ATT Bold Release Date Update: Sept. 12 or Oct. 2?!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Aug 2008 10:33 am EDT

Bold Release DateEarlier this week Gizmodo posted a review of the BlackBerry Bold along with an AT&T Release Date. They're calling for September 12th, "say AT&T employees".

Late last night the Boy Genius followed up and posted on an October 2nd release date for the BlackBerry Bold on AT&T saying, "Consider this a pretty solid bit of info, though it has not been double or triple confirmed like we normally like to do, and well, we saw what happened with Rogers. We've heard from pretty high up source at AT&T that they're aiming to have the BlackBerry Bold in stores on October 2nd. That's a Thursday, so we're assuming the full launch would be on the following Monday, the 6th".

My coin flip test and gut feeling are both going with October 2. What's your call?

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ATT Bold Release Date Update: Sept. 12 or Oct. 2?!!


As much as I'd love to see the Bold released on AT&T in mid-September, I get the feeling BG's predicted launch date of October 2 is more likely.


Thats probably true. The bold would be out by now if they were planning to release it mid-september. I got info from that the bold is being released in the last week of september. That's when oct. 2 is. But don't you think that $299 is a little steep? I mean seriously, this phone is way overpriced. Why should I buy the bold when I can get an 8 gb apple iphone for $200??? Think about it.

My call is "Whatever"... my bubble of excitement popped weeks ago. I'll still be buying it, but instead of getting giddy school-girl tingles (a la Kevin's unboxing experience) I will instead wear a face of disgruntled indignation as I hand over my credit card.

But I'll still be buying it.

I've been in two different AT&T stores this past week and been told by two different store employees that they've been told the Bold will be available in a November'ish' timeframe. Of course, who really knows... or cares at this point. The excitement has sort of died for me. I'm sure I'll still get one but until then I'm actually having fun with some of the iPhone apps... though the phone itself still blows.

Look more realistic october as a date. But, could be november. I would not be surprised if they will have it untill december... I gues I'll have on january or february...

I like the little AT&T logo in the trackball, Kevin.

But for those predicting release dates after Oct. 2nd, well... if it's any later than mid-October, I'd tell AT&T to keep it because it'll already be outdated.

I have been waiting what seems like a lifetime to finally upgrade to my first BB (yes I'm a bit late but also a recent college grad) and I hope the Oct. 2nd date is true to form and not the mid Nov rumor. Also, any idea if the problems Rogers is having with the Bugs on the Bold will be all fixed for AT&T? Cause thats a HUGE downer if I purchase this Sick phone and it doesnt work properly..

Either way.. Happy news for all of the State Side AT&T users waiting for the Bold!! forward progress is better then no progress!!!

Hopefully Waiting

It really does not matter to me just as long as they get it right. But I believe it will be Oct. some time.

So much for the late Summer release AT&T. I can't believe this, it better be September or I might have to get a Curve. I can't live with this POS Blackjack any longer!

I'm replacing my Blackjack also! I am so done with this crap reception all of the time. I really hope the blackberry services over wifi work on the 9000 as they are described on the Blackberry site. Because I get not reception at my college apartment, but there is plenty of wifi here.

I hate to say that everything that we are being told here in Att world is most likely by Halloween, but definetly before Christmas. Not cool, as I would much rather push a quality device than the Iphone that gets too many complaints.

Rim releases a Bold that actually works, I don't care so much about the date. However, if they do rush it and release the same crap here as Rogers, they will likely lose many customers,including me. In light of Kevin's findings, I would hope sometime before christmas but it better be worth the loonngg wait.

If I was a betting Canis, I'd say both dates are wrong. BG is great with scoops on new devices, but is WAY wrong on launch dates. I can't recall when last he was accurate on a launch date. Maybe it really is delayed, or maybe he just makes up dates to generate website traffic.

Regardless, my money is on a late Oct or early to mid November launch on AT&T. As many other posters have said, this device has been so reviewed, and so subject to false launch date rumors, that there really is nothing exciting about it anymore.

Given that the Bold has obviously been ready from around June of this year, and that RIM is not standing still, I'm sure they already have the Bold's successor in early trials. Why would I sign a two year contract with AT&T for a device that may be outdated in 6 months' time? I'll be skipping the Bold, and switch to the first service provider with the Javelin or Thunder/Storm in the US.

I think it's closer to Oct. 2 than Sept. 12. Which is fine with me. I'd love to have it on Sept. 12, but it gives them extra time to get the browser right.

And I'd like to wait for the reviews for AT&T. I want to make sure it's the best buy for my money.

At this point, I think the Thunder/Storm will be out before the Bold but oh well.

That's my wifes birthday. Why not, I mean we have gone about this for several months now. What a FUBAR, seems that they can't get the job done right. All I have to say that it had been better than everything else out there otherwise this wait will prove to erode the confidence that RIM has earned from their previous work.

Help AT&T - I want the bold, but my treo is on its last legs, I know the Looney beat the dollar a while back, but let's not let Roger's beat us as well...oops, already happened!

I work for a financial institution and my ATT reps told me they are being trained on the bold next week. We are a large client for the area reps so I hope to get one soon.

I predict Tuesday October 6...........2009! for VZdub's version of the Bold. whatever it may be.

On August 28 i contacted my nearest t-mo store and asked and associate what day the kickstart would be released and i was advised that they would release the bb Bold first. when i asked when i was told end of sept begining of oct. so my fingers are crossed and att my have it on the 12 since they have the release exclusive.
idk... im just hopin

My Sprint (US) contract ended two weeks ago and I've been waiting to switch to AT&T and get the bold ... it seems pointless to get a curve when we're this close, doesn't it? But the wait is killing me! Now we're talking about October!!

Ive been waiting for a long time for a Bold to! I cracked and bought a Curve a bit ago, so I think I can last a lil longer, but man this is sucking!

I got sick of waiting and got an iPhone. Frankly, I'm quite happy I did. You guys have a lot more patience than me.

You all have been waiting so long, I think it's a fair question to ask - is the release date this year or 2009?

All that really comes to mind when reading about the Bold anymore is kudos to Apple. Kudos to them for having released an arguably equal, and in some points of view superior, device MONTHS earlier than RIM, and at least it seems at this point, for $100 cheaper. I have been waiting for the bold since before the iPhone 3G launch, but the inflated Rogers release price and the inability to get it out there for purchase here in the U.S. have undeniably taken the excitement out of the process and turned it into frustration.

I'd love to see it released on September 12th as my birthday is 2 days later. That would be such a sweet birthday present. Listen up AT&T! Make it happen!


Well i was at an ATT store today and i was told October, possibly MID October is what they were told. So take that and with what boy genius said... make your call.

Hey Kevin,

Considering the problems you had, are having with the BOLD's browser, would you recommend to our American friends that they continue to patiently wait for AT&T's to finally release it?

Or, should they hang tight and wait intil RIM announces/launches the JAVELIN/NIAGARA?

- CB

"BlackBerry for Life"

Blah... Another story about the already played out Bold and the world's crappiest(and oldest) carrier, ATT..... I thought people had tired of all this speculating and he-said she-said B.S that has become the central focus of our lives... Yes, the Bold is a cool looking phone. Yes, I will probably upgrade to Bold from Curve when T-Mobile gets it in December/January but here's the thing: after running into a gazillion different blogs pertaining to the Bold, I feel as though I've already had the phone for a couple months and I'm already growing tired of hearing about it... Secondly, why is it that ATT gets the Bold first in U.S? Hmmm lemme guess; they shelled out the most money to RIM for exclusivity rights...(Sarcastically)no way!ATT acting like a buncha old fat greedy geezers and creating a Monopoly in the wireless industry like they did with land lines? I don't buy it, ATT would never do that....Remember when the feds had to go in and bust up att's monopoly so now its not just att its sbc,bell south, so on so forth? That was awesome. I despise the existence of a corporation as greedy as Att.Personally I would never do business with a company who's had run-in's with the Feds, already created a monopoly,hires illegal immigrants to work in retail stores,treats customers like dirt,and has more money than the U.S Mint... That and their network sucks everywhere except big,smelly,loud,smog filled cities... Oooh the iphone. Awesome. Another product put out by Apple. Wait a second, isn't Apple founded and run by Steve Jobs and Wozniak? It is? That's weird. Those two are college dropouts. Do you really want to buy a product created by two idiots who couldn't even get through something as easy as college? By buying Apple products, we are (in a sense) supporting dropouts....I'm glad to say I've never owned an Apple product and never will. What the bleep is wrong with this country?? Here lemme help you all out: the iphone sucks. Period. No argument anyone has will change the fact it sucks. ATT are a buncha greedy old geezers who somehow survived the civil war and are still kicking around like that older relative we all have and would prefer to put in an old folks home..... Give it a rest,att.... The other carriers are still better despite your exclusivity on certain phones....wouldn't it be great if Watson was the one who invented the phone rather than Alexander Graham Bell? There would be no ATT and people would be smarter for never having heard of such a douch*bag company.... Tmo 4 life.... Disclaimer: this post does not necessarily reflect the views and/or opinions of Or anyone else for that matter. This post is the result of a very long night, a very early morning, and heartburn to boot.


Your short-sided and intensely ignorant rant shows the rest of us why birth control should be retroactive. ATT is a bunch of old geezers? Let me guess, TMO (which by the way young grasshopper is a part of a global company) is a bunch of young, hip, "with it" peeps who are connected to the pulse of the people right? CEO Dotson is 54 and in the top 500 richest men in the US. Ooops! You call ATT greedy? It's a publicly traded company, which by the way Mr Know It All, is in the business of MAKING MONEY. It's kinda the reason why businesses are, well.. in business. Let's see.. hmm run in with the Feds.. I don't know many businesses that haven't had one encounter or another with the Feds... so I guess you aren't shopping anywhere... Stick to Ma & Paw's Corner store genius. Society is supporting losers and dropouts? Oh hell... let's just name a few - Jobs, Wozniak, Andrew Carnegie (who never even finished high school), Bill Gates (who by the way, pretty much singlehandedly dictated what OS the world uses on PCs), Marshall Field - never made it past 8th grade, Frederick Weyehaeuser, high school dropout, etc... etc... and the list just goes on and and on. These men are in the top 50 richest men in history. But I guess we shouldn't be buying computers, steel, housing materials, and consumer goods because they either dropped out or never finished school. Why does ATT have the iPhone exclusively? Oh I don't know - you rag on ATT's bad coverage but TMO's is a whole lot worse. Let's make a good business decision here - let's launch my super duper new product on a limited network foot print with a quarter of the installed GMS customer base so I can make 1/10th the money I could with ATT. HOLY COW! Makes sense to me!! I can tell you MUST BE ONE OF THOSE WHO STAYED IN SKOOL!!!

<< OK Kevin, I want you to sell only blackberry accessories that have only been manufactured by college graduates, AND I want you to sell them only to market sectors that will yield about 1/4 of what you could be making.>>

You're pathetically ignorant dissertation of world economics insults the rest of us. ** chuckle ** Hold on, I have to leave a disclaimer too - because that's how we rationalize moments if stoopid behavior when we let our arse overpower our brain... This rant was a result of waking up after a good night's rest and reading the ignorant crap that some people post after being up all night with no sleep, oh and I forgot - heartburn. You should have went to bed, took your prilosec, and stayed in skewl! STEP AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD!!!!!



and not to get off topic.
hopefully the reason for the delay IS to get the browser fixed.
cuz now... im giving the iphone another look >_<

HAHA! That guy didn't deserve this much of your time... anyone who read the post probably ignored it and memory-dumped it immediately after they finished. =P

To Whoa take your prilosec;
It's ok- I understand where you're coming from.... It must be tough being 40 and you're greatest accomplishment in life is posting long-winded respones to blogs on I'm sure life is tough having never known the touch of a woman(do you even want to? I dunno you're life choices) I can understand how the world can be a cruel place when you're a moron who defends greedy corporations and idiots like Jobs and Wozniak. Yeah some dropouts have got lucky in life and discovered things like steel and iphones, but then again SOMEONE was bound to... So live your life how you want- keep believing everything you hear in the media and consuming man-made pharmaceuticals like Prilosec(which you seem to shamelessly advocate. Keep using words you don't quite fully understand to seem smarter than you actually are. Keep pretending you're close and personal butt buddies with website creators and spelling the word "stupid" with two o's(genius by the way).... Keep writing responses to blogs posted by people who really don't give a rat fu*k what you have for opinions or feedback.But more importantly, keep reaching for that rainbow, silly..... Just don't bother responding to this blog because I won't be returning to read it(you're lack of originality and intelligence completely turned me off to blogging.) Not to mention you're incoherent rambling completely lacked any valid points and failed to justify why you were so upset by my blog.) Anyway, I'm not some 20 year old kid here to argue over the internet... I stated my piece and now I'm done.)....... Nice site though

I was at the AT&T store last night since I was considering switching wireless providers from Verizon.

I asked them if they knew anything about the Blackberry Bold. The guy said that there is a STRONG release date for Oct 2nd. ;). They even told me to come back then and gave me his email so that I can keep checking.

I'll probably wait until then.

I really don't give a flying **** anymore and am tired of this game. When it hits the shelves, I'll wait until the browser and other problems are resolved before considering it. My 8820 is good enough.

To me the hype is dead. This release has been dragging on for months with no solid proof of an actual date. I have forgotten about the bold and moved on to the e71. An amazing phone. I couldn't ask for more. Also much smaller then the bold.

I'm currently employed at AT&T and if the release date was under 15 days away I think I would have heard a little more information on product training and so forth that we as reps would have had to do in order to be prepared. I can almost bet my next check on the fact that it won't be here til Oct. 2nd which in my eyes is better than Nov.

Keep your fingers crossed att customers.

Im at a point now that the Bold hype to me has just died.They went from July August,now either September,or October...come on already by the time it comes out something else will have my attention already so if it comes out in September 12 or October 2 then thats kool but if it doesnt come out by that time im looking else where BS.

I think this phone is awesome. While I have read that my carrier, Verizon, is getting the new Blackberry touch screen, touch screens have never floated my boat. Does anyone think that Verizon will get the Blackberry Bold and if they do, will it be a World Phone? Thanks.

I believe all major carriers are going to get the Bold. AT&T has an exclusive on it for a month or two (or something like that), but then all the other carriers are going to be getting it.

Of course, AT&T has to get it first and right now, I think the Javelin and the successor to the Bold will come out before this one will.

I'm with a lot of people here when I say that I just don't care anymore. It's done for me, I don't even want it anymore. If they could have gotten it out in a timely manner, then things would be different. Shoot, they would even be different if they could just give us an actual date. Which I don't see why that would be too hard since the phone is already out on Rogers, so how much different can Rogers be from AT&T? I think the only way I'd get the bold now is if it came out with frickin laser beams attached to it or something.

Good source at AT&T told me last Thursday it will take 4 weeks for them to come out with the Bold, As RIM is committing one mistake after the other ignoring their main market, I bet it will not be even on Oct. 6.
I, myself, tired waiting, already trying a friend's iPhone and I am getting used to it... RIM, you are about to lose an addicted BBRY user.

i work for an at&t reseller. i have held, played with and admired the bold. i will buy one as asoon as it realeases. as soon as rogers anounced its release on aug 21 i called my rae ( regional account excec ) he stated we would release it 1 month after rogers sep21

so oct 2 seems more like it

What the big deal is with waiting an extra month for the Bold, isn't everyone aware of the problems that the bold has been running into in Canada with it's Rogers release. I for one am happy that Rim or AT&T or both are fixing the bugs, I know we are all crackberry users and our patience levels aren't the highest but I would much rather get a device that is going to do what it says it will and not have to worry about it.

Another side note maybe AT&T is being the good company they are and negotiating a reasonable price to release the bold at instead of making many customers unhappy with the price. I don't mean to rant or anything I just don't understand what all the fuss is about, I don't mind waiting for the BOLD, I'm so excited. I also love my company AT&T

I just got the Curve, my heart and brain can't take anymore!!!!
With AT&T's 30 day return policy, I planned on returning the Curve and resort back to my Pearl until the Bold comes out. But noooooooo, as usual, they like to play head games with me, so until then, I'll take some prozac and keep content with my Curve.

On the other hand, you can't get really peeved at AT&T, all these dates are speculation. You can't necessarily go by what an employee says, everyone knows someone in the company and they make up things. All it says on the website is this year... so it's got to be soon, right?

Just left the AT&T store, the rep said the Bold was supposed to be released in September but it has been pushed back again. He told me to check back the middle of Sept just to make sure but he told me not to get my hopes up

It's a sad day in my world.

I agree with fmrattemployee.... That whoa take your prilosec guy sounds like a dumb lil closet homo... Att sucks, steve jobs is a idiot and fmrattemployee DESTROYED that guy in his response.... Oh and that kid who said fmrattemployee got served is prob whoa take your prilosecs bitch, constantly tonguing each others taints..... You both got smoked by fmrattemployee, face the facts b*tches......

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Hey everyone, it's me again.... I have an announcement to make: yes I typed a response to fmrattemployee's blog earlier and he responded. You're probably wondering why I am so upset @ here it is.... I am gay. I really am 40 and I never have had a woman....I'm mad at frmratt because he rejected me sexually... If u ever met him in person you'd see he's very intelligent, very charming and VERY yummy looking.....God I love buff men... I know in my blog I said tmobile has worst coverage than att but that's a blatant lie because my gay lover Chauncey has tmobile and he always has at least 4 bars even here in San Francisco(my home cuz I'm so homosexual)I wish my blackberry was 4 feet longer so I could use it as an anal toy... Anyway if fmrattemployee would have let me blow him like I wanted to, I never would have come on here and tried so miserably to look intelligent... so I admit it- he's right, and I love pork sword in my pooper.

I think is under attack by an individual with a severe case of teenage angst and social maladjustment. Please take it back to MySpace; no-one here is interested.

A friend of a friend's uncle's sister's cousin who worked with a guy told him his friend at AT&T, who is a higher executive, told him that it will be Nov. 1 and that they're getting ready to sell it for the holiday season.

They're hoping to get the holiday season early.

Hey gang, heres the real poop or better yet the real scoop-
Rim and AT&T doesnt give a damn about any of us, they could give a "Hoot" about loyalty, that work gor flushed in a rim toilet a long time ago. They got what everone wants. simple-

Heres the real story- Its about MONEY- AT&T and RIM are Duking it out about how much the phone will cost with and without contract-

It has nothing to do with problems with the phone currently, a couple software fixes and voila, pow, bang kick it up a notch- Even Emeril wants one of these. They will fix the broken software and slow this and slow that, but there is NO SOFTWARE FIX for money, and thats what this is all about currently, Not us, but MONEY$$$$

that carriers release the phones, not the manufacturer? That's why there are Bolds all around the world with different carriers releasing them.

AT&T is holding it up. Why, we don't know.

Being that I don't know, I'm only speculating.

I think I'm going to go with the Javelin.

It should be cheaper and it may actually come out before the Bold.

I've lost interest in the Bold. I hope the next time a story is posted on it, it's an AT&T review instead of another date of when it's supposed to come out.


i think it is the 12 because on blackberrys website the dock is coming out the 10 and with next day shiping it would come the 12 th

At AT&T says all they know right now is sometime in October. Now I worked there and we got price sheets every two weeks. And they have to go to training on this kind of stuff, so they will be user friendly with the device, but I cant be so sure about that because when the 2g iPhone launched we never even SAW it untill the day of the release. It was released then we sold it, so this could be one of those things. But we knows its not gonna be the 12th, because it would be on the price sheets right now, and unfortunately its not on there. She called me and was like Stephanie Im sorry but no Bold on the price sheets. *tear*

I am personally tired of waiting on it, but I have a 8310 that is working just fine for me right now. We recently got 3G here so I cant wait to get my hands on the Bold and use the 3G or the wifi at that.

Patience OBI WAN Patience....

I CANT TAKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I...NEED...THIS...PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a Mac user, I was rather ambivalent at first about the "buttonless" factor of the iPhone. As time went on and the nonsense of standing in line (Pt. 1) faded into obscurity, I was gifted an iPhone by an alcoholic family member. Children, here is what we call FORESHADOWING in the story.
I am 7 months into my iPhone usage and I have had it replaced once so far, by Apple-no questions asked. The snazzy UI is soon overshadowed by lagging touch-reaction time, over 89 missed calls (yes I am keeping a tally) that are not recorded as missed calls but as the iPhone sits patiently next to me while I am __________ (fill in blank), all of a sudden the voicemail notifier notifies me of new voicemail. Phone is on full ring and it has not made a peep in over 6 hours.
This leads me to the only logical solution...back to blackberry. I was so satisfied with the 8700c. It was such a good little machine. Don't get me wrong, I've had wet dreams about the Bold just as you have, but I just reconnected with the 8700c through at&t's 50.00 upgrade program (and although the 8700c is way older than the iPhone, I do consider this to be an upgrade). I will wait out all the pre-post release non-sense that is being hashed out and once the hoopla dies down, I may just sell the 8700c, which will have a higher resale value in a year than my iPhone has 7 months after launch date. Speaking of launch, I will free my iPhone into the briny depths of the East River at some point this week simply because the sheer joy of chucking it is worth more to me than the measly 100.00 I might get for it on ebay. Just my 2 cents.

I just called my buddy who works behind the scenes with AT&T and it looks as though end of October is the new release date! CRAP

all these delays are just destroying RIM investor confidence. when the phone was announced the stock shot up but he delays have had it in a free fall. but i'll still be waiting for the damn thing.

i called the ATT customer support today and asked them about the release of the bold, and the lady looked in up on their computer system and she told me the release date was set for early November.

By Rob Gillies, Associated Press
TORONTO — The new BlackBerry model should be coming to North America within a month now that Research In Motion has started selling it in Germany and Chile.
The BlackBerry Bold is a high-end BlackBerry that has twice the screen resolution of current models made by RIM. The Bold, or 9000, matches the resolution, but not the size, of the screen on Apple's iPhone, which has emerged as a potent competitor in the smart-phone category.

CNET REVIEWS: Find the right cellphone

AT&T says it will be the exclusive U.S. carrier for the Bold, as it is for the iPhone. An AT&T spokesman declined to say Thursday when the company will release it.

But Peter Misek, an analyst with Canaccord Adams, said he expects AT&T to start selling it on Sept. 15 and Rogers Communications in Canada to release it on Aug. 18.

I spoke to the people at the AT&T by my house (in NY). At the end of August they had told me to call mid-September because the "Blackberry People" said they were shooting for the 3rd week in September. When I called today, they told me the date was pushed back and to call again around the 1st week of October-- not before then. Sooo basically it's October 2nd (the earliest). How infuriating...

Forget this phone and all the delays that come with BB lately. I have the Sprint 8330 and I have always had Blackberry's but would never consider switching to AT&T since they will be the only carrier to have the bold in the USA
( and for $300 I would just buy the Iphone anyway, and use the included VPN software including Cisco VPN client to connect to my office then use direct push to get my mail internally.

With the economy and the uncertain feeling of what the hell is going on in our country at this point, I'm not seeing the Bold to me a huge seller, and with AT&T once again cornering the market with all the new devices, seems a little unfair. I'll keep my curve, and my Sprint service which is champ here in Boston.

GO SOX GO PATS!!!!!!!!!