want to know why BBM isnt on it.....what do i have to do to get it on the playbook?
By the way, im on rogers and its says the same thing...not available for this carrier

Thank you now I will go to Best Buy and pick my Playbook up. Was just about to cancel the order because of AT&T....Greedy.

So much for the bravado and boasts of "and there is nothing the carriers can do to stop it".

How long now until ATT pushes a service book prohibiting the app and announces their new the $10-$25 tablet connection sharing fee?

I guess with the ability to approve and deny application within appworld they didn't even need to do that or bought themselves some time to figure out the correct service book definitions.


I'm not getting the playbook for a couple more months for financial reasons but I'm downloading this now before AT&T figures out how to block download of the workaround. A$$holes. Not sure why I was surprised.

Why at&t would nuke the WHOLE bridge app because of one feature of the app they don't like is beyond me. Furthermore, it's just a browser, other apps that need a data connection can't even take advantage of this bridge. So because at&t is greedy, I can't use even the email/calendar portion of bridge? EVERYONE should tweet @att about this and get it trending. Even with this workaround at&t needs to give up on this one and let it go.

Thank you very much! I have a BlackBerry Curve 9330 on Sprint. I wasn't able to download. It said this app is not available for my device or carrier. Thanks to you guys; I was able to download it. CrackBerry is the best. I will make sure to buy my PlayBook accessory from the Crackberry Store.

yeah i have been with AT$T since 98 and I have been feeling like leaving. This is really getting retarded. I need to call and get my BB 9700 unlocked. DId you notice that ppl with the 9700 havent been able to upgrade to the OS6 yet because AT$T hasnt posted it yet?

i can't get to the link from my bb torch.

EDIT: Never mind.. rebooted the device and now I can download.. looks like the device had a cached link to the old Appworld link..

I'm having a whole other issue, I am unable to get past the agreement page. I select my country but then it goes blank and i cant agree to it to move on thru the set up. I'm wifi at home.

1500 Downloads O_o Even I'm from unsupported country (Turkey, we have 5-6 months for official release) I'dont know how but I just made AppWorld confused and can download directly from my phone ((=

Another reason why AT&T's attempts to reassemble Ma Bell must be stopped. It was broken up in 1984 for very good reasons.

Just tried to load the OS5 .jad and got an error "907 Invalid COD file not found", what did I do wrong?

plese try to download again OS5 file downloaded 145times and only you got this error. Maybe connection issue.

I am receiving the same error, with added words "unable to import zip file" I rebooted phone twice. It does not appear to be a connection problem. I have a 9700 trying to download OS5.

Could there be a setting on my phone that is not allowing this to work?

Just put the bridge on my 9700, loaded just fine. Don't have my Playbook yet but didn't want to wait on downloading this. Now when I DO get my PB I'll be good to go!

I did the same, just in case.

Am I mistaken, or haven't courts ruled that you can't cripple functionality likes this?

loaded bridge, but got error "Unable to connect BlackBerry Bridge with BlackBerry 9800" any idea?

Thank you for this find, I have it downloaded but am still going to wait and see what other crap ATT tries to pull before I go out and buy it...

Thanks a million rroyy!!

What I don't get is how is this in anyway different than using a Motorola Atrix which has 2 different docks that allow it to browse on another screen.. Its exactly the same thing.

I don't even understand your greed logic AT&T

I hate to be a newbie, but instructions on how to download? I click on the link and i get nowhere.

when i click on the link, a window pops up and asks me to find, save or cancel. when i click find, it directs me to a Microsoft page about jad files, if i click save it want to save it to my computer. What am i doing wrong?

wow this is a rediculous move by ATT. I don't have a playbook, but I think I'll install bridge on my ATT torch just to stick it to em :P also just in case a friend gets PB and I can play with it.

Can someone help me. I have no idea what to do with these links. THey want me to save a .JAD file - what to I do with that?

Thanks from a newby

My companies corporate network settings on my 9700 blocks the OTA download, even if I'm just on WiFi. Does anyone have any other possible ways to download the Bridge app?? I might hold off buying my PB until this gets resolved. Only reason I even have AT&T is because my company uses it as they're corporate provider. What a joke, but then again I am not surprised at all.

Not available from App World for my carrier. I am with Telus in Canada. Download OTA to my Torch went fine. Will have my PB this afternoon. Cant wait!!!
Thank you Crackberry for the link!!!

I am still receiving the error "907 Invalid COD Unable to import Zip file" trying this download as well.

There has to be an issue with my phone.

Any ideas I can try to resolve this?


I was able to install it on my 9700 but it won't pair with the PB, either with barcode or manually. 9700 finds the PB, but PB says it's waiting for device and ultimately times out. Help!

Thanks chriselsen, I used the link you provided and the page opened and I was able to click the link titled OTA Link and then download the Bridge App. I really appreciate it, now I have more of a reason to buy my playbook today versus sit around and wait for AT&T to stop dicking us around.


This is what I found on the internet:

Engadget got a statement from AT&T. Here it is:

"AT&T is working with RIM to make the BlackBerry Bridge app available for AT&T customers. We have just received the app for testing and before it's made available to AT&T customers we want to ensure it delivers a quality experience for our customers."

Tried downloading this for my BB Bold 9000 with OS 5.0.0.

I got the error - "907 Invalid COD File not Found" Can anyone help?

Ignore me - I used the WAP browser (just like the others here and it worked)

Thanks Crackberry.

Now that we've sorted the Bridge issues - can anyone try this and let me know your results?

1. Pair your bluetooth headset to your BB
2. Bridge your Playbook to your BB
3. Check if your BB supports multiple bluetooth connections
4. Do you experience dropped Bluetooth connections to your headset when Bridge is ON ?

I cant test this yet cos my Playbook is still on its way - but I'd imagine many of you use your bluetooth headsets. I sincerely hope this works well or it just gives reviewers another reason to beat up the product.

Lemme know what you find.

Yes, it appears as though you CAN use a bluetooth headset paired to the BB device, and also bridge the Playbook to the same BB device, using bluetooth.

However... the audio on the bluetooth headset is DRAMATICALLY degraded in quality when you have one of the "bridge apps" loaded and active.

It turns the crystal-clear audio from the bluetooth headset into a very choppy "robotic" sound, which sounds almost post-processed in some way.

Once you quit the bridged app, the audio immediately goes back to high-quality on the headset.

It functions, but I wonder what being on a call would actually be like for the listener on the other end, if that's the horrible quality of audio I hear on my end.

Ok...So I was a little unsure when I read that AT&T wasn't supporting the Bridge app. After reading this, I decided to go out and get the Playbook. Seems as though there is good news and bad news. I was able to link my BB (Torch on AT&T) to the Playbook just fine; however, when I turned off the WiFi to test the 3G connection I found out it isn't as simple as it seems. Apparently, you need to tether to the playbook, but when I select AT&T (tried both "Broadband" and "isp.cingular") I get the error "failed to start internet tethering". Has anyone been able to make this work yet? If so I would greatly appreciate knowing how you did it.

Working fine now. Maybe I just wasnt patient enough. I do have to say that the Playbook is awesome though. I definitely recommend it and prefer it to the iPad (which I used to have and sold...).

How do you use the WAP browser instead of the regular? I have a Bold 9700, oS5 and I can not get it to work for me!!

The link worked fine on my other BB (Torch)

I am also an ATT user and was able to finally load Bridge for OS5. I had trouble finding the app,as it was no where until I found in third party add-ons. When I try to launch,it only gives me the decription and a "delete" function. How do I launch the app so I can brdige with my new playbook..arghh. Anyhelp appreciated.

The biggest problems I've found so far:

1.) With the Bridge enabled, there is no WiFi. It's disabled, AND the only way to get WiFi back after disconnecting the bridge and turning off bluetooth, is to reboot the Playbook. VERY un-user-friendly. What's weird, is that the browser, Bing Maps, Slacker Radio, etc. apps all fail to find the network, but the standalone YouTube app seems to work.

2.) No way to access PIM data when you're not connected to the Playbook over the bridge. The Playbook accesses the data "live" over the bluetooth connection (ala Palm Foleo, aka FAIL!), so you can't use the tablet for any business productivity apps while away from the phone (or while on a call using a bluetooth headset, for example).

3.) The Playbook side of the application suite on the bridged connection have LESS functionality than the same apps on the BlackBerry itself. For example, you can't dial a phone number while tapping on it in a calendar entry or contact (what?! no dialer on the Playbook?!)

4.) No way to access non-PIM data on the BlackBerry over the bridged connection, such as running KeePassX on the BB and accessing the .kdb data file on the Playbook.

5.) No flash on the camera, no options at all for the camera settings (i.e. "Close-up", etc. like on the BB), very grainy photos overall, MUCH lower quality than on my Bold 9700, for example.

6.) The bpp on the Playbook screen is 16bpp (64k colors), not 32bpp (24M colors), and it's very obvious and apparent when you use (or view) something that has that color palette in it. Another obvious hint is the Playbook browser's fonts look TERRIBLE at any high resolution, or when zoomed out. No anti-aliasing for the fonts, and without the color depth to make them sharp, it's painful at high resolutions (tiny fonts) to read anything.

7.) Out of the box, initial setup ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES an active wireless connection to get past screen 1. If you don't have wireless you can't even complete the setup to use the tablet, full-stop. MAJOR FAIL!!

8.) The "Bridge Files" applet on the "BlackBerry Bridge" menu doesn't let me do anything with any files on my BB device. It can't view pictures, it can't play videos, it can't open documents... I'm not sure what it's looking for, but it's certainly unable to do anything with any of the data on my BB's memory card itself. It only sees directories, not files within them (I have a 32GB microSD card in my Bold 9700, and it can't see a single file on the card, from ebooks to documents to any type of media).

9.) The "Messages" app over the bridge, does not have any preferences (less featured than the BB app), and does not let you -prohibit- downloading of images in emails. I specifically deny that on the BB side, but when you open the same email on the Playbook side over the bridged connection, it happily downloads all of the images embedded in emails, including the nasty web bugs and other garbage.

There is no Portrait view in the Messages app either, you're stuck in landscape.

10.) The Calendar app on the bridged side lacks an "Agenda" view, something I've become very used to using on the BB side. Again, less features and function than the BB side apps themselves.

I've only been using it for about 2 hours, but that's what I've found so far. I'm NOT impressed at all with it, and I certainly hope they start fixing these issues pretty darn quickly, or I'll be returning it for a full refund.

I have downloaded the bridge to my 9700 and when I go to the PB to bridge, the PB does not show the bar code, so I have no choice but to pair manually. I have been successful in finding the PB on my device, matching the code on both, but then they both stay in a searching mode for one another and never pair. Any suggestions?

My PB and unlocked 9780 find each other thru the bridge and start to connect, but then fail. Every time.

I am canceling my ATT account and switching to Verizon because of this. I am also canceling my Uverse Account as well. I'm done with ATT. It's not like I didn't have other reasons to cancel ATT, but this put it over the edge.

YES PLEASE! Two days and the only thing I can do is play the darn games! I can't even access my home wireless(att).

I have a Blackberry Curve 8520 and the app is not compatible to my smartphone. Has anyone found a workaround ? It uses V4.6.1.314 (Platform

Just downloaded this app to my Torch and we are up and running. I am going to be seriously pissed if AT&T decides that all the money I give them every month for all of my unlimited services is not enough! All I have really done is add a big screen to my phone!
Thank you so much CrackBerry, you guys rock.
I am also sending as many tweets as I can to rag AT&T about this crappy little deal they are pulling!! Using #att to get it trending. Let me know if there is another hash tag to use.

i was able to download the bridge app and link it with my playbook, however, the internet tethering does not work, my bbm is not there, etc...

Hey guys, this Bridge program no longer works. I downloaded it, the Torch and Playbook see each other, but the playbook won't pair with the Torch. I tried it on two different Playbooks. After a lengthy discussion with Blackberry, he said it is being blocked by permissions, something having to do with the service books. Unless there is a work around for this, hosed.

I really hope this is not the case. This is not a tethering solution; it's just a bigger screen, just like the Atrix. It even offers less functionality than the native apps on the phone.

AT&T better get their acts together and get this app released or they're going to have some VERY pissed off customers. My PB is in the mail; I'm keeping a close eye on this thread. Help us out folks, tell me this isn't so!

Need help please. I downloaded app to my BB Curve (8310) and got the msg it was installed. It shows in Apps list but I cannot find it anywhere. How do I use it to connect?

I downloaded the BB Bridge OTA (OS5) to my BB Torch 9800 and the phone will not reboot. It hangs in the initial BB screen and will not go to the yellow ATT screen and the subsequent homepage. I donwnloaded OS6 first put got the error message which I see not was could have been resolved by changing the brower.

Have downloaded the OS5 version of work around and it works great.... Thanks! But has anyone had any issue with using the playbook after actually turning the phone off? For some reason I lose the pairing, been keen to hear anyone's thoughts..


Hi - maybe its a stupid question, but after I download the fix to my bberry 8900, I don't see any sign of the Bridge, except in the applications list under advanced options. But then I can't open the app or do anything with it. Does anyone have a solution/explanation? Thank you!

I have been waiting for months to own a Playbook. I pre-ordered it from Best Buy while on a business trip to Asia. I arrived home, opened the box and my PlayBook was ready to set up. As I go through the set up I get to the Bridge set up scan, nothing happens, it says to call customer service. I go to Crackberry for advice and see that ATT hasn't approved the Bridge app yet - and the only way to set it up is through a work around. I call Best Buy, they say the same thing, ATT hasn't approved the app. Unbelievable that after all these months, all the hype I have to use a work around to take advantage of my long awaited PlayBook. I put it back in the box, brought it back to Best Buy and got my money back. Maybe it's time for an iPad....

Downloaded the bridge software but couldn't use it to connect my AT&T Torch to the Playbook. But my Sprint BB connected just fine. (was trying this out at Best Buy and the sales associate said they couldn't get any AT&T blackberry to connect.)

So has this software worked for anyone on AT&T?

I bought the 64G playbook today and was able to bridge my BB Bold 9700 that is running OS 6 (leaked). I downloaded the OTA bridge app link that is listed here and my carrier is AT&T. So far, although slow, I've been able to use the "Bridge Browser", "Contacts", "Calendar" and checked all the emails found on my BB Bold.

I have a Blackberry Torch and itching to buy the Playbook. I have downloaded this software with just a bit of a problem. This first download was incomplete and stated unable to download. The second time around I was able to download it completely and is now in the Torch. Has this software actually worked on the Torch? I would hate to buy the Playbook if it is limited by this.

Unfortunately that doesn't work in Afghanistan. The application requires that you use the AppStore. The AppStore doesn't work in Afghanistan (Or a lot of other countries).

Does anyone know where I can D/L it without having to use the BB website? A lot of times an application is available somewhere else but I haven't been able to find this one.


You need to do four things:

- Have a PC, not a Mac.
- Download and unzip the .cod files
- In BBSAC . Navigate to the CODs. Highlight them all and open.


Shows the Bridge in my "Add-on" Apps but no icon anywhere, why do I have a feeling that AT&T is behind this somehow, UGH :-( Anyone else have this happen???

I'm on the dreaded ATT network.

I've tried using the link provided above, to download the Bridge, but I keep getting an "Error 404" message on my Torch and my PC browser.

Is there a new link?

I can't get this link to work either. I had to do a reboot and lost my bridge. I need to get this working again!!

I am trying to download OS6 onto my Bold 9700 with the Browser. I am getting error (404) on the Dropbox page. I have tried several times. Any suggestions?

Well I haven't even had the chance to bridge to a Playbook yet! I had the bridge for when I was finally able to get my Playbook but needed to do a reboot after updating to the latest BBM when it was done the Bridge icon was gone! So when I came back here this link wouldn't work, tried the newest link & it "worked" but NO icon, just says it's there, no idea what the deal is. I really hope this gets worked out because I really want a Playbook but if AT&T screws with us about the Bridging I guess that's $700 saved for me (I've planned on 64GB all the way).

Is there a new link for this? I just got a PlayBook and I'm trying to connect it to my Bold 9700 with OS version that was just officially released last week. If someone still has the install file, please message me. Thanks.

i get same error and when i try the link it takes me to BB App World where I get the AT&T forbids it message.

Whats going on with the link to down load the Bridge app? they both (OS5 and OS6) url can not be found. Can any one direct me to a good URL so I can down load the App inot my bold 9700 with OS6
Thank you

I just downloaded OS 6 to my 9700 this morning and tried to download the workaround bridge, but keep getting an error message 404 and directed to a dropbox site. Is anyone familiar with this and is there a workaround to the workaround?

Well, after downloading the link above on April 29, tried it out and was searching for playbook. So I finally bought the playbook this past Sunday. My Torch and Playbook bridged with no problems. I was able to connect with - contacts, calendar, task, memos and files on the Torch with no problems what so ever. However the Bridge browser IS a bit slow. Unless you have full bars you will get somewhere, but with one bar a turtle is faster. But when not connected to the Bridge the wifi capacity is great, no problem so far. Been playing with Playbook every night.

I have 8520 Curve and tried the OS5 download and also tried after rebooting. Get HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error. Can anyone help?

PB with ATT torch is working fine so far. unable to access video and photos, but BBM, mail, and calendar are working fine. For those who are trying to download from the 2 links, those are the old version of BB bridge. you need to click on the small link above those for the updated one.

I use 9700 Bold on AT&T, OS5. Is there a BlackBerry Bridge for OS5 so that I may link to playbook? If not, how else do I bridge with Bold to Playbook? Thanks for the help.

Just got the playbook today, have downloaded the bridge from the link above on my phone and yet it does not show up anywhere. Downloaded it again (and it says it's present, as it asks if you want to replace the other older version), rebooted and again it doesn't show up in my apps. Any suggestions?

Do not download this to your smartphone, if you do you risk breaking the smartphone and voiding your warranty with BlackBerry RIM. BlackBerry tech support will not help you if you do this. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!! ATT are ***holes for doing what they are doing with bridge but don't be stupid and break your handheld in the process.

bold 9000. can't download app OTA; gives me 907 code. Icon doesn't show up when loaded thru desktop manager?!? Can anyone help?!?

I downloaded the BB Bridge ( to my Curve 8900. It appears installed in the applications list, but I can find the icon in any part of my folders or home, therefore I can not open the application. Any suggestion?

Why would a major carrier think rejecting new technology is good? Thankfully I am a multi carrier account and will move my ATT lines if needed. The negative comments about the playbook have not been been proven here. We are a Blackberry shop, and because of regulatory requirements, have no plans of changing. I can change phone carriers. I think this ATT issue should become wide spread in the social networking world, just a suggestion ;) .

The playbook is awesome! and I do not carry a laptop anymore. Why would I want a tablet that requires a data plan when the playbook works this well. I believe they only want to kill off grandfathered data plans and sell me additional data plans.

We are not stupid! this is 2011 not 1995. Lets keep up the fight or convert our lines!

Blackberry Bridge

I have followed the instructions at the top of the post and downloaded bridge (on my AT&T bold) 3 times, said it was successfull and rebooted, but I can't locate it!
Help Please!

I tried the OTA update which appeared to install fine but I couldn't locate the app either. Anyone know if AT&T has closed the OTA or desktop manager install loopholes recently?

I've got BlackberryBridge working on both a Verizon 9650 & AT&T 9700 so here's a summary of the instructions I found on different forums in case it helps anyone else:

For non-AT&T phones
* Swipe down from top from home screen to see PlayBook settings & select BlackberryBridge
* Use phone's camera to scan QR code to bring up BlackberryBridge software for phone in App World & install

For AT&T phones:
* Download applicable BlackberryBridge software depending on your OS:
- OS5:
- OS6:
* Install software & reboot phone
* If you see the BlackberryBridge icon you're ready to resume the pairing process explained in PlayBook Settings -> BlackberryBridge
* If you can't find the icon look in the downloads folder or search for the app & confirm it is installed by looking at the applications list
* If the OTA installs above don't work you can also try to install via Desktop Manager:
- Instructions:
- Download: this link worked for me ( but you can also just google ""

Pair your phone w/ the PlayBook using the QR code created by following the next steps of the instruction wizard in PlayBook Settings->BlackberryBridge
* If you have any trouble confirm Bluetooth is turned on for both the device & phone and/or reboot both devices
* Once paired it seems to work best to have the PlayBook initiate the connection request (via the paired device list in PlayBook Settings->BlackberryBridge) rather than initializing the connection from the phone, not sure why
* to use BBM via Bridge you also need to BBM update installed on your phone

My mistake was to try to install the new Bridge using the Desktop Manager. After reading a few old posts I found that I should install it DIRECTLY to the BB phone and sure, that worked fine!
Now I am able to connect my Curve 3G to the PB as before. I write this just in case someone falls into the same deade end I was until a few minites ago. This is a great place to be for solving any BB isuues, indeed!

Hi can you share the installation instructions? I downloaded the files to my PC, i did not find an .exe or install file to copy or install to the BB phone

At&T should be ashamed - this is no way to build loyalty

Thank you for the work around Crackberry

One problem - wonder if anyone else has experienced - cannot get large xcel spreadsheets to open on Playbook

I have AT&T with a Bold 9700 and have tried multiple times to install the Blackberry Bridge OTA from this link. Sometimes it seems to install, sometimes it errors out. Most recently I double checked that I was using the Blackberry Browser and it seemed to run to completion. However, the only evidence of the application I can find is in the Application list under Advanced in Options. i.e. there is no application icon that I can find anywhere to open so that I can attempt to "add new tablet". I've tried re-booting my phone, clearing the cache and reinstalling from the OTA link...I've probably tried installing it 20 times.

Anybody got any ideas of what I can do to finally succeed at installing this?

Well I just purchased my new playbook and what do you know AT&T does not offer the Bridge software. I came here for help but when I try and download the software from this page I either receive a 404 error message or the page routes to a BB page.

Can someone please tell me why I can't download this to my 8900 Curve or desktop.


Why is the link no longer working...did the Thugs at ATT threaten with lawsuits? perhaps the warez sites sitll have a version out there????

Hello! Does anybody know when ATT will support the Bridge Application? Any rumors? Are they providing service for PB like the do for iPad for monthly fee?

Same Problem -

Hey guys - thanks again for all of your posts - I have BB Torch and got my playbook about a month ago while bored and on a delay at O'Hare airport. Of course, I was pissed when no blackberry bridge software was available for AT&T - and found the OTA link on here which worked and allowed me to sync up.

Over the past few days, my Playbook has popped up numerous "updates" and I of course, stupidly, accepted them. Now I can no longer connect. The bluetooth portions find each other, but BB Bridge doesn't work, and despite even getting the same "confirmation codes" on both devices, my Playbook tells me that my phone doesn't have the software.

Any workaround here? Or, way to remove the dumb ass updates from my Playbook so I can use it again the way I was?

Time for an iPad, I guess....


Please someone tell me there is a workaround!!!!
Just got my PB today and all the links are down. Anyone got the .cod file and I can load myself??

HEY IT WORKED!! I've searched all morning and finally found a download that worked. I have a torch 9800 with AT & T. Here is the Link

Its seems to be working great. I had to try and pair a few times but it worked. Good Luck

Here is the useless "passificiation" response I received from Blackberry. I guess what they're saying is what we already know ' "you're screwed, but our tablet is still a wonderful device."

Hello Michael,
Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Customer Support. We are pleased to assist you.
You are correct, AT&T is the only US carrier that currently supports the 9800 Torch.

The BlackBerry Bridge application is widely available but unfortunately AT&T is holding out on releasing the application for their devices. When we release software for the BlackBerry the carriers do reserve the right to limit and modify what they see fit to run on their network.

The only thing in a case like this you can do would be to contact AT&T customer relations and express your dissatisfaction. We are not in a position to "force" AT&T to make the Bridge application available.

In regards to the support and mentioning of supported carries for the Bridge application, it is clearly stated on the BlackBerry App world web site:

If you go to that page and scroll down you will see on the right hand side it states "Supported Carriers: All carriers except:AT&T".

With that being said, the BlackBerry PlayBook is a wonderful tablet with many features that make it easy for the average consumer to browse, upload picture/videos, view emails, files, etc. I would like to take the time to explain internet tethering. This will give you the option to browse the web while not in a WIFi area, by transferring your data plan over to your tablet using Bluetooth. Once again you may need to contact AT&T and see if they have a special Data plan with tethering included.

The BlackBerry PlayBook is known for its ability to multitask, having several applications open at once and still maintaining great speed and stability. I hope you can enjoy the BlackBerry PlayBook for it's wonderful features it does have to offer. You can learn more about the BlackBerry PlayBook at Once again sorry for the inconvenience that was caused and we would like to do the best we can to assure your satisfaction with our products.

If you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us either by replying to this message or by calling us at one of the numbers below.
Thank you again for contacting us. Have a great day.

BlackBerry Customer Support
Research In Motion Limited
Canada Toll Free: 1-877-644-8405
United States Toll Free: 1-877-644-8410
Puerto Rico Toll Free: 1-855-651-4936

HEY IT WORKED!! I've searched all morning and finally found a download that worked. I have a torch 9800 with AT & T. Here is the Link

Its seems to be working great. I had to try and pair a few times but it worked. Good Luck

Can you help me out here, please post the actual link to the OTA software that you downloaded on your Torch? I went to a link in the article your referenced (above) and it goes to a "dead" dropbox file...

I did just notice this, my wife's BB Torch still connects to the Playbook fine - mine is the one that quit. Apparently when I did the upgrade on my Torch that had some effect -- I have V6 bundle 2342 and she still has V6 bundle 695.

Anyone know how for me to "uninstall" that bundle version back to the other one?

Ideally, I'd like to just find an updated OTA link for the Torch...


Hello {{INC_CustomerFirstName}},
Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Customer Support. We are pleased to assist you.
As of 07/19/2011 at 12:00PM, AT&T has announced their release of the BlackBerry Bridge. You will be able to download this application directly in App World. Thank you for your on going patience. We hope this will resolve the issue you were experiencing and you can now you can enjoy your BlackBerry PlayBook to its fullest extent.
If you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us either by replying to this message or by calling us at one of the numbers below.
Thank you again for contacting us. Have a great day.

BlackBerry Customer Support
Research In Motion Limited
Canada Toll Free: 1-877-644-8405
United States Toll Free: 1-877-644-8410
Puerto Rico Toll Free: 1-855-651-4936

If you are an ATT customer and you download BB-Bridge on your Torch from AppWorld you will not be able to use the bridge browser without a tether program :(

If you already did you can uninstall it from your device under options, device, application management and delete it.

Then go to this link on your Torch's browser and install it again.

This in NOT the ATT version, therefore it does have the browser enabled for freee!!!!


Thanks for to bridge. I just purchased my Playbook today. I have an ipad and after much reading, researching my my love for my blackberry, I decided to give it a shot. I can always return after 30 days right? Why not...

With all my research I had totally forgot that ATT had the bridge blocked. What complete BS - thanks for the link above to bypass the ATT lock and allow me to use my Playbook the way it was intended.