ATT BlackBerry Bold Release Delayed until mid-August?!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Jun 2008 08:52 am EDT

BlackBerry Bold Delayed until August?!

This past Thursday we dropped word that the BlackBerry Bold's release on AT&T could be delayed until August (or even later). Today, the Boy Genius further confirmed our original message. Here's what he had to say:

We’ve just confirmed this now with two high-level sources: the Bold is actually delayed until August on AT&T. It seems like AT&T and RIM are still having software issues with battery life and overheating. It has not been certified by AT&T yet. This new information goes against our previous intel and thoughts, but it really looks like everyone on AT&T either needs to wait it out, get a Bold from Canada, or think impure thoughts. What you thinkin’? RIM = FAIL? Yeah, us too.

Since I'm always an Addict but not always the Expert, here's my question: how can one carrier (AT&T) have these issues while others carriers (Rogers, Vodafone) do not? It seems inevitable that the Bold will soon launch on Rogers. Put your thoughts in the comments. And don't worry, it's ok if you shed a tear or two over this news... I know I did! 

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ATT BlackBerry Bold Release Delayed until mid-August?!!


Well, that really blows...

Still wouldn't be surprised if at&t was jerking RIM around. Why would both Rogers and Vodo think its okay...

how accurate is this information because I've read that it was suppose to release with AT&T sometime in September??

Maybe the delay is due to the difference in AT&T's 3G signal vs. the signal produced by Rogers or Vodafones towers. Perhaps AT&T's signal causes a sharp drain in the battery or causes the phone to overheat.

Or...if you want a conspiracy theory...maybe since AT&T and Apple are such bosom buddies, maybe it's simply a delay ploy by the two to steal would-be Bold buyers away from RIM. I mean, there are many out there that have the "I gotta have it now!!" mentality...and could be easily swayed to the new iPhone simply because they're not patient enough to wait. I guarantee you, Apple doesn't want to lose business to RIM.

I think it is unlikely that the ATT towers and signal are at all different from Rogers. ATT used to own a piece of rogers wireless, and they (as I understand it) use the exact same technology and frequency. My guess is that Apple turned the screws on AT&T to hold off to allow any cross shoppers to go Apple's way. The other plausible but totally unpalletable answer could be that Rogers is willing to accept a level of performance that AT&T would not. Lets hope that is not the case.

Your conspiracy theory could be right....delay the Bold for a while because of Iphone2....could AT&T / Apple have a deal that strong ? ...only they'll know that.

Will be interesting to see if the Bold gets released in Europe earlier....You would have thought all these issues with battery etc be sorted now....something odd going on.

Hope theres now not a knock on effect for release of the other devices.

THis is total bull! AT&T knows the BOLD will kill Apple in sales and is holding on purpose.....what they should really understand is the BOLD buyers are not going to be forced to buy the iphone. In fact with such die hard crackberry folks, they will loose the sales as we may end up buying the BOLD from other sources. Shame on you AT&T corporate puppets....shame on you!

Do you actually think that the BOLD is going to "kill" the Iphone in sales? The BOLD is going to provide some healthy competition, but saying that its going to kill its sales is a stretch. As for me im actually kinda glad for the delay. More time to put money aside for this thing. Im not coming up on a upgrade so im going to have to pay the full shot. Ill be happy with my Curve in the meantime :)

How do we know it's passed all the carrier certs for the other carriers, all we have is the same kind of information from them, later this year it will be available, nobody has given a solid date yet, why is everyone acting like it's releasing next week? All we've ever heard are don't get me wrong, still bums me out...but hey it's better than the initial September rumors I've been hearing

This really sucks, I need a new phone now and have compared and compared the Bold vs. the IPhone and really do want to get the Bold. Boy that sure will be a long time for me to hold off and keep using this crappy razor I'm using since my 8525 has died.

Verizon engineers were still talking about cooling issues at the end of March/early April - the same time that Sprint was announcing a firm release date. Sprint wasn't saying anything about heat issues and they both managed to hit their release dates.

Here is the bottom line: The bold has issues. This should not be suprising since it is RIM's first attempt at HSPA technology and a new OS. AT&T does not like to take chances with its certification. And they would not delay it to sell more iPhones because they are still going to want to sell iPhones in August, and they are launching more amazing phones that month including the omnia from Samsung which looks amazing as well. I am very impressed with how well AT&T has been able to corner the market on the best new phones. Go Blue

I have ATT an cannot upgrade . just upgraded in January to a curve. I might have to buy an unlock one. how soon you can get an unlock one from Online Merchants or wireless providers other than ATT once the first Bold is out for sale?????????

Has there ever been compatibility issues before with using unlocked AT&T blackberry's on the Roger's network?

While I have not used an unlocked ATT blackberry on Rogers, I have used unlocked ATT devices on Rogers. THey work fine.

Crap! My Pearl is 2 years old, my ball is jacked up, and battery is not holding a charge as long anymore...I was going to wait for the Bold since it sounded like the releases was in July but now I'm thinking I might buy a Curve just to hold me over until this thing finally launches...sometime in...well...who knows.

John Mayers BOLD seems to be working fine!!! so if at&t is having issues with this and issues with that, then why the F**k does that D-bags BOLD work???????

It's all lies. Lies LIES LIES!!!!! At&t is feeding us lies.

I am really starting to beileve that AT&T is holding off on realeasing the bold(even though it works fine) just because Apple wants them too.

This is why I went ahead and bought a BB Curve.
I was trying to wait for the BB Bold, but since T-Mobile is still trying to work on providing 3G service everywhere, I came to my senses and ditched my BB 7105t for a BB Curve.

All of this is the typical hype from any carrier out there. They love all this buzz that rumors/early release information gives. I am not surprise by the delayed release date at all.

Everything that happens with these companies is all about money, our money. They will find as many ways possible to fleece us of our money. If it takes dumb people buying on impulse then so be it! More money for them. Screw the customer!

You people are delusional with your conspiracies. There could be relevant issues that is preventing AT&T from launching the phone. You want them to release the phone as is then you all can complain how the battery sucks and why the OS is all buggy, etc? AT&T and Rogers are two different wireless companies and may have different certification standards, which I doubt none of you know. Sheesh lol.

RIM can't get the product straight, and At&t won't certify it, so that means it is Apple's fault?

Here's an idea. Why don't you step out of your BlackBerry cloud where RIM can do no wrong and actually put the blame where it belongs, on RIM. It has nothing to do with Apple or the iPhone 3G, it has nothing to do with At&t being in "Apple's pocket."

The device has problems and RIM is trying to shovel it out the door, At&t has a certification process and says the device isn't ready, so they shoved it right back.

Yeah, definitely not RIM's fault.....

I think several other posts have hit the nail on the head...

1. How is John Mayer using a Bold on AT&T, if they're having software issues. Could it be possible that Rogers and Vodafone are prepared to accept a lower standard of quality? [Being a Rogers customer and former employee in customer relations, I'm actually willing to believe this...(anyone remember the memory leak issues)]
However I have a pre-production model of the Bold and with regular usage my battery does not over heat and lasts about 3 nights and 2 days...Granted I'm not running any carrier specific software...hmmm

2. Marketing, whether or not it will outsell the iPhone is irrelevant, they are creating hype. Both phones will fly off the shelves. People who have been waiting for iPhones likely won't jump shit for BB's and vice versa. People now know what either has to offer and most have decided on one or the other.

I promised myself I wouldn't cry...
Ok, I can see software issues, because I know that at least on some other Smart phones (motoq) there are slight changes from service provider to service provider. But I agree with you, that if there is some battery life/over heating problem it would delay any Bold release. Again, I know only a little about this stuf, but I was under the impression that most networks drain battery the same way. (unless you are roaming or something strange)
Also, I'm fairly new to this whole thing. If a phone was bought from Canada (as BG recommended) how easy is it to use it on the ATT network?
It's going to be an expensive summer.

Let's see...we've been wishing, hoping, praying, and betting on the release of OS 4.3 (now renamed OS 4.5) since last fall, and they still can't seem to get a bug-free (or only slightly buggy ) version out the door for us Curve and other owners. So what makes you think the first try at 4.5 is going to be a working product. There's nothing (yet) to prove that Rogers or anyone else is ready to release, so give the iPhone conspiracy a rest.

Besides, if AT&T is supposedly subsidizing the iPhone beyond any other phone (rumored $325), why wouldn't they be the first to want to get more profitable phones into the pipeline? Get a grip folks...

AT&T has a long history of this type of delay. I suspect it has more to do with not having a new pricing structure finalized internally, than any actual issues with the BlackBerry. AT&T is not about to let you keep the reasonably low All-you-can-eat EDGE pricing when the new BOLD offers 3G, I fully expect a bump in BIS pricing for the BOLD. I speculate Apple has some influence on the Bold's delay as well, they want plenty of time to tout the new "BlackBerry Like" functionality and would wish to use the long period between the 3G iPhone and the Bold in order to hopefully "convert" or "steal" RIM users.


One person, John Mayer, using a Bold means nothing to At&t. They don't care if the device given to him by RIM was ready or not. All he did was put his SIM in it, boom, done. They do care about selling a device to the mass public when it is still buggy though.

Big difference.

John Mayer doesn't have an AT&T branded bold...he just has a bold on AT& quote the previous post - "big difference"

Could be the phone overheats or has OS problems during AT&Ts certification which may include some type of stress testing, which may not be that reproducible in real world conditions, but severe enough for AT&T to ask RIM to correct the issues.

I know you will all say I am a cry baby but come on now...still no 4.5 OS??? and NO Bold?? until late August...I mean September by the way things are going....I am now getting the Iphone 3G...I had it with RIM and their black outs and their B.S.!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, maybe I am missing something but how can the AT&T Blackberry Bold be 'delayed' when no released date has been officially announced?

The mere act of wishing it would be released yesterday by throngs of Blackberry addicts/customers, does not make it delayed or late or postponed.

Heck, I not an addict yet and I wish it would be released as I have decided (barring terrible reviews and/or user experience) that it will be my next phone but I would rather it be available for sale when it is ready for primetime much more than I want to have it yesterday.

This was pretty much what I was going to post...why is there all this talk of a "delay"??? No carrier in the world has announced anything close to a release date...all Rogers did was set up some intro shows, but even they didn't venture out to say when they're going to release it, I think that this is an issue across all Bold's and that Rogers is actually being cruel by showing off the phone to people and then still witholding it until August..

I work in this industry (not going to list carrier and/or manufacturer) but I will say this and this is a true statement: AT&T and Apple's relationship IS that strong to actually push back the BlackBerry Bold. It's not that they are exactly on good terms with each other, it's more so in the contract. Apple can do whatever they want (and they do).

To give you guys an example of how strong the relationship is, last year Apple did a mystery shop on AT&T to see what device the reps were most commonly mentioning. The results came back with an overwhelming "BlackBerry" response. Steve got his panties in a bunch and went into a fit. Shortly thereafter, it is now AT&T POLICY that reps HAVE TO start EVERY SALE by mentioning the iPhone first. It's so embedded into the policy that it can lead up to termination if they don't go by it and you might have seen little signs in your local AT&T stores that say something like "if the iPhone was not offered you can receive a bill credit".

It's a secret within the company, but if you ask some of the reps they will be pretty honest about it and tell you that yea, AT&T and Apple want them pushing the iPhone before all other products.

AT&T delaying this device for battery reasons in my opinion is pretty BS. If Rogers and Voda aren't having problems, then AT&T isn't. This is a ploy by Apple to not have the Bold hurt sales of the iPhone 3G. Simple as that.

The fact that Rogers is also releasing both the Bold and the iPhone 3G really kills the credibility of your argument.

Side note, I have purchased several phones from several different At&t stores, and not one of them has ever even tried to push the iPhone.

This comes as no shock to me. Why RIM can't get it's sh*t together is beyond me. I hate Apple, but at least they can SET A RELEASE DATE, ACTUALLY RELEASE THE PHONE ON THAT DAY...Apple just seems like they are so much more on the ball...makes RIM look like a bunch of morons.

That sucks! Hope your wrong. I lost my curve a few weeks ago and was holding out for a bold. Mid August - I can't wait that long; come on AT&T get with the program.

I hate to say this but...If there are problems with the battery life, overheating, etc. then we will all benefit from RIM working the bugs out. I think it's obvious that there is problems considering the OS 4.5 has not even dropped, let alone the OS 4.6. I think we should expect RIM to raise the bar a little bit, and deliver a product better than what we expect, rather than disapoint us. I eagerly await the bold as well, but my situation is a little different considering I resigned with Sprint in December for 2 years, and would like to see what the CDMA version (possibly Niagra 3G?) of the Javelin would be like.

I've been coming to this site everyday waiting for good news on the BB Bold....and this is not good news. All i have to say is that the phone better be flawless if AT&T is willing to keep delaying it.

I'm going to have to agree with the posters who've pointed out that this is **not** a delay as the Bold's release date was never really announced.

There's a big difference between postponing the announcement of a release date, and pushing an announced release date.

I would love to run out and buy a Bold, but I'm going to wait at least a year to give AT&T more time to beef up their 3G coverage. . .

Just my $0.02.

Well, wouldn't you know it. Here I am getting all giddy like a kid on christmas eve, and the Grinch has to come and steal the christmas tree and all the presents that were underneath it!! I guess I will have no other choice to wait for August, seeing as I am with AT&T. BOOOOOO!!!

Well, I just ordered a new Curve from AT&T yesterday and today I read this.

I must admit I didn't even know that AT&T was going to release the BOLD.

Anyone know how much this might go for? Since now if I want one I will have to buy outright...

Maybe I can send my Curve back - and wait... ???

I, for one, do NOT buy this whole 'battery/overheating' load of BS. I believe that Apple applied pressure to AT&T and had them delay the Bold release VIA 'failing' the certification process. But I also blame RIM for offering exclusivity to AT&T when another company (Apple) is doing the same. This creates what you would call a 'conflict of interest' to AT&T. Of course Apple is going to do what it takes to protect their precious iphone.

And for those of you that are saying that this ISN'T a delay...are you high?! Don't you think that if the Bold had passed the certification process, it would be in our hands sooner than if it has to take the test twice? Just because RIM didn't release a launch date to the public doesn't mean that they didn't have a launch date in mind internally. And failing this certification process has certaingly DELAYED the launch....

RIM does not announce launch dates...carriers do, RIM has already made their money, carriers buy phones from them to sell...this is the specific carriers doing, and it's not a conflict of interest at all actually, AT&T has multiple exclusive phones, as do several other carriers.

I have decided that it will just be better to wait. I want it as bad as the next guy, but come on.......if it's not ready then it's not ready!

Everyone is forgetting one major thing: Has the Bold even pass FCC testing yet? Surely if there WAS any issues with battery/overheating on the Bold the FCC would clearly know about it.

It isn't officially released yet and its not officially approved yet either. This is going the same way the Moto Q9H did, announced for May/June then July, then September then finally November. Why oh why, that would be the iPhone, in my opinion.

I am willing to wait for a month but this is why we need to just buy phones from retailers or mfg's directly and not from the carriers. Testing BS is just that.

Well, I was sure hoping that the new BB BOLD would be available soon. I was gonna go get the BB8820 but decided to hold out for this new one. Even an old BB would be far better than my current phone, the Razr v3!

I started a new job in April and they don't give us BB's. If we want one, we gotta buy 'em but they provide the Outlook supportfor the BB's.

The new iPhone looks like a very competitive product but my experience has been with BB in the past and I like that I can look at all of Microsoft's apps on the BB.

I also like that the BOLD will switch phone calls over to WiFi which means not only will I save $$$ in minutes but it'll work even in my basement office over my wireless internet router. I don't have cell tower signal signal in my office, wah!

So will Apple's new iPhone automatically switch phone service over to WiFi if it's available? I know they support WiFi but I don't know if calls are routed via WiFi. That is the number one reason I want the BOLD!

So wait I will Grasshoppers!

I returned my Curve last week so that I could use the upgrade discount on the Bold... now I'm stuck using my iPhone (GOD how I HATE this phone) until the Bold is released. Really didn't want to hear about delays.

grow up APPLE and you to STEVE!!!! RIM has always been progressive and they too "think outside the box...." Us users and abusers are jonesin' for for the latest and greatest not some POSER touchscreen 3G ninny!!!!

I wonder what this means about the release of 4.5... A senior business rep for AT&T told me that 4.5 would be releasing next week for BES and would release the same time as the Bold for BIS. I hope BIS will be sooner (although these dates change almost every day)


I heard through a reliable source, the reason the iphone is around $ 200.00, is due to the fact AT&T is paying for half of the phone to the end consumer , then getting it back as promotional money. With the iphone being so cheap now and on a 3G network....I would say AT&T is delyaing the launch of the BOLD for this......not battery issues, as they have a BIG vested interest. It's not like we are using the same frequency as NASA is to communicate with the Mars rover....right?????

here is why this is all speculative garbage...
ATT either knew there was a problem or there is no problem at all with this phone. They (RIM) simply do not want to release the BOLD to close to the iphone. I have proof...
Im due for an upgrade with ATT, which naturally im going to wait for the BOLD to come out to use the break in price on. 2 WEEKS ago (way before the date of the so called "software issue" news came out) I received an offer for 25% off a new phone for upgrading. I immediately looked for an expiration date because I was sure it would end if not the day before, no more than a week before the BOLD came out (of course it excludes apple products, who cares). Point being August 5th is the expiration date of this coupon and last time i checked phone companies were not in the business of giving price breaks on brand new product. This had to have been printed at least a month ago and if i were a betting man i would put my paycheck on the line saying the BOLD was never due to come out before the first week in august and my guess is the 8th of August. Write that down.

I think I'm going to cry. My curve is in shambles and really should be repaired but I've been holding out since the Bold was due ANY MINUTE NOW. This is not cool at all. But I'm one of those few people who will have the iPhone and the Bold. The first for blogging and the second for controlling my life since I am a crackberry addict and will NEVER surrender my calendar and phonebook to an iAnything.

AT&T really needs to get on the ball. The sales people in Manhattan have NO idea what they're talking about. Ugh!!!

Kiddies Kiddies...calm down now!! I too am eagerly waiting on the an AT&T employee I can let you know that RIM will never put out anything but the best. Personally I'm glad that they didn't do the same mistake as Apple and bring out a phone that has issues within the first week!! Apple put out phones to supply the demand however the phone sucked with many many glitches! I'd rather wait for the bold knowing that it's going to be a great device with no issues!! Be patient dear ones!!

Just spoke with my AT&T rep and she told me that they are having their release party tonight and the Bold comes out tomorrow (10/22/08).